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I finally picked up my refill
And finally stopped running uphill.
I'd been out for days,
And was in a haze
That nothing could fix but my refill.

I finally refilled my meds, guys.
Last week I ran out of my supplies,
And I sunk like a brick
Into depression so thick
That it