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Toni-Ann Johnson Dec 2018
Knees aching from being down on them too long,
*** cheeks blazing while muffled moans and cries fill the room like a beautiful song.
You dare not move, you dare not argue,
For that smart *** mouth of yours couldn’t keep shut, and look where it got you.
Each flogs of the whip has a different effect,
Either it brings tears to your eyes or makes your underneath wet.
You hope he stops soon,
But another part of you wants him to continue, and allow the monster inside of you to bloom.
Despite the aching pain on your ***, you enjoy being punished,
You enjoy being face down in pain, these are the things that make you flourish.
The more he flogs you the more your ***** throbs,
But you have to be punished for being a bad girl, so you refuse to wail but instead release muffled sobs.
His Dominating voice fills the room commanding you to face is crotch, this causes your sea to roar,
He roughly grabs your chin and forces you to look up at him while tears threaten to fall for your *** is sore.
He commands that you be a good girl or you’ll be punished,
You agree meekly knowing you’ll disobey him again, just to be punished, for you like the pain, it is what makes you flourish.
A bad girl deserves to be punished, but what if she misbehaves because she loves to be punished?
Temporal Fugue Dec 2018
How do I describe
or even intimate
the power of her sighs
and for her touch, I'll wait

How can I put to words
what she does to me
the thrill and the fire
bodies meshed in cream

Fluid in the in-between
hers and mine, oh yes
creating quite the scene
and making quite a mess

Minds in sync
and rising too
the heights and breadth
of kink
LOL yup, variety is the spice of life ;D
If you haven;t tried it, how do you know you don't like it?
Luna Jay Dec 2018
I don’t speak for everyone,
I can only speak for me.
I don’t want a silly toy to
Make me feel weak at the knee.
I don’t want a handsome savior,
Riding in on a white horse
Just so years later I end up
Sad, fat and divorced.
I want to be myself,
Open and free.
No one on this earth
Who should chain me.
Not outside of privacy of my bedroom.
Can you blame me?
J G Nov 2018
The warmth of your breath
Touches my skin in more ways than one
The scent of your sweat and the morning mildew
Seeps into the depths of the disheveled and stained white sheets

Everything that tries to make me let go
The fear that I might lose you
In my own claustrophobic mind
Yet, this moment occupies my mind

But we lay together, laughing away the fear
A breath of innocence for the both of us
Though the world will try to break our bond
You stayed

The steady pace of beating hearts and slowed breathing
One half of one another, our minds together
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
She gazes at me
with cat-like eyes
Eyes that drip
Between wet thighs

Every part
of her body
that the candle light touches
Is my kingdom!

Every lick
Every nibble
on ***** *******
My mangy beard tickles

Purrs my lioness
As I ******
On her bust

She came
with me
to the

We make
the earth quake

The Lion roars!
chukwudi udoka Aug 2018
The room is dark, filled with void.
The only thing between us is the paint and brush.
I turn your head up, lost deeply into your eyes.
My masculine voice commands,
I set you free, explore and investigate.
My body is your canvas, let them be your tool where you get lost in your world.
While I get lost in your lips and my hands explore your body.
In paintings we shall ignite a fire, we shall get intimate.
In paintings I rock your world, I dominate you.
With my lips doing justice to your body while I drill you with vigor and passion.
In paintings, we shall moan, groan and scream.
Feeling your body covered up in this beautiful artwork, the pleasure is exhilarating.
My touch soft enough to caress you, but strong enough to protect you.
I feel you, I see the hips gyrating.
In our world, I am your master and I will dominate you.
Let the paint expression express the feelings that can't be expressed.
Let the pain you feel move you and take you to another world.  
In painting, you shall be set free but still my *****.
In painting,  I shall drill you and your inner soul.
The scream is inevitable, the pain is the one you enjoy.
The very moment you fantasize.
May the paintings make our body flow smoothly so our souls can talk in spirits.
In painting, you, scream, moan and shout.
In painting, I breathe and I smack you out.
In painting, we get tired and pass out.
In paintings, we *** hard and loud.
words that explore the boundaries of intimacy with spicy creativity that enhances sensation
The joining
of your soul to mine
You feel it
My heartbeat
Through your lips
My breath
Like painting light
Across your body
Tracing bliss
Of knowing
You are mine
Of mixing
With desire
Of sacred acts
Older than memory
Of feeling
Your soul
Blend and curl
Under your skin
Letting me in
Meet me
In the place
we both know
is Home
Where I
Belong to you
With names
I cannot remember
My aching heart
Longs to surrender
To everything
Without fear
Meet me here
My whole self offered up.
Like a sacrifice on an ancient stone altar.
The oldest and most pure ritual in the world,
of one human soul putting itself completely in the hands of another.
You take me as I am.
As I was.
As I will be.
You have made me yours and I will stop at nothing to bring you peace, happiness, contentment...
anything you ever desire.
This is my purpose.
The answer to all of my whys.
The quiet place that was always...
I felt in my bones
accepted and seen
I felt picked up
"You are mine."
Not a question
Not a comand
A statement of fact
A release of such pent up fear and frustration
My body shook with it
And I was one with the Earth
One with Him
And all was
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