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She's wearing my jeans,
Whilst I wear her hands on my neck.
18, and emotionally drunk.
Is it cheesy to say I don't want this night to end?
By the pleasure of the flesh and
By the the discharge of a dispersed fluid, a leech-like cloth was formed.
He was conceived in warmth void, delivered into a space betwixt paradise and hell in a night of oblivion, then baptised with all impurities of hell and paradise.
Impurities infringed from all baptism, the dominant one will determine the direction of his life...
Marcus Collins Dec 2019
I enter the room, you have been waiting for me. You sit on a straight back chair in the middle of the room with your hands folded in your lap.  

You are naked. As I approach you lower your eyes. I command you to look at me and hesitantly you raise your head. The room is dark but I see a slight glimmer from around your neck as the light of the moon hits your collar. I come to you and wrap your hair in my hand as I raise you from your seat. I whisper softly in your ear that you are a good girl for wearing it. My breath in your ear sends a shiver down your spine. You can tell by the hardness of my **** pressing into your back that I am excited to see you, at this point you are not sure if I am here to punish you or make love to you, perhaps both. When I finish whispering in your ear I reach up and grab your breast roughly in my left hand squeezing it tightly as I also pinch your ****** between my thumb and forefinger. My lips and teeth alternate between slightly ******* and gently biting your neck. The hand that was squeezing your breast and pinching your ****** now slides up to your neck and pins you against the wall with you on your tip toes just barely able to breath. I kick of my shoes and with my free hand I loosen my belt and begin to remove my clothes.

As I look into your face you struggle for breath and your eyes are beginning to close. When my pants are off I lower you until you are standing flat footed and my **** is pressing into your belly. I grab the hair on both sides of your head and begin to gently kiss you. I look into your eyes baby girl and I tell you that you are a good little ****, you smile and gasping for breath you say thank you Daddy. I lower you to your knees and you eagerly take my **** into your mouth. It is warm and hard and pulsing as you slide your mouth back and forth over my shaft. While your ******* my **** I remove the rest of my clothes and then I take a hand full of hair at the back of your neck and start to force my **** down your throat. You start gagging as I begin to *** and my seminal fluids start to escape your mouth along with your saliva. I pull out of your mouth and have one last shot of *** that hits your face.

I pull you up to me and hold you close as I begin to rub my *** into your cheeks, your forehead, your neck and your *******. 

I raise you in my arms and carry you to the bed I throw you down on your belly and straddle your legs with the palm of my hand in your middle back holding you down. I see your gorgeous *** laying still before me, I raise my hand and slap one check, you cry out that it is too hard Daddy, you squirm as I raise my other hand and I grab the hair at the nape of your neck and hold you still. I raise my free hand and slap your other cheek leaving 2 perfect palm prints marking your *** as mine. 

I can feel the heat rising from the welts as I bring you closer to me and slide my **** into your silky sweet *****. I grab a handful of flesh from each hip as I use them to slide you back and forth on my thick pulsing ****. I take the ******* out and slide it into your hand as I rhythmically pump my body in motion with yours I grab your hair again and pull you close to me arching your back just right where the angle of ******* of my **** into your yoni makes you start to moan in concert with our motion. I reach around and gently stroke your inner thigh and lightly brush your ***** with my knuckles as we rock back and forth.  

I feel you start to tighten and I slide my hand to your throat. You begin to shiver and shake as the breath leaves you, you are cuming as you become light headed and I begin to *** in you as your body convulses with waves of pleasure I let go of your throat and I collapse on to you completely spent. I stay there holding you close to me until you begin to stir as you do I start to take you over and over again until we are both spent physically and emotionally. You come to me in the end and curl into my arms to spend the night. 

