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Poetic T Feb 9
She liked the taste
of cheese...

But yours tasted off,
                                    as she gagged..
Poetic T Feb 9
I swim in your ocean,
   but I always taste fish.

The ocean needs a wash.
Poetic T Feb 4
When I breath your moment,
                       a reflection wonders on
the pools of my sight...

And I drown beautifully within you..

And as I sink,
                      I see every moment we
                      we have swam together..

And even though I hold no breath,

I hold every second of us and

as I sink,  I live a lifetime beneath the
creat of a wave

                 and we wash up on the shores of each other...
Some things
are not
to wash away.
Some things
to stay.
Just a quick thought...
Lee Aaun Jan 20
It will be magic.
If he can
wash away
my scars
on my body
with his love.
Brynn S Nov 2018
Bite your tongue off
Produce no more screams
Melting away
Everlasting dreams
You ****** creature
Each word a mist
Spraying and spouting
Lies of the wrist
I have found no light for all is dead
Writing down terms of those who have said
Once before you’ve shown me light
Never again will I not fight
Break your bones
Grind them to powder
Wash them away
Seep and become prouder
You salt of the earth
What a delight
I see you near
No need for the fright
Maxim Keyfman Aug 2018
I did not go down today under the water
and after all it was necessary it was necessary
I did not go today to the waterfall
and in fact for a long time it was necessary for me he
needed his water sparks
needed his huge pearl
oh why why does not fate give me
does not allow to be clean and washed

Maxim Keyfman Jul 2018
here and I go to the shower
I'm going to bathe in the water
I'm going into the water I'm going
I'm going to wash for all time

veritas Jul 2018
draw a bath. close your eyes.

soak in your bath. (and then sink, lower)

look up, and then higher than that.

read the discourse in the light. read the flutter, the frivolity, the fumes. read it all.

and sing. whisper. scream. rage. rage rage rage rage rage rage rage. sigh. fall back. lament.

pull the stopper. drain your bath. wait.

stand up. stand tall, and then taller than that.

turn and look. really look in the mirror.

but just look. observe. vigilant.

turn away, not ashamed, not proud.

wrap a towel.

step out.

rinse & repeat.
not unclean.
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