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Jade Wright Jan 8
I’m a dalmatian in the park this morning
leaping with a grace I can feel

a toddler by midday, splashing
unashamedly into gleeful puddles
red wellies into small pools of sky

a bird by the afternoon
giving the impression I may take flight
as I perch wise on the wall and
stretch my feathers
watching you

a fish by the time the evening is here
paper-light and shining
pretending I am not gasping for air
but I’m gasping
because I know night is coming

And the pretence
Should really be over in time for bed.
Anemone Nov 2020
I have a superpower
I can be invisible
they can't see me
neither can you
unless you try
Norman Crane Oct 2020
imagination cannot be contained
with your fingertip
trace the border of the trees against the sky
now see the clouds behind
and make them mountains in your mind
Hannah Christina Apr 2020
When it flashes, I can't speak, except
   in      fra c tu
r   ed  gas p in
(I should be able to withstand the shocks much better than I do)

The vibrations, the detachment lasts for several minute after
the power has been discharged and
I can't think.

Emergency situations call for
level-headed judgement,
but the jolting of the volts is difficult to disregard.

My heat resets itself somehow each time
even though the rhythm is interrupted
time and over again with every blast my power creates.

I want to pull within myself every time I use it,
embrace the sense of power, the sensation,
without reaching out.

Brain activity,
heart activity, muscle spasmatic ripples,
and I can't see past sporadic sparking up my face.

Victims, villains, friends of mine
and all your detailed instructions,
please survive in spite of me.

They say I'm strongest on the team
in strength, and that is hard to say.
I'll stay with you and fight but my mind
can't live on another day.
Poem-a-day Prompt 1: Your Superpower
I already missed the first day of National Poetry Month (whoops)
In light of the event, I'll write a daily poem with minimal editing and post them.  Expectations for quality are low.  Expectations for ideas and creativity are high.  Maybe after this month I'll return to a few of my favorites and develop them into more polished, "real" poems.
Mark Toney Nov 2019
Patience is my super power
On full display every hour
If someone mad gets in my face
My patience helps me maintain grace

When railroad crossings block the road
I simply enter patient mode
If caught up in a traffic jam
My calmness filmed by traffic cam

Long checkout lines leave some irate
Patience helps me endure the wait
Restaurant wait times are the worst
Composure wards off loud outbursts

Patience is my super power
Keeps my life from going sour
One exception my Kryptonite
Sibling face-offs leave me uptight!
11/5/2019 - Poetry form: Kyrielle - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
William Lewis Jul 2019
Age 10
I went to sleep across the hall, eyelids heavy and dreams in my brain.
While across the hall my mum was murdered in her sleep

Age 11
I never slept

Age 12
Learned to sleep again

Age 13
Learned to be suspicious of every sound I heard, the creek of a stair keeping me awake till dawn

Age 14
Thought of all escape routes from the room for when they came back

Age 15
Thought of all the ways to **** a man with my school grade scissors

Summer of 16
I spent hours trying to lift things with my mind, trying to control the breeze with a flip of my hand and each night I prayed tomorrow would be the day that I found my superpower.

Do you want to know why it was so incredible because I learnt to smile again because for the first time my thoughts going to sleep weren't about how I was going to die but about how I was going to live.
Kinda a poem story, but this is how I feel and wanted to share it
Luna Jay Mar 2019
Tell no one about this cape.
It could be a way to escape.
All you have to do
Is cover yourself.
Lay down in silence-
And pretend that
Everything outside
Of our door, this violence
Has been nothing more
Than a dream.
Just breathe,
And take your mind
Somewhere else.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2018
For so long been a victim to your charm
Sweet and seductive smile
So I have seen voodoo put to work
Learned to accept it, at least for awhile.

Time has taken toll on us
Which is an excuse for behavior
Watch me grow up and grow tired
Of you being my savior.

What do I do to rescue myself?
Heart does not know how to fly
Is the leap worth the risk I take?
He isn't a hero, he's just a normal guy
She needed a hero, so that's what she became.
Oh so I'm invisible to you?
                                             That's cool I all ways wanted a superpower
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