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Daniserena Jul 29
Beautiful hair with a magician hat
every girl falls for him they're blind as a bat.
with his amazing smile and long sleeve striped shirts
when the doors are closed he really hurts.
he's really insane always drinks away from the pain.
He's actually crazy as a clown
But in the public, he'll never frown.
He loves the attention and the gifts the ladies send
but does he realize this will all end?
I tried to make him think and see with his eyes
but the things he keeps saying are a bunch of lies
oh sir magician let me help you
you're all I care about
that's so true...
MB Lewis May 2019
Gleaming and glittering with gold
Wonderous surprises for young and for old
From the isolated jungle where the cameras roll
To the handheld screens where cosmetics are sold

Years before you'd peak in a tent
To look at the lobster boy and the girl with four legs
Call them a freak, laugh, run and hide
After you left, the freak sat and cried

Today we sit back in our comfortable seats
Ignoring real heroes who achieve great feats
To gawk at the rich man who can barely read
And laugh at people with mental disease

The modern-day freak show has arrived
The circus has evolved before our eyes
Being taught to point and laugh at those that are different
Is a gateway drug to prejudice and racism
Luna Jay Jan 2019
Portable Carnival.
You pack it up and roll it away two weeks to the day that it arrives. The lives of these carnies have never mattered. They exist only as a part of the traveling freakshow. Something we pay money to stare at, to laugh at, to mock. It’s degrading, but it’s how the freaks have to earn their living. It’s how Two Toe Toby affords his next meal. But he doesn’t have a favorite sit down restaurant, because they keep putting him back on a bus and sending him to a different city to manage the tilt-a-whirl; And all the hurling ***** from children's’ stomachs that are full of corn dogs and cotton candy.
Portable Portajohn.
A traveling **** storm. Citizens come and give us their paychecks in return for cheap thrills on rinky **** rides that spin their minds into oblivion. Just so they can say they’ve tasted the clouds and all of the pollution that surrounds them.
And just like that, we leave again. Vanishing into our next city, for a scheduled two week period.
Poppy Mar 2018
Behold the wondrous, the strange
The odd, deranged!
The beautiful, the hideous
Now get you a ticket
You don’t want to miss it!
The shock and all the fright and surprise
Gather around! Feast your eyes!
Tall and short, young and old
Ladies and gentlemen, here we go!
This is the Freakshow!

Hello, hello
I’m Mike!
I chew on glass and yes, I bite.
So watch out or I just might
Impale my skin with an iron spike
Oh, I see you that you really like that
Watch me swallow swords and survive it
Watch me spit out flames
The highest that you’ll ever see
Do you dare mess with me?

Now walk on by, keep on going
There’s more to this show than what we’re showing
Behind the curtains, away from the viewing
There is a plan that the freaks are brewing
But no matter, pay no mind
You paid the fee and they’ll stay confined
Oh! Looky here! Isn’t this exhibit grand?
These are our lasses of highest demand!
Sarah Michelle Dec 2014
What am I?
Mother, father, (ladies first)
Can I be pretty?
It's warm in here, a green-
house of orchids. The ladies
& gentlemen come in to
have a look, woman's always
At least,
give me the benefit of doubt;
Will I ever be pretty?
Doesn't matter much to me,
only, ladies first,
describe what it means to be
Human-god, human-god.
Jesus, and
I can carry my doubt like
a knapsack
through the cloud of eye-ful
bodies,  (fellow gods)
Frank Ruland Nov 2014
Love's in a coffin,
why don't you come see?
The line starts there,
so come take a stare.
It's only five cents apiece--
well worth the stop in.

See the Fools, the Fools,
gawking at nothing at all!
They're standing in line
to see their own lives.
Just see how they fall.
I've no rules, no rules!

Come pay the price
to see what you want most.
I have it right here--
come face your fear!
If you crave a ghost,
come for your last rites,

Love's in this casket--
pried it right from my chest.
Come see this ****** heart,
before they tear it apart!
Come look with bated breath--
but you can never have it.
Inspired by the circus' of old that went around showing off their freakdhows. Kind of random, but hey. It's different.
Xan Abyss Oct 2014
They call me a raving lunatic
My mind is poor and sick

Manic vagabond, mystic sorcerer
Snake Oil Salesman, Son of Lucifer
Given wings of Raven feathers
Cursed to live in stormy weather
Chaos lives beneath the color of my painted teeth
I've a dark mind indeed, of morbid persuasion
Come sing along to your damnation
Ride the cannibal sensation
Devise a way to survive the game
Or you won't get out alive again

Alchemy infernal, elixir of dark might
Inhale the emerald Smoke of Jesterian Light
Given to us a seventh sight
Arise to conquer the lies this night
Our darkest night

A beast, a fiend, a wicked thing
I'm a regular madman
A creep, a dream, a demon seed
A regular madman

Follow me through the thick of the trees
Over roots and rocks and dying leaves
To a darker realm of mystery
Where everyone is a freak like me

A better place, you'll see
A better place indeed
An old song about.... (?) ..... I originally wrote for a project that never got used because that project  became instrumental instead.

— The End —