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183 · Mar 27
Who Are You?-
Luna Jay Mar 27
The reason you cannot pass is the same as the last.
You are blocking yourself from moving forward
And dwelling in the past.
A mirror image of your flaws.
Physical science-
That unlawful law.
And your reflection is the one who saw
That you are stuck behind the glass
Of who you make yourself out to be.
But you…
You’re just not who you see yourself as.
And your reflection has known for
Its entire existence.
178 · Mar 28
What You Don't Need-
Luna Jay Mar 28
My rhymes, they chime.
The truth between the lines.
My time, short lived.
Inside of my mind;
I’m grime.
I want my scrubbing bubbles-
My troubles always double when you
Try to wash me away.
And I, will always stay.
An ancient crime of whine
I shall present to you.
But what would it matter?
You always play the victim of abuse,
And misuse.
You dilute the minute
Necessities you think you don’t need.
But when they’re gone,
You find it hard to breathe.
174 · Jan 16
Portable- Horrible-
Luna Jay Jan 16
Portable Carnival.
You pack it up and roll it away two weeks to the day that it arrives. The lives of these carnies have never mattered. They exist only as a part of the traveling freakshow. Something we pay money to stare at, to laugh at, to mock. It’s degrading, but it’s how the freaks have to earn their living. It’s how Two Toe Toby affords his next meal. But he doesn’t have a favorite sit down restaurant, because they keep putting him back on a bus and sending him to a different city to manage the tilt-a-whirl; And all the hurling ***** from children's’ stomachs that are full of corn dogs and cotton candy.
Portable Portajohn.
A traveling **** storm. Citizens come and give us their paychecks in return for cheap thrills on rinky **** rides that spin their minds into oblivion. Just so they can say they’ve tasted the clouds and all of the pollution that surrounds them.
And just like that, we leave again. Vanishing into our next city, for a scheduled two week period.
174 · Mar 27
Secret Superpower
Luna Jay Mar 27
Tell no one about this cape.
It could be a way to escape.
All you have to do
Is cover yourself.
Lay down in silence-
And pretend that
Everything outside
Of our door, this violence
Has been nothing more
Than a dream.
Just breathe,
And take your mind
Somewhere else.
163 · Dec 2018
Luna Jay Dec 2018
Because… you could look me in the eyes and tell me you loved me,
When I could still smell her on you.
You could lie, straight to my face..
Which torments a humans’ sanity.
You could hold me and feel absolutely nothing for me, and to me,
That’s completely spineless.
I did nothing to deserve the empty lies you filled me with.
A forever meant nothing more than a day to you, did it?
162 · Jan 24
Luna Jay Jan 24
Indigo child
Hair flowin wild
I ask you to stay
And you disappear awhile.
Indigo lover
I don’t want to smother
I’ll stay away,
My heart breaks undercover.
Indigo go
I go solo
For a man who doesn’t want me
Frisky; I glow ***
Indigo mild
Your words are filed
In my head as I please.
Will I cross denial?
Indigo other
From another mother.
You make it hard to say
Do I love you only as a brother?
Indiglo bo
Loves me more, tho.
He loves to eat
And the love game is a low blow.
161 · Dec 2018
Sheeple (Sheep-People)
Luna Jay Dec 2018
Don’t you get it?
Can’t you see?
It all makes so much sense to me.
It makes me frown when I look around,
Sheeple all in lines,
All looking down.
Blindly following the ones walking
In front.
Society executes this daily stunt,
And no one looks up,
No one says no.
And no one changes their minds
About the people that they follow.
And no one seems to notice,
And no one has the time
To realize society wants you
Trapped inside of your own mind.
159 · Jan 24
He's Unknown-
Luna Jay Jan 24
A Rose-
I opened myself to you.
Not yet deflowered,
Only… depowered.
Knocked down a few notches
To nothingness.
A prose-
Roping myself to you.
Never empowered,
Always soured.
Locked frowns drowning in
Paint swatches of ugliness.
I never liked your artwork
You create to abuse,
To use,
And to trade.
You threw me away…
And now your garbage can
Is much more glamorous
Than your gal is.
155 · May 31
Old but Gold
Luna Jay May 31
Old dinosaur man go sniff
Spit on three fingers so that I can have a kiss.
No, doctorosaurus- this isn't a hit
It's been a miss since long ago.
Slow; she's waiting on you.
Reptilian creature, fixer of blue
Imagines my groove to soothe himself.
There is no sedating the truth-
You want to use this.
**** little temptress
In a skintight sundress.
I'm a hot mess
And you want me.
