Danielle L Cook Dec 2017

I can still feel it -- sliding, melting as it runs down my skin,
slowly dripping down my sides and into places only you've been

when it's gone you reach for something warmer to wrap me in
Danielle L Cook Dec 2017

• • •
once was enough
  to be sure of it -- an insatiable
  desire to be teased laid unknown
  within me, now ignited and stirring restlessly
  and try though I may to deny it, the memory stays
once just isn't enough
  to feel pleased -- unshakable
  desires growing inside, preventing
  my thoughts to see how far I have fallen
  so close to losing myself in the wildness of it all
once he was enough
  I need more now -- an inescapable
  rush I felt from being released of myself,
  of my own free will, of feeling like I've succumbed
  to him and the heat of his touch on my skin driving me mad
once more is enough
  I promise myself -- unbreakable
  I believed before he bound me again and
  took me in his hands to give me exactly what I craved
  he made me his slave and I couldn't complain, I loved the sweet sting of pain he gave

they built a dam of guilt and shame but it was weak and nature soon had her way
Enzo Dec 2017

I liked you because you wore purple
Even your underwear was purple
And as you take it off, I found the colors of your flesh equally pleasing

Click clack
Heels down long pavements
Mean business.
A bystander excuses himself
From my way.
Take a seat and
Squickety squeak
Leather up legs
Crossing on
Leather up legs.
I'm endlessly amused
Biting my lip,
Silently cajoling,
"Oh, is this your thing?"

10/26 Inktober prompt: Squeak
No edits allowed.

Teach me how to Kneel
Teach me discipline

Teach me martyrdom
tell me it means Nothing.

You can't be a martyr
if you only die
for yourself
you're not a god.

Tell Me I'm not a god
Tell me with your fists
with your spit.
your boot.

Teach me submission
take my pride in your palm
torture it until I am human.

Teach me guilt
Teach me ownership
of my sins. of myself
hold my chains
I need them like fire
needs water
reduce me to embers
when you start to boil
The bubbles are how I know
I've gone too high

I love watching your bubbles trickle in slowly
how quickly they spill over the lip of the kettle

Teach me with boiling water
Teach me with fire
teach me with fear.

I want to beg for it.
Please, make me beg for it.
my life.

if you make me beg for it.
I might want it again.

Britney Lyn Sep 2017

You make me breathless, but please put your hands around my throat and choke so I can at least enjoy you slowly killing me.

Your hands are all I've thought about today.
Kim Elco Jul 2017

Called my feelings fetish
If wanting to be myself
Is that, I'm kinky.

Jessie Taylor H May 2017

Innocence is no friend of mine,
My thoughts leading me to a darker time.
Dreaming of a pain, the kind worth begging for.

I've surrendered to your lips,
Soft and sweet, your addicting kiss.
Fantasizing, about you pulling on my hips.
Trapped in your tantalizing gaze

Sweet loss of breath, from your hand around my neck.
Lust in my eyes, as you thrust between my thighs.
My legs twitching, gripping you tightly.
Fading away into sweet insanity.


You say you have
Glitter butterflies
Tinglies in there
Oh, you've evicted the butterflies princess
Those are storms coming
This is the eye of it
Wait till your captain steers the ship
Towards that looming dark cloud
You will beg me for butterflies little bug
You would beg for a swarm of bees
In exchange
for the beating you've earned

From me
then your captain

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