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Pyrrha 7h
Telling someone who was raised to believe something to be one way that it can be another, is like telling a fish in a fishbowl about the oceans and their creatures.
Pagpanaw ng dilim ako'y namimintana
Pinapatay ang panaginip ng hindi alintana
Mula sa silangan ng iyong bintana
Ang yungib at sulok ay aking pinapana

Pagmasdan ako'y walang nakagagawa
Payak na mata'y sa sinag ko'y luluwa
Huwag nang subukan pakiusap ko nawa
Sa payo ko ay makinig at matuwa

Ako'y nakamasid sa lahat ng mga gawa
Sa paghihirap mo ako ang nananawa
Sanggol na nagugutom na nagngangawa
Hala gawa, nasa Diyos ang awa!

Pakanluran ang aking binabagtas
Ang lahat ay umaalma sa pinsala kong lakas
Paumanhin sa kapangyarihan kong batas
Ito ang iniatang sa akin ng pinakamataas

Lulubog kung marating ang hangganan
Magbabadya na ang kadiliman
Nang pagdating ko kayo ay nag-alisan
Sa pag-alis ko'y diyan kayo magdadatingan
by: JGA
Hayag ang liwanag ko sa gabi
Kung walang ulap sa aking tabi
Ako'y malaking ilaw na nakasindi
Na tila hindi napupundi

Ako'y gising sa gabi'ng malalim
At nagsisilbing ilaw sa daang madilim
Ngunit ang lahat ay matatago sa lilim
Kung ang langit ay makulimlim

Ako'y tiyak na masisiyahan
Kung sandaling pagmamasdan
Lumabas mula sa iyong tahanan
At mamangha sa ilalim ng buwan

Buwan ang aking pangalan
Masdan ang aking kagandahan
Bituin ang aking mga kaibigan
At ang tahanan namin ay ang kalawakan

(Check on Wattpad - Rafaelkravidel-Buwan)
Luna Jay Jan 16
I don’t understand the pleasure in cheating each other,
I don’t understand the unity in hating one another.
I don’t understand the differences between me and you,
But these eyes will never see the way that others do.
I don’t understand the dangers in walking alone,
When no one walks to my beat and I want to roam.
I don’t understand why going barefoot is a sin,
With my being connected to earth, and my feet soaking it in.
I don’t understand why big pharma drugs are fine,
But plants are not okay.
I don’t understand everyone’s anger toward my ritual
Of dancing in the rain.
Stranger sees my pain,
Stranger calls me strange,
Mirror calls me vain.
A fast pulse through the veins,
Enough to jolt me back to reality:
I’ve made it this far in the world
With only me being proud of me.
I don’t understand the majority of things
Most other humans do.
These eyes will never see from their
Point of view.
Bullet Nov 2018
Place me seated with a placemat
Waters on both sides spring
Conversations of leaves fallen
Color separated between the lines

The way women n' men view
Didn't want anything on the menu
Spilt Motz sticks n' fries
Paid Plate $7.88

Birthday had to tell you ways
Things like not everything is okay
Head space is telling everyone is against me
Had to bring you on a filtered level

Room full of people
Chilling at Denny's
Judge for a shared plate
But thoughts only hit the door
When you point at something you don't get

Judgement try to enclose your mind
Night try to eclipse me from time
Was judge for sharing a plate of food at Denny's made me look at life like not everything we do is okay or set at a certain kind of standard.
Francie Lynch Aug 2017
My moon's half full,
Your's, half new;
Which half of the whole
Best suits you?

You loved with only half a heart,
Understood with half a brain,
You'd have been the better half,
If you'd half a mind to stay.

Leaving was only half the battle,
We waged a half-arsed war;
I ran for cover with a full notion,
I was getting half, no more.

Better half than none at all.
Is what they said to me;
But they don't know the half of it;
Believe half of what you see.
Britney Lyn Apr 2017
I admired her paleness.
It was like the bitter stillness of the winters landscape.
Or the soft, fragile feathers encased in my bedside pillow.
No color amongst those perfect pore-less cheeks.
Her lips a crimson red; a rustic brown, stained her teeth as she smiled.
I never thought I’d bestow my eyes upon such beauty, a goddess among the earth.
A wolf among mere sheep.
I wanted nothing more than to lift my hand and graze that face but I mustn't.  
Because she shined so bright against the rest and I refused to dull that shine.
My muddied hand was not worthy of such perfection.
I wanted no other to lay eyes on her skin, hair, body.
I would sooner gouge out my own eyes than loose sight of what I am seeing before me.
She will be my last vision, oh but what a vision she was.
I had multiple takes on this poem as I went along in its process. First I was thinking from a mans point of view to see such a beauty even he knew he could not have her. Then I thought how I could make it personal. So it became a piece about a women staring at herself in the mirror and loving what she sees. A women of perfection and never wanting to let that sight go. You are beautiful!
Kem-Ann Jan 2017
as i grow older
   i see things way deeper
   than its meaning
   you see...
   home isn't just a home
   some are made
   with body,mind,
   and soul

   happiness isn't just a feeling
   some are choices
   and some are simply made with tiny voices
   gifts aren't just things
   some are spent with time
   and some are made with words that rhymes

   that's how we conclude on life
   as we age, we get its value
   may it be
   literal or poetical.

Kewayne Wadley Oct 2016
There loomed a certain belief,
One that exhaled soon as she passed.
A sudden urge that fizzed over soon as the bottle opened.
Now granted you can still drink a soda once it's shaken
Most would replace desire for that of another, the discord
Of being splashed in the face by the very desire one in the same.
Drops of truth splashed everywhere seen as backlash, a sort of wrath
Spoken but never heard.
There was something about the contour of the bottle,
Fixed thoughts filled in ovulation.
Everything kept inside.
A certain vengeance that loomed in bliss.
If not handled carefully doom was immanent.
Each time she walked passed he'd shake the bottle more vigorously.
A cold fizz that quenches every desire steadfast with reality.
Curious he looked at the bottle, wanting to quench this need
He placed his hands on the top slowly unscrewing.
Her eyes connected with his, everything paused.
For the first time in a long time everything was beautiful
Sharing a brief look relaxing his shoulders.
He untwisted the top, for a moment she sighed
Feeling a release she hasn't felt in a long time.
His hand smooth against the contour of the bottle
He placed his lips against the bottle easing her to quench this thirst he's waited so long for.
This urge that dried the well of his throat.
She refused him the pleasure of her, keeping her fizz to herself.
Now he knows what it's like to be on the outside looking in
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