The whole time I was taking you, you had the power to get away. Never once did you whisper, not once did you cry out, at no time did you whimper the word butterfly. A simple word that would have given you immediate release and comfort. Even the word mariposa would have set you free. I ask myself why, but then I already know the answer. I live in your heart, I own your soul, and now you have given your body to me
hannah b Oct 2019
we have been blessed with womanhood.
not in a biological sense, nor a societal one,
but a blessing, due to our values.

no man could ever make my blood so darkly crimson
make my heart race, beat
in places within me for which
i should be so condemned.

i live for the subtle pain
of lying down once
you've torn my back to shreds–

it's the ghost of you keeping me on my toes.

i want the wine to hit you like it hits me
like it makes me want you
what it makes me want
to do to you

the way the black and grey lines
make your face in my mind

and the screaming color which
you actually are

and on occasion–i am taken to
that place
where my clinical proudness
(and therefore, reserve)
is gone

and it doesn't matter except
that you are mine and
i simply want to make that
very ******* clear

every time i look at you
i want you to know
that i am thinking about

the most carnal viciousness
and how it might
feel to be wanted
by you
how it might feel to
have you screaming
my name into my neck

how it might feel
sweet god among women
in my bed

let me tear apart the stitches in
your skirt

my dream
is to not have to sacrifice
one for the other–

as in,
you wanting me
for me taking you.
Sketcher Jul 2019
I can tell you’re feeling nervous,
I can feel it near your ******,
But you’re fine, you’re doing perfect,
I’d like to thank you for your service,
I am seven inches deep,
And I’m hurting you on purpose,
My **** puts you to sleep,
With the excitement of a circus,
I hit the spot, you make a peep,
I think that moan of yours is perfect,
You’re a snack, I’m a treat,
Today the lust is lurking.
Penelopejayde Mar 2019
At the depth of night,
I stood,
You were there,
Circling me like a shark does to their prey.
It’s always efficient to see you in person.
Luna Jay Dec 2018
Hot pink between her hips,
She’s sinking all his ships.
Her finger slips
Into her slit-
Fun dip.
And raises moon phases to her lips.
Blows the atmosphere a kiss,
Drinks the ocean in little sips.
Gallons of salty tears at her fingertips.
Woman yearning for the rip,
Boy learning to make me drip.
I’m hit.
And I’m only begging for more.
I adore the way you think you’re
Using me.
Maddy Nov 2018
she listens to Him
as if His words can actually
define her

and He uses her
as if she is actually
His property

she lets Him
because she loves Him
and He lets her

He only needs her
when He is sad
or lonely
or tired
or *****
or hungry

she knows this
she can feel His
selective love
deep in the beds of her nails
as they run down his back

she knows He
only wants
her 'beautiful lips'
wrapped around his
'needing ****'
and she feels like
if she can give Him
even slight relief
her purpose will be

because that...
He told her that

He looks at her
and He knows she knows

He knows His grip
on her is being loosened
just like His grip on her hair

and it doesn't take long
for both of them
to turn
their backs
their hearts
their minds
on each other

until He reaches back out
wraps His warm
all encompassing hands
around her long
soft neck

while fear rushes
through her
down to her fingertips
she also feels the
addictive shake
of His voice growling in her ear

again again
'that's My girl'
I'm feeling a bit used. I'm feeling like a user. I'm feeling lost, scared, and a plethora of other negative emotions. I'm trying to read poetry to find some purpose. I'm trying to sleep more, sleep better. I'm trying to listen to music that doesn't keep me stuck. I'm trying.
I am failing.
Elysia Veildorn Nov 2018
There is a darkness in him that compels me.
Every move he makes, it entices me and pulls me in.
A charming smirk, a twitch of his finger,
As he lounges in black velvet--nails sharpened to a point.
It's dangerous, but I can't withdraw, can't pull away from his touch.

His personality is like a drug. It's abusing, but it feels so good--so raw and primal.
I'm suspended on a silken thread, waiting to fall,
Anticipating it.

But all he does is smirk and take a drag as he paints my skin with ink.
Moeshfiekah Sep 2018
My **** slave
Your lips I crave.
Your master on her knees.

Your hand , my throat
So please take note.
A master you could be.
How she gets me to drop my dominant side and still calls me master still baffles me people
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