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Luna Jay Mar 2019
You promised you’d never let go;
You promised a lifetime.
Standing there and holding her
As if I’m completely blind.
He thought he could hurt me,
But I am completely fine.
I’ve been with a cheater,
A beater,
A super overachiever…
Now I need some me time-
Some bubble bath and chai tea time.
No reason to shave time-
I am fine with who I am.
Debanjana Saha May 2018
A date night with myself
With my best mood on
Flaunting my smile to myself
Amazingly interesting it will be
I said to myself
And left for a shimmering place
To eat and to be with me
Chicken biryani with kabab
And pulpy grape juice
My fav food I ordered
Food, me and love
All at once
With music on
To celebrate my me-time!
I haven't been alone outside and enjoying me-time for quite a long time but thanks  to my sister who settled in life hardly getting anytime for herself made me realize that being alone is not bad as I think. With time I might realize it. But surely tonight I enjoyed being with me.
LovelyBones Feb 2015
I'm being dragged down
I'm holding my breath
Praying to God
That I'll have something left

I'm tired of caring
About people's pain
When it puts me in a spot
Where I can't remain

I can't be dependent
On others like me
I'm taking control
So maybe I'll see

I'm overwhelmed
And very stressed out
I refuse to give myself
More to worry about

Please don't be mad
Don't think I don't care
Because my huge heart
Is what's gotten me there

I'm taking a break
To pick myself up
So maybe for once
I can feel like enough

It won't be long
Probably won't know I went
I'll be back soon
After me time I spent
I need a break from the heartache that's here.
svdgrl Nov 2014
I think I am
falling in love
with myself
We are all so much more than we give ourselves credit for. Be thankful for yourself.

— The End —