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Lieke Jan 28
You happened to me.
Why me?
Why you?
You hit me like a gunshot.
And hurt me soft and careful.
You inhaled me like a cigarette.
And locked me with your lips
You embraced me with your eyes.
And held onto my collar.
You wrecked away my ambition
Without pulling a single hair.
January 2018
Lieke Jan 26
How could I,
Let myself be oblivious,
Miss all the red flags,
Ignore the warnings the universe was sending me.

I got cut.
A million shreds of pain stuck into me.
The way he looks at me glues to my hair.
His words became needles thread through my skin.
His touch on my body became tattoos of pressure.
Seeing him alive became my biggest fear.

I want to peel off my skin,
Start over again.
So I bought a new bra,
And rebooted a brand new me.

But no matter how new I am,
No matter how many bras I buy,
I keep falling back.
You've got me leashed.
Trapping me,
Until I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.



18 January, 2019
Sam Maye Jan 8
You wants to let him stay
I say no
but you see no problem.
Why mother?
Why can't you see?
It was no misunderstanding!
He took me for two years
instilled a fear into me,
bestowed upon me my best friend,
and now you want him to stay in the same home?
Are you sure?
Mommy please don't let him stay
don't let him do bad things,
behind closed doors,
in muffled rooms,
while you're gone and everyone else in the house is sound asleep!
Don't let him stay, mum.
So this is what's going on in my life right now if anyone bothered to care enough...
Sam Maye Jan 7
You're getting out of jail
after what you did
as I keep saying
you're never in long
and I'm afraid
because you know
that the brainwashing
and conditioning
you used
is wearing off
because i love someone else now
and not you.
And I don't know
what you plan to do
but I know it's nothing good
and that in itself terrifies me
since i know what you are capable of.
Maniac girl Jan 2
Alright, I confess it, honey,
That I am making your life hell, only for money,
But my intentions are good,
and I don't wanna sound rude,
But it's what it is,
Call me betrayer but it doesn't change that you’re a ******,
There is no way in this world,
To go away from you,
But I have my hazy planning and so do you,
I am a devil in a clever and innocent disguise and you also have an issue,
It's a torment to survive,
But hope keeps us alive.

Your obsession is a pain,
Well I don't regret Yelling at you,
You are violating me, aren't you?
Your dolly, a nymphet and a little harlot,
Tell me tonight what you got?
Your weakly obligations and my duty,
I'm tired and you're fruity.

Ok I confess I had a little crush on you,
But I never thought it'll end like this,
It's not an ending and that's an issue,
Give me a dollar if you want a stupid kiss,

Sometimes I wonder,
What my life has become?
Traveling like a Wanderer with no purpose,
Reading magazines and everything is so murderous,
Murdering my innocence,
You so crafty and villainous.
I was a Daisy fresh girl,
Living my life in my little world,
Law is killing me, and you know it,
Got nowhere to go except to be your slave kid.

Our little ***** secret is our end,
Why do you love me so much, I don't understand,
Is there any day when I don't have to pretend?
Why you don't like my friend?

Orphan is what I am,
Lame is what you are?
When I grow older, would you love me the same,
I know that I'm going very far.

Tell me hum
Do you like my sarcasm?
Get me bubblegum,
If you want it tonight, then that's not a problem,
You are welcome,
In my temple, or whatever you want to call it handsome.

Dancing step and step,
And you watching me like a creep,
Listening to the radio while I'm reading my newspaper,
Sitting on your lap, bee coming in, ecstasy taker.
You giving me breakfast after I do my obligation,
That's how my day starts, no need to mention.
Luna Jay Dec 2018
He took something so precious
That it stunned me into silence.
Took a pretty princess
And treated her with rabid violence.
So tense in nature,
So aggressive in being.
The only way to win
A game of torture is by fleeing.
Running to the hills,
Never looking back
Sopping up soot on my foot
Of this lost, infinite black.
Whole body in half form,
This has become the accepted norm.
I’m hurting because of what
He did to me-
Just like the last.
These girls from is past?
He’s used us all.
Run away while he stalls.
Be sure not to fall
And crumble in his grasp.
This is not my final form.
But evil man,
You’ve finally seen the
Last of me.
Ron Gavalik May 2018
Calling out dead poets
as sexists or rapists or users
is the opposite of woke enlightenment.
The poet’s job is not to censor
his experiences or his madness
for sanitized comforts.
The poet’s truth is his gift
of insight, a naked wisdom
of hard love and difficult choices.
Narrow fools so often absorb
this sweat and blood poured onto the page.
After their souls are satisfied,
that’s when the fools unsheath
the long sword of ignorance
and ****** the blade square
in the poet’s back.
Read more.
h m w Sep 2017
He smiled at me and said 'here, take this'

It was a happy little pill of his and it would feel bliss

I smiled and gave him a kiss saying, 'thank you baby'

But what happened next forever will drive me crazy

Next thing you know I was spinning in my head

Then he wanted to bring me to a bed

His friends walked in and wanted more

So they all called me a ‘***** little *****’

My body was numb and I couldn’t move

I let out a scream but they didn’t approve

Everything went black but then again I woke

But to them it was nothing but a funny little joke

They locked me inside of a walk in closet

So if there was a stir I sure wouldn’t cause it

I blacked out again and woke in a different place

Treating me as if my soul were missing and my body were a case

Still I was unable to move nor speak

But he still said he loved me and kissed me on the cheek

I counted five inhumane beings on top of me moaning

One was even playfully groaning

I was disgusted and wanted it to end

But I knew that after this my mind would never mend

By now it would have been a little past three in the morning

Earlier I should have taken that adorable face as a warning

When they realized I was sobering up

They had an alibi saying they’d call this a hookup

When I could finally move my mouth again

I realized what had happened and felt heavy chest pain

They heard that I was muttering words that were incomprehensible

They saw me as nothing more than a body and that I was dispensable

They came up with a plan to hide my body in a ditch

I even heard one say, 'she deserved it, what a stupid *****'

I hit my head when they threw me on the ground

I only saw black in front of me and around

I woke up to a woman asking if I were okay

I only said one phrase and it was that 'I was betrayed'

What happened after that is irrelevant at best

All I will say is that I was nothing but stressed

This is my story and it happened two years ago today

Nailing an image in my mind that I was a targeted prey

I know now that I hold so much more worth

And I love myself more than anything on this Earth

Just know that these words have come straight from my heart

No matter how vile and disgusting this memory is, I can never restart

So I tried to make it a poem so it seems like some kind of art.

I am a ****** assault victim and I never received justice.
Jack Addler Feb 2017
The therapist is just
the ****** of the mind,
he wants to get inside,
wants me to confide,

but I don't,
I won't,
budge a single step.
I won't dare share

a single tear I have wept.
With your cold sterile hands
and your deathly gaze,
you will never know me
or emerge from this maze.

Perhaps he would like to get something off of his chest?
I'd start with the knife I'm going to plunge into his hideous sweater vest.
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