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There is a darkness in him that compels me.
Every move he makes, it entices me and pulls me in.
A charming smirk, a twitch of his finger,
As he lounges in black velvet--nails sharpened to a point.
It's dangerous, but I can't withdraw, can't pull away from his touch.

His personality is like a drug. It's abusing, but it feels so good--so raw and primal.
I'm suspended on a silken thread, waiting to fall,
Anticipating it.

But all he does is smirk and take a drag as he paints my skin with ink.
Noelis Oct 10
take my clothes off
throw me on your bed
let your mouth have a taste.
i promise,
it’s gonna be sweet
but don’t let my sweetness
make you think that’s how i want to be treated.
choke me.
pull my hair.
spank me.
bite me.
mark me.
oh ****!
tease me while i’m tied to your bed
**** my pain away
make me beg for you
make me feel like i need you.
and don’t think i’m a fool
i know you’re gonna enjoy this too.
and who knows?
perhaps you’re the one who’s gonna end up
needing me.
Noelis Sep 30
His lips going down my neck, a quick lick. 
 A hickey between my *******, ripped shirt. 
 His hand sitting at the base of my neck, lips on lips
one of them I bit,
a moan back I received.
Clothes off, his wandering eyes locked on my body.
Now his hands were tracing my curves.
They stopped, then a stinging I felt.
One that I enjoyed.
His body on mine against the wall, my legs tied on his back.
Caring were his hands, then a squeeze;
My moans couldn’t I resist.
His breath on my neck burned my skin;
I prayed the wetness between my legs would help him calm down his flames,
And that his flames would cause a river to flow down my legs.
Noelis Sep 26
his lips got that sinful taste
that taste that i enjoy
that taste is the one i want him to spread all over my body
his hands, so glorious that make me think he’s an angel,
that make me squirm in every angle
i want to scream his name but i can’t
his fingers are now in my mouth
and i’m looking at him, firmly
i bite, softly
he grunts, loudly
in a matter of seconds i’m on my knees
looking up at him
his mouth slightly open
eyes closed
his hands on my head
pulling me closer to him,
taking complete control of me
******* my pretty little mouth
daddy just ended my drought.
Noelis Sep 24
he tortures me in the most caring way
his cold touch burns my flesh
his lips are so close to my ear, whispering
but i can’t whisper back
because Daddy told me not to
and he’s—oh *** his touch feels so **** good
i want to scream his name but all i can do is bite my lips
i feel his smile on my ear
at this point my body is shaking
i’m desperate for his lips
and just when i’m about to finish
he stops and says
“bad girls don’t always get things their way”
Moeshfiekah Sep 15
My **** *****
Your lips I crave.
Your master on her knees.

Your hand , my throat
So please take note.
A master you could be.
How she gets me to drop my dominant side and still calls me master still baffles me people
There is rumours of a dominant emotion
a emotion that we all face
that spreads from ocean to ocean
and is prominent in our entire race
unknowingly hiding on your face

A emotion unexplained by science
but known so well by each of it's clients
so well infact that all they weep is silence

An emotion that will remain a mystery
won't be summarised by sadness, pity, or misery
and will continue on, in our soon to be history
ShortBiscuit Jun 22
It is a dark day, as it rightfully should be.
Last night, promises of agony with a sardonic smile and conviction in his eyes, he exclaimed how he is going to shatter my shell. I thought he was a demon but he is an eternity more damming than ****.
And so, with his homuncular paws, he took me by the throat and played with my teeth like they were chimes...
To be continued...
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