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Chris Chaffin Jan 2021
Curling tendrils of tobacco haze
engulf the tiny space, hang like
ringlets over shots of whiskey
and mugs of warm beer. A solitary
dancer moves, bracelets janglin’
and eyes heavy with kohl, captures
old men in mid drink as her hips
sway to Nina Simone. Her bronze skin
glistens with the hot stares of the
audience; she soaks it in, twirls on
bare feet in perfect time as the
high priestess of soul bewitches
us with heavy grooves. I close
my eyes, tap fingers against glass,
whisper Nina’s words into the smoke
and breathe them back in again.
This is jazz, I think out loud,
this is pure unadulterated heat.
Rachel Rae Jan 2021
Haze, Haze
Ask me questions
Tell me names
Whisper sweetly
Always stay

And when I leave
Fill the mold
That once was me
Slowly, gently
And with ease
Slime-God Oct 2020
Long have I known fog,
his name, a penumbral thought.
Just like all the rest...
Thoughts have long passed through me like a rolling fog, hazy, and never long to stay. Longer have I wished for their lasting company.
Bailey Aug 2020
Red eyes
Dried lips
White icy fingertips
Cracked smiles
Hazy gazes
Blood stained phrases
White noise brings
Soft whispers
Playing games
Alaska Aug 2020
Today, you ask me what I’m on.
I say
Wouldn’t you like to know?
My friend,
Life comes and goes
I’m high off of my youth
Alive off summer nights
Mid-August fights
Tears shed, falling into my bed
Falling into your arms.
Tie-dye shirts, blue-eyed flirts, and mini skirts.
Tonight, I am drunk off your voice.
Dog days, Smoky haze
Tomorrow, I’m completely wasted off your laugh.
Mosquito bites, the same old fights,
I want brisk autumn nights
Comments are always greatly appreciated ❤️
Michael R Burch Aug 2020
by Michael R. Burch

a coronavirus poem

Remembrance like a river rises;
the rain of recollection falls;
frail memories, like vines, entangled,
cling to Time's collapsing walls.

The past is like a distant mist,
the future like a far-off haze,
the present half-distinct an hour
before it blurs with unseen days.

Published by Romantics Quarterly. Keywords/Tags: coronavirus, remembrance, memory, memories, recollection, time, rain, river, mist, haze, blurs, past, present, future
Guntang Jul 2020
is the raging swell upon my ribs?
be it
is the raging swell upon my ribs?
so be it
the dark
navy-blue haze
Guntang Jul 2020
in the lilting silence
of the setting sun
in the torrid embrace
of an orange mire
an oasis dying
amidst a hazy desert
of memories
I finally picked up my refill
And finally stopped running uphill.
I'd been out for days,
And was in a haze
That nothing could fix but my refill.

I finally refilled my meds, guys.
Last week I ran out of my supplies,
And I sunk like a brick
Into depression so thick
That it kept me from refilling my meds, guys.

At last I am back on my Adderall
And everything feels much more natural
I cleaned up the sink
And now I can think
About how good it is to have Adderall.
P.S. Sorry to everyone who took the brunt of my bs. Next time I have a breakdown about my *** life just tell me to refill my meds and leave me alone.
StormriderIX Apr 2020
An artist in quarantine.
Let us set the scene.

Teeny tiny
living space.

Move around
the mess
with grace,
no stress!

What to do,
what to do...

For a start,
I'll make some art.

I'll write
some poetry,
some fiction.

I am nocturnal,
and suddenly
the daystar's light,

Days get hazy;
I go crazy.

This is fine.
This is fine.
My time in social distancing.
Stay safe.
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