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abby Jun 8
sometimes I wish I could wipe the identity off of my face
throw away the picture and buy a new frame
but instead I wash my face only to reveal a more concentrated version of me
I used to know who I was
Donna May 8
Coconut shampoo
and conditioner! Today
I’m a lush palm tree
Me and my fambo love coconut shampoo and conditioner x anyway inspired me to think of lovely palm trees , so today I’m a palm tree :-)
Opposite my apartment is a masjid and adjacent  to it is a hospital,
My home is where I live my life,
The hospital is where due to my sickness I pay and wash my sins,
The masjid is where I go to repent and collect good deeds needed for my hereafter.
Masjid (mosque)
annh Apr 11
I wash my hands,
And wring them dry,
Watching my worries,
Disappear with the grey water,
Down the plughole of life.
‘You can’t wring your hands and roll up your sleeves at the same time.’
- Patricia Schroeder
I loved to take a  brush
to Helen's freshly washed such
beautiful smelling
and to so gently run the brush through
Helen loverly hair
just simple
like this truly do I miss to stoke Helen hair with hands this she loved me to
releasing her tension of her very often stressful days caused by the pains In her
she suffered If I could one more time bush and
stroke Helen hair
smell Helen freshly washed and scented Hair
If just one more
I would wash Helen hair I would love to smell her loverly
hair run a brush though Helen's hair then to feel her hair with my hands
Luna Jay Mar 28
My rhymes, they chime.
The truth between the lines.
My time, short lived.
Inside of my mind;
I’m grime.
I want my scrubbing bubbles-
My troubles always double when you
Try to wash me away.
And I, will always stay.
An ancient crime of whine
I shall present to you.
But what would it matter?
You always play the victim of abuse,
And misuse.
You dilute the minute
Necessities you think you don’t need.
But when they’re gone,
You find it hard to breathe.
Poetic T Feb 9
She liked the taste
of cheese...

But yours tasted off,
                                    as she gagged..
Poetic T Feb 9
I swim in your ocean,
   but I always taste fish.

The ocean needs a wash.
Poetic T Feb 4
When I breath your moment,
                       a reflection wonders on
the pools of my sight...

And I drown beautifully within you..

And as I sink,
                      I see every moment we
                      we have swam together..

And even though I hold no breath,

I hold every second of us and

as I sink,  I live a lifetime beneath the
creat of a wave

                 and we wash up on the shores of each other...
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