Epidermal- under your skin
So easily.
153 · Mar 27
Luna Jay Mar 27
As the story came to a close,
I realized I was the villain all along.
After all the galiant heros were gone.
After the curtain had closed off the stage-
After the sun had run away.
I was left alone
For all the hair to grey.
For the sun to fade,
For all of the stars
To burn away.
I was the reason
For the change of the season.
The reason in this
Season of treason.
After all of this time,
I’d been the bad guy.
And they strung me up
And left me here to dry.
152 · Dec 2018
Lies of Lime
Luna Jay Dec 2018
Scampering, Scurrying
Everyone a Worrying.
From behind the lines
Of time,
It’s hard to find a passion.
Haggling, Hurrying
Society in a flurry.
Fury of consumer
Wrapped pretty for distraction.
This mutual attraction towards
Things instead of people,
Is done at the satisfaction of
Big corporations
Instilling evil.
From behind the lies of lime
It’s hard to hide reaction.
No grip to prevent slip-
No citric acid traction.
151 · Dec 2018
These Things Unseen
Luna Jay Dec 2018
A love like the wind-
Not seen,
A heart that you mend-
I gleam,
You sew the seam.
So now I carry with me
These things unseen.
My secret-
147 · Mar 27
Speaking Freak-
Luna Jay Mar 27
My sixth sense slips
Through parted lips.
I started swaying my hips
To the melodic motion
Of my words.
Moving to my meaning-
Standing here, silently screaming.
I am gleaming
With tears that run down my cheeks-
Vulnerable to anyone
Doing the dance of my inner freak.
I leak compassion and
Become myself.
145 · Dec 2018
Summer Vacation- 2018
Luna Jay Dec 2018
Endless Highway,
Molded Hideaway.
Folded Golden Bay,
Baking in the Sun.
Friendless- my way.
Hold it; Warm Rays
Sold it- For a Rainy Day.
Faking all the Fun.
143 · Jan 17
Caving Inward-
Luna Jay Jan 17
All of this time, I felt so claustrophobic;
The walls are caving in on me.
But, I’d never tell anyone.
No, no…
My home and chest and mind and
Sanity can all cave in,
And I won’t say a ****** thing.
I am sick of missing myself.
I’m right here, I’m just…
I stumble over my own two feet
Like some blind traveler,
Lost on these same roads I’ve walked
And maybe, just maybe,
This time I’ll actually wake up
On the count of three.
Maybe then, it’ll finally make sense.
The walls were never caving in.
They were floating away.
They’re gone.
There is no four corners that I will
Allow to define me.
I am nothing and everything all at once..
I am whatever the stars
Wish to see me as.
I am only worth the thoughts I leave
Here on this planet.
143 · Dec 2018
Edge of the World
Luna Jay Dec 2018
You have reached the edge of the world.
You held my hand- my toes, they curled.
I shook down my hair, without a care.
Lost in time in that infinite stare.
I wouldn't dare look away-
I want this moment;
142 · Dec 2018
= Equals =
Luna Jay Dec 2018
Equal or I walk away.
Or I cannot stay.
Does not mean stuck in our ways-
Just expect to be treated with respect.
Discuss our decisions
Or the visions of us dies.
Open communication-
Not entangled in webs of lies.
I refuse to be used up,
Laid out to dry.
I don’t have to die,
Not yet.
Get wreckt.
140 · Dec 2018
Modern Romance
Luna Jay Dec 2018
She tried to tell him how she felt,
But emojis only say so much.
She always felt he was just out of her reach,
Never close enough to touch.
She wants him in her arms,
A relationship she can clutch.
But after all,
Only says so much.
135 · Mar 27
Closer to my Closure
Luna Jay Mar 27
Listen closer
To the sound of my closure.
It’s hardly noticeable,
But then again,
I’ve always been invisible to you all.
It’s trivial;
Not knowing where you’re headed,
But still seeing the seven layers of hell
You walked out of alive.
I have third degree burns
Soiling my memories-
I spent all of my time
Spoiling the enemies,
And now,
My time runs thin and frail.
My creativity has gone stale.
I’m sick,
I’m pale,
And yet my silence keeps me
135 · Mar 28
Bye Babe-
Luna Jay Mar 28
You promised you’d never let go;
You promised a lifetime.
Standing there and holding her
As if I’m completely blind.
He thought he could hurt me,
But I am completely fine.
I’ve been with a cheater,
A beater,
A super overachiever…
Now I need some me time-
Some bubble bath and chai tea time.
No reason to shave time-
I am fine with who I am.
134 · Mar 27
Yes I-
Luna Jay Mar 27
Cure the death.
