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Eola Nov 2020
It was calm at first
Then the dawn rippled with sunbeams
Finally the Sun has show her face
And illuminated the cyan stream

Birds were chirping
Flying around frantically
The deers, the squirrels
Were hopping away without looking

You see, this might sound nice
If the sun wasn't created by a man
That decided to get rid of a few extra leaves
With an oil can

Some matchsticks later
The fiery blade was too hot to control
It shone oh so brightly
And left nothing after itself
Nothing at all...
lands of
Titans as
these Vikings
clash at
large with
their picks
and chosen
oars and
hoa ravished
atmosphere with
sea by
their front
and wind
at their
backs while
craters solemnize
the dunes
Matthew Harlovic Sep 2019
You profess to value all life
so you don't strike to ****
You hype the truth, and
gorge on the fear you instill

© Matthew Harlovic
An enclave ingests his crimes now stout with berry that envy sarcastic remarks as he starts the day in Washington with just a kiss of chocolate as his petticoat tweets out the holes of her oboe that made him stubborn 'bout hash another day inside this break where he's played this game of luxury but a catalyst theme that still remain in between the day or night with the glorious goods and world now
a song about egtions
Hayleigh Mar 2019
These people, these lives, these houses, these homes, these hills, these trees, these animals, these rivers, these seas.
We are not building an empire, we are destroying one, and every living, breathing thing in it.
We are walking catastrophes, entire tsunamis tripping off our tongues, rivers rolling between our lips. Streams of change, ebbing through microplastic in our veins with nets around our necks.
Let us be the change we want to see in the world, let us plant trees, climb to the top of them and scream from the top of our lungs for every single thing we are grateful for, let this planet be at the very top of that list.
As long as we inhale and exhale every moment; every memory, every molecule on this earth, let us not forget, we belong to it, and not the other way round.
There is so much yet we can do, so many lives we can transform, entire continents we can claim and cure.
Let us find peace before we are torn to pieces by our very own hands.
Luna Jay Jan 2019
The environmental fade.
This industrial plague-
The materialistic rage that keeps
Our very society intact.
The plastic facade
Of man made hate,
Minutemaid trade
One minute after the attacks.
Against who today?
Who is to blame?
For this unending, cyclical
Societal maiming
Of the people who do not
Follow in your tracks?
Take a step back.
Look at what you´ve created.
This angry, killing war machine
Whose views are simply outdated.
Constructing thoughts that decompose,
Weight of words made the herds feel emaciated.
Society is crumbling and you’re concerned
With feeling validated?
Social media leave you exposed
And aggravated.
Clive Blake Jul 2017
When the wisest man in the world said
"It would be a tragic shame if ever
The Great Forest were to be reduced
To a small clump of trees."
Everyone, without exception, answered
"It certainly would."

So when The Great Forest
Was eventually reduced
To a small clump of trees,
That is what they decided to call it ...
It Certainly Wood.
I think we need more of these!
Diana Korchien Feb 2017
Pathetic humans that we are
To sell God’s kingdom for a car
Swapping Nature’s priceless joys
For ****** five-cent plastic toys

Our virtues are but very few
Much misery we wield
And in our craving for the new
A sorry pact’s been sealed

We think ourselves enlightened
In fact it’s a delusion
We race along hope’s yellow brick road
But spy not its conclusion

© Diana Korchien 2013
Written for a performance by E11 Eco, Transition Leytonstone's ecopoetry performance group.
Ju Clear Dec 2016
Tree ******
We have the same Christmas tree argument each year
This year I won
We pruned a limb so the tree would live on
It's the small actions
Which will heal our world
Kindness to all things living
Kindness rules
Out with my kin looking for a limb of tree to prune
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