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Luna Jay Mar 27
What’s wrong with the Big Pharma?
Controlling governments
Ruthlessly consolidate
The elite
Who are able to afford
Basic health care.
Severe side effects
Detrimental to our health and wellbeing.
Taking painkillers
Has caused an epidemic
That’s part of a sinister plan
To squeeze yet more profit
Out of a system designed to
Keep human beings chronically unhealthy.
Vaccines too often have had the opposite effect,
Exponentially increasing illness,
Causing irreversible damage,
And even taking lives of our sick brotherhood.
Population suspect that it is now
Being used as a weapon of mass destruction
To effectively depopulate the earth.
Kelsey Feb 15
A needle pushed through skin
Extracting life from veins
Another one is gone too soon
No longer fun and games

The word gets out, the posts are made
"I saw you just last week"
A family mourns a broken soul
A person so unique

What happened to their little girl?
Her eyes sparkled in the sun
Replaced by an empty, lifeless gaze
In the end, the darkness won

They clothed her in a long sleeve dress
To hide the markings on her arms
Around her bony, pale white wrist
Her favorite bracelet, dangling charms

They lower her into the ground
The grieving is far from done
And in the time it takes to blink
Somewhere, evil steals another one
Alienpoet Jun 2018
You never see my pain
behind the cold rain
I hide them all the same
A so called ******
I don’t choose to schizophrenic
it’s God’s epidemic
when the cave man called to the divine
when he spoke to the trees
as gods when he believed
did you think the ones who didn’t believe
tormented him yes they probably did
but without looking outside our shell
we can’t see heaven or hell
and if you don’t look science as well.
Benjamin Mar 2018
mask with a long bird's beak
looking like a horn,
checks out

what's hidden under
the grotesque version of
scales, that colorful and
wiggly fishes own

- abscesses.

A green-eyed girl
face still frozen
from the horror of the plague.

Doctor takes a deep breath
coveres the patient,
who sometimes was called -

he can't say it
but still feels the first time
when she was on his
protective lap and she cried
like the world was too
big to handle in the first day.

Now, The Doctor
feels the world is
too cruel to handle

in their last days.
ac Jan 2018
its an epidemic
of sickeningly perfect
red lines

its an epidemic
of sweatshirts
pulled far over hands
and pants
too long for the weather

its an epidemic
of numbers too high
almost as high
as ponytails of girls
on their knees in bathrooms

its an epidemic
of fake smiles
of two coats of foundation
over a red splotchy face;
finish it off with waterproof mascara
to hide the stains

its an epidemic
i know you know of it too
inspired by The Treatment series by Suzanne Young
Seema Nov 2017
The looters
The shooters
In the name of religion
In the name of a god
Why killing of innocents?
Why keeping of hostages?
Why such an ill feel of hatred?
Not just the recent Paris news
But this terrorist epidemic
Has widespread this earth
It seems there is more provokative acts
Then finding a cure to such martyrs
Scientists have found cures of many diseases
Yet when will this terrorist disease get cured
Assurances of innocent lives
Men, women, children all victims
Of such horrific crimes
Most slashed with knives
How does a prayer help?
Which god listens and acts?
Who has poisoned these peoples mind?
Now every breaking news hails on terrorism
Is there ever going to be peace?
Will there be smiles on sad faces again?
As I sit back to watch and read the news around
Am a bit glad am not in such surround
I do wish for the killings to stop
I do wish that people don't take a religion to act
As no god would appreciate innocent blood at their feet
Hundreds of lives lost
Blood, just blood and screams everywhere
I have seen in Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Paris to name a few!
It was just settling on the missing plane news
And here racks on another news
Uncountable sleepercells
Controlled by several tycoon bodies
This life is not permanent
We all know that
Then, why **** to radiate the human race?
Why poison innocent mind to act like war machines?
What achievement do they get?
Do they not feel the pain?
What are they blinded upon?
Have they taken out double meaning from religious faith?
I am no one to point a finger on any religion
But it surely sounds wrong when innocent killing is involved
Has some mad scientists developed an invisible airborne drug
Turning men against men
Religion against religion
No remorse after killing
But become terrorist with hatred feeling...

I wrote this 2yrs back, thought to post It.
Wounded Warrior Sep 2017
I feel rage...
Rage for all of us who have been violated.
My heart is oh so heavy.
It seems to be everywhere.
And we suffer in silence.
How can anyone do that to another human being? It's a silent epidemic.
Why is nobody talking about.
Human... we all have dignity.
How dare someone treat you.. me.. like an object to be played with, trampled on and then tossed to the side like nothing.
Do you know what thorns you stabbed and wrapped around my heart?
You've left scars on my heart forever.
For some moments of power & pleasure... you steal the light within someone's soul.
How dare you...
You put poison on a bleeding soul.
Choking; I tried to survive life suffocating on your poisonous after affects.
I used a lot of bad anesthesias along the way. Who was I trying to protect?
You paralyzed me for some time.
Time to cleanse my body of your darkness.
I feel sorry for your twisted soul.
You won't get the last word.
No no.
I will.
isabelle saloom Aug 2016
pain spreads like a pandemic, infecting even the kindest of us. sadness is a painful bruise evident on the surface of our skin. we wear emptiness like it is the latest fashion trend. the contagion spreads through our word; it reaches the depths of our hearts. during times like these, we ask God, "where are you?" only to be met with a cold silence. our own twenty-first century plague. we are the rats that carry the virus. the few of us appear who asymptomatic eventually succumb to the pathogen. we overdose on pills and drown ourselves in alcohol to escape pain only to learn that it is inexorable. our words are pernicious and our actions are even more so. we create a false image of unity in the light of unfavorable times, which seem to come more frequently than in the past. we hold each others hands and hold our own tongues hoping that submitting to our government will save us this time. we are wrong, but we choose again and again to hide from the perilous truth; we are not safe from each other or from ourselves. any detriment that we suffer is entirely deserving.
Creepstar Feb 2016
All the true talent is being impeded
Everyone seems to please the conceded
Narsasistic egos,why you gonna feed it?
Offer up your bank,so they can bleed it
Another sucka
Caught up in a game,your gonna loose *******
Collect up celebrity baggage and check out
Support the underground,fresh rhymes,no doubt
Real lyrisists with non generic beats
Making real music to be played on the streets
Not ******* hype getting sales from the tweets
Get down with real artists and support with your sheets
I hear an awful lot of generic beats and rhymes and its kinda sad the four true elements of hiphop have been lost.
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