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Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, friendships are like gold-so hard to find so easy to lose:]

on the border you await

eyes lighten up on the pupils dilate

shut up as always you sense

vulnerability on the walk so immense

when you embrace never flinch never haste

a rock you are on locked doors no waste

red sweaters on black disobey

even when unknown glances pass

a souvenir from past lives mass

Lily Priest Mar 2020
I may have loved you
In another life
Known eyes bedfellow blue
Vibrant against white sheets
With the afterglow

I may have known you
At another time
Weary hands wrapped
In comfort round
Your cup
As you supped steam
And casual
Dreams that tasted
Like coffee beans
And sugar cubes

I may have lost you
At another place
The lace of our lives
Untying as we pulled apart
No longer heart
To heart
And soul to soul
Two wholes, alone
That once were the full
Of each other

I may have had you
In another life
Let you lightly love me
As I lightly love
The thought
Of us across the past
And always too fragile
To ever last
hiraeth Nov 2019
i have lived a thousand lives
i will live a thousand more

i was a sailor
a fox
a tailor
an ox
a servant
a liar
a serpent
a dragon breathing fire

but no life will compare
to the one where you were mine

my wife
my breath
my life
my death
fray narte Nov 2019
maybe in the past life,
we met each other
as the sun and the moon
during the first eclipse.
maybe we met
as the wind and
that mailed letters that flew
out of a messenger's bag.
maybe we met
as the shore and the sand,
and we carved our promises
on tree barks
to meet and fall in love again
in places made of sunsets
behind skyscrapers
and storms that fit
inside these words.

and now,
trees have gone scarce
but i'm carving a new promise
on your lips with my ink:

let's meet again in the next life
and i hope centuries from now,
i'll meet you in the peak
of the ferris wheels;
you were still scared of heights
when we lived our third lives.
i hope i'll meet you
when i look away
after making up constellations
from the first stars that
come in with the dusk.
i hope i'll meet you
in coffee stained shirts
worn in underrated poetry classes.

and in case
we get to read this poem,

i hope can we recognize that
it's written by me.
i hope we can recognize that
it's written for you.
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
As the Tantric goddess
dominates her lover
A monk
With her eyes.
With passion and fierceness
with the intent
To ****** him
And to see his soul.  
They kiss softy.
Toxic yeti Feb 2019
Dear Yeshe
I say that the love knot
Is untied
By me as
That I am tired
You should have
Thought of
The consequences
Of betrayal.
Luna Feb 2019
Is it coming back to me?

That haunting, haunting tale

Dressed in black and shriveled hair
She’s a mute, ever-lasting present

This city is her home
And she walks behind
Me at all times
Keeping an eye out for me—
What do you want
I scream
Nobody goes anywhere.

Intervene my present;
My future runs in red fluids

Flooding me,
It’s my own shadow
I cannot ignore

Biting letters
Or memories
Doesn’t make it go away—
No, the smoke’s leaving a

Follow me,
Follow me,
Follow me—
Engulf me—
I once said

How many moons ago was that,
I seem to have lost all senses

Red, yellow,green—
It’s all blurry

I have started anew now
(Or have I?)

It’s the same old me—
Just trying to hide her now

The night is long dead and cold
I wonder why is she
The only one breathing
Toxic yeti Feb 2019
The strang thing
This morning I was happy
But I had the sickness.
You woke up
Knowing that I was with
You kiss me
And walk out.
I scream for you to come back
But you were gone.
In a few hours
You came drunk
And sad
You were exhiled
From the temple
Though angry you were not
Instead you kissed me
And sad that i loved me
You then kissed my nether regions
As we made love
A love that wasn’t forbidden
Never more.
Toxic yeti Feb 2019
I awake the next morning
Only to find you
Asleep at my side
****** and empassioned
I let you sleep and wake up
When you awake you
Ended up craving my flesh
And more *****
I was happy to give you
Crazed you gently kiss my nether regions
I grab you to my face
Kiss you
Hoping to see what I taste like
Toxic yeti Feb 2019
The next time
I see you my beloved
I was a horrible sight
I started to get into the *****
I say sorry but then
You start to dabble
And we end up
Make love
Euphoric from the *****
I know it’s against your beliefs.
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