ShortBiscuit Jun 22
It is a dark day, as it rightfully should be.
Last night, promises of agony with a sardonic smile and conviction in his eyes, he exclaimed how he is going to shatter my shell. I thought he was a demon but he is an eternity more damming than hell.
And so, with his homuncular paws, he took me by the throat and played with my teeth like they were chimes...
To be continued...
on the cover the same ones appear
we've witnessed them showing out
they've done so for over a long year

repeatedly their monikers are about
parading an ability so damn grand
we've witnessed them showing out

remarkable they of well scripted hand
ever shining the infinite bright light
parading an ability so damn grand

we marvel at their dominant flight
they've always had a star's billing
ever shining the infinite bright light

again to-day their fab quills spilling
of a class which holds such veneration
they've always had a star's billing

watching them is an awing inspiration
of a class which holds such veneration
on the cover the same ones appear
they've done so for over a long year
Clara Cipriano May 2017
There was a sexual strength about him, the way he looked at me, never beyond my eyes, but almost working his way from the inside out.
He fed this submissive side of me where I only envisioned him behind me with my hair wrapped tightly in his fist.
His almost arrogant smile seemed to run through my thoughts, where I could only smile back.
Britney Lyn Feb 2017
And I feel like a shadow following submissively a long.
I make no sound, only repeating the motions I have been equipped to follow.
My manual, just empty pages because I'm not even my own person or am I?
I have no story to tell, just watching, waiting for you to write so I can follow suit.
And I follow you, everywhere you go, but every time it gets a little dark in this room I disappear.
Because you no longer need me, you no longer want me.
You just want sleep.
So I leave you to dream those dreams and I simply blend into the background.
You never notice when I'm gone and hardly at all when I'm there.
It hurts my feeling, or are these feelings yours?
The only difference is you shine bright and I don't shine at all.
You lead I follow.
And even if I wanted to lead I’d always end up falling behind again because I'm just a shadow, and shadows don't get to lead.
Am I your shadow?

Because I don't want to be...
Late night thoughts creeping around in my head before bed. Sorry if it's shitty I literally wrote it down just now with no edit. Possibly fix it later. Goodnight.
FatBellyBella Jul 2016
I don’t love you, that’s for sure.
I want you, but for now all I feel for you is lust.
Don’t say you love me tonight, because then I won't be so naïve.
I'll walk away like a one night stand if you dare to confess your love for me.
We stared at each other, and for a second I wondered if I should get up.
But I would never do that.
Right now I wanted you to be the lead.

You dominate while I submit baby.
before she left him
7. Come Down
Bailey Martin Jun 2016
His strong hands gripped me everywhere, he knew my sensitive places.
My eyes shone due to my intense obedience and humiliation.
I started to perspire in an excitable way.
My legs began to shake.
I could feel his affection through his endless kiss.
I felt intimidated.
He loved me.

I can still feel his indomitable hands around me, he knows my vulnerable spots.
My eyes glisten from my potent passiveness and embarrassment.
I break out in nervous sweats.
My legs are trembling.
I can feel his devotion in an infinite smack.
I feel terrorized.
He's attached to me.
AidaDonn Jan 2016
So dominant; he is.
Heartless; never leave.
He's kinda vindictive.
Can't forget, do forgive.
Dawn Richardson Jan 2016
Shackled by whims and desires.
The selfless and the selfish, Danse Macabre.
Who holds the key to these manacles?
Is it me?
Or is it you?
You are the spider and I dance through your tangled web of desire.
But your desires cannot be sated by my sacrificial offerings.
Do you desire at all, my dear?
You skitter through the woven webs, devouring the innocents trapped in silken tombs.
I beg of you master, please, show your mercy to your subservient.
Release me so I may release you.
Bondage is not becoming of you.

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