Instill fresh breath
Bring him back,
Good god,
Bring him back.
Send my soul to him.
Defend my love
For a ghost boy.
134 · Mar 27
Luna Jay Mar 27
I’m hiding myself again.
I don’t mean to,
It’s just easier to not deal
With relationships
Amongst others.
I can only take on my stress,
And I’ve been trying to teach myself that
For years.
It’s not that I don’t know that it’s unhealthy,
I think that it’s more habitual.
Which is pretty horrid,
That I’ve already formed this habit of self isolation.
But it’s so much easier to deal with.
I’d rather have no friends at all
Than a chance of losing them.
133 · Mar 26
4:45 A.M.-
Luna Jay Mar 26
A degree of change,
A degree you hang.
A degree they name-
It’s still a piece of paper.
A life you rearrange,
A plan you re-stage.
A relationship you disengage-
Can’t it wait until later?
A stress you carry,
A debt you marry.
A burden you bury-
Under the paper weight of books.
A dreamer made dreary,
A wanderer made weary.
A question or a theory-
Could they be the crooks?
okay colleges, but did you really have to waste all that paper to tell me ya don't want me? I got it. Not for everyone.
132 · Dec 2018
Cracking Foundation
Luna Jay Dec 2018
The walls,
They fall.
The minds,
They crumble.
The teeth,
They shatter
On contact
With your words.
The skin suits,
They wither.
The single identity crisis,
They splinter.
Into a man’s
Multiple personalities.
The tears,
They spill.
The spines,
They chill,
The hope,
They lost forever and
A day ago.
And nothing is left
But the measly foundation;
Rotting and infested
With termites.
127 · Dec 2018
Patriotic Addiction
Luna Jay Dec 2018
They poke and ****.
I don’t fit you description of a ******-
So doctor, jump me.
I didn’t ask for the
Endless sob-
The rejection of fleshing
My health and anxieties
Into human form again.
You’re not a friend,
You’re a judgmental man
In a lab coat
Who denotes his time to
Giving patients unanswered answers
And more pills.
I’m never going to be sorry
I do not fit into this
Patriotic Addiction
That has taken so many from me-
How dare you…
123 · Dec 2018
No More Blues
Luna Jay Dec 2018
I’m Longing and Learning.
Constantly, I’m yearning
For a man who isn’t mine.
A divine being- I find
The time is turning.
I’m older,
I’m bolder,
Unsure if you’ve grown colder.
Too frisky to care-
I dare to find someone
Completely new.
Tired of feeling blue for you.
121 · Jan 17
Ripped Wings-
Luna Jay Jan 17
Falling out of flight,
Falling into night;
These wings were never meant to save me…
They’re just a faulty accessory.
It’s surreal,
How much the stars remind me
Of your skin.
Pale and porcelain.
Out of your lips, called ugly.
Seen by my eyes, beauty.
You shine against black canvas.
But the stars, they’re burning…
And yet,
You’ve always stayed so frore…
So completely alone.
You are such a magnificent specimen.
It’s viceral- I want you.
I want your stupid opinions,
That nonchalant, aloof and lackadaisical attitude you host,
Your soft, sweet lips,
Fleshed out into reality,
And pressed against mine.
But it’s too dangerous.
A love like this is far too dangerous.
And your eyes have yet to meet mine.
I’ve yet to exist.
I’m not here.
120 · Mar 27
Free Fallin-
Luna Jay Mar 27
One last time I look around,
As I’m lifting off of the ground.
Saying goodbye to the birds and the bees-
Floating above Ross’ Happy Trees.
I am pleased.
I’m being released.
No more captivity
On the big blue marble.
A balloon cut from its string,
I rise until I hit
Invisible walls.
The sky is the
Only place I have left
To fall.
118 · Mar 26
7:42 P.M.-
Luna Jay Mar 26
I will always feel the same-
About you.
Everything changes; the places,
The arrangements…
But I will always feel the same-
About you.
Boys break my heart,
The world falls apart…
And I will always feel the same-
About you.
My health may be failing,
And my mind, derailing…
But I will always feel the same-
About you.
The same four corners
With no one to adorn her…
And she will always feel the same-
About you.
I still wonder if I cross your mind at all...
118 · Dec 2018
Bloody Karma
Luna Jay Dec 2018
You cheat,
You get cheated.
You beat,
The blood beaded.
You sneak,
You aren’t needed.
You leak,
Warnings unheeded.
You got yours-
The itching sores,
The loose lips,
Tightly torn-
I mourn your bleeding loss.
117 · Mar 27
Burning Inferno-
Luna Jay Mar 27
She came with a face and a name,
But no soul.
She replaced it with all of the
Hearts she stole.
Kept them in  the freezer-
So they wouldn’t mold.
She silently stalked
The world.
She came with
No man to hold-
But she let her own
Story unfold.
And truth be told?
I don’t think she
Liked men in that way,
She came with figure
Not pulled from a
She was the black sheep
Society would try
And scold.
They all thought
She was ******
And cold-
But my baby
Is a burning inferno.
115 · Jan 18
Luna Jay Jan 18
When time ends,
Where will the sidewalks go?
The clocks stop ticking,
The wind won’t blow.
And where will I go?
Only unending time knows.
My feet will lead me
To the end of my journey.
Unwalked paths
Do not concern me.
No time or path shall ever define me.
I walk with the past facing behind me.
115 · Dec 2018
See Me
Luna Jay Dec 2018
I’d cut off my own ear and mail it to you,
To be your very own personal listener-
But I’d rather gouge out an eye of mine
And mail it overnight via amazon prime.
For it has seen many tragedies,
As opposed to just hearing them.
113 · Dec 2018
Life Carries On- So Will I
Luna Jay Dec 2018
Life we keep going,
Even when you’re gone.
The wind, still blowing.
The sun still shining in the dawn.
The thunder and fire
That shook your soul.
The endless tire that
Took its toll.
You ripped away the mold
And sold your bruised truths.
Time ensues,
Luna Jay Dec 2018
Your reality is unrealistic.
You are not a simple statistic-
You are a person.
The thoughts seem to worsen
Within the ages of these stages
And changes of the seasons-
I don’t know the reasons,
But the wind whispers through
My hair, and without a care,
I watch silently
As our reality tears.
110 · Jan 17
Luna Jay Jan 17
Heathen cat,
Atop my Mac.
You’re feral
And losing teeth.
A fever from your scratch,
A heap of furry black.
Flicks his tail and tongue to greet me.
Meet me
In the chatroom.
A real cat-fish
I presume,
The squawk box amuses me.
Yellow eyes and painted ears,
He types away at all his fears.
I fell in love with a stranger;
A true online catfish he’d been
For years.
106 · Mar 26
Doubled Up
Luna Jay Mar 26
The kids are dying.
Their Momma is crying.
And sellin’ her soul to hell
For lying.
Saying it’s okay,
Momma will find a way.
Knowing **** good and well she can’t
Find the pay.
Selling her body on the
Side of the street
Just so her babies will have
Something to eat.
Hanging her head in defeat.
This type of lifestyle is difficult.
She knows she can’t afford
These medical bills.
Can’t afford anymore
Anxiety pills.
A lifetime full
Of cheap thrills.
The looks from her babies
Were enough to ****…
When she told them that
Only the rich could afford good health.
105 · Dec 2018
Tethered to the Sky
Luna Jay Dec 2018
Running cross country
Just so you can hurt me.
Desert me in the dessert,
Leave me tethered to the sky.
I fly just fine
As long as
I’m high enough.
I’ve been staying dry enough.
Been getting by- sly enough.
Not shy enough to be alone
In my own personal reserve.
Haven’t you heard?
Awkward, anxious caterpillar
Took her time off too cocoon.
Now she watches you all swoon
Over her metamorphosis into
Social Butterfly.
I will be friendly,
I will not try to please the masses.
I soar through open sky.
With looks that serve and wings
That swerve.
All you insects
Are disturbed by the words
Of my accomplishments.
I can’t wait to see the astonishment-
I love who I am.
And if you are perturbed by
My self love,
Then Darling, I’m
Sorry your self esteem has
Fizzled out so low.
But you can still support others
From a friendly distance,
Rather than watching
People succeed
And immediately feeling
105 · Jan 18
5:23 A.M.
Luna Jay Jan 18
None for one,
A fun dance for many.
I´ve always been different,
Abundance more than plenty.
But for this, I´d been shunned,
And this stayed true.
Rambled on alone
Until I had found you.
A fine florida boy-
Who understood why
I prefer shellfish to selfish.
One fish,
Two fish,
Red fish,
No Phish.
101 · Mar 27
Forever Changing-
Luna Jay Mar 27
I am simply existing;
In this constant state of becoming,
I am forever changing.
And for that,
I am forever grateful.
For how boring would the world be
If we never allowed our minds to evolve and adapt?
How can we be so ignorant in thinking
That our experiences won’t change us?
If I come out of this life as the same person I was going into it,
Then something went awfully wrong.
100 · Dec 2018
Abuse, and Cherry Juice.
Luna Jay Dec 2018
Used to the abuse
Of this kind.
He makes me whine-
Designed to cling to his knee.
Can’t you see?
Peel these soaking ******* off of me
And make me need more than one round.
Throw me to the ground,
And I bow with a thank you
Leaving my forever ***** mouth.
I enjoy my endeavors down south.
Cherry juice dripping down my legs.
I hang my head.
I bled.
99 · Dec 2018
Ever Evolving
Luna Jay Dec 2018
Never the same as yesterday.
Words change and lines fray.
Veins snake through unknown feelings-
Canvas skin, your paint is peeling
And you are kneeling
To a new god.
A fraud
That you announced as fiction
Only yesterday.
98 · Mar 27
Why Do I Stay?-
Luna Jay Mar 27
I just need some time away
To remember why I stay.
I dig my grave- a lifeless slave.
Busting away at earth
With my plague
Of words.
Build me up
To shoot me down
In the street with everyone watching.
You cannot **** the idea of peace,
Only the people who march
To its immaculate tune.
Leeching off of teachings
Of those who fought
These same battles
Before us-
In yesterday's’ pages of history.
You cannot ban words
From the herds
In a country that advertises
Freedom of speech.
The summer peach
Is turning grey.
Can you tell me
Why I stay?
Luna Jay Mar 27
I stood and watched
The final sunset
As the world was ending.
Light that once
Would fall is now
And blending its way
Into the crevices
Of my cracking lips.
I’m sinking ships
And burning down
All of my bridges-
Ripping out all of my stitches.
Counting down all of my wishes
That always refused to silence themselves.
It’s slipping away-
The words,
The memories… the smells.
They try to stay
But they melt away.
I’m clawing my way
Back into the descendants of humanity.
92 · Dec 2018
Luna Jay Dec 2018
Golden Afternoon-
I’ve waited years
To find you
When you were
Right here
All along.
Hidden under
Frozen nights and
Frore hearts.
I tore apart my
Chest to find
I never asked for
This endless game
Of hide and seek.
I am no longer
Let the sun showers
Bathe me in their
Golden, elegant
I face my
Inner light.
No more hiding in
The shadows.
86 · Dec 2018
Styrofoam Soul
Luna Jay Dec 2018
Styrofoam Soul,
You fit the mold.
You’re light,
And hollow,
And fragile.
My fingertips
Hardly graze
The surface of your
And yet you still
Under pressure.
You are close
To broken.
I am closer
To putting you
Back in the box,
And shipping back
The mentally defective,
Sulking, narcissistic,
Woe-as-me *******
To the “non-profit”
“Go fund my happiness”
*** kissing
That brought the two of us
Together in the first place.
85 · Mar 27
Flying Shoe-
Luna Jay Mar 27
No one was even aware of its existence,
But when it sounded out,
We all knew.
It dazzled the audience from the air
As it flipped
And flew.
Ensued laughter
And giddy afternoons
Under the amber hue of summer.
I stand under;
The man in the flying shoe.
Luna Jay Dec 2018
You’ve moved on.
And that’s just fine.
You were nothing
But grime under my nails.
A stale hit.
The key didn’t fit-
So go ahead and mail it back.
I need a new one
To get over the
Old act.
Matter of fact,
I need a new one altogether.
Someone who will show me off better.
Bored of the
Mundane brains surrounding
My skewed one.
I’m just a dainty demon,
Who wants to have some fun.
Rearranged blame, pounding in my head-
Seeing red
Until I find the right one
Who feels the same.
I am not the one to blame.
Reciprocate my passion-
Stop playing in my feelings.
Guessing real love is too old fashioned
For a young boy like you to be feeling.
76 · Jan 16
Haunt Me
Luna Jay Jan 16
When you become a ghost,
Feel free to haunt me.
I’d be lonely otherwise.
You’re the only thing I have
Keeping my feet planted on well known soil.
I wonder if when you decide to leave,
If the same should happen to myself?
We both know we are running out of time.
Of air;
Of patience.
It’s all I can do to stay here for you, Darling.
I’m very unhappy.
71 · Mar 26
7:18 A.M.-
Luna Jay Mar 26
No one can put a number on my love-
Though many have tried.
No diamond rings or shiny things,
Could ever change my views,
Of how I feel and what I think and
How I dream of you.
Seasons change; cold wind and rain-
Flowers wilt and die.
Spring again, I blossom then;
And you are by my side.
Always you speak to me,
So elegant and true.
Always captivate me with your soul-
Radiating indigo hues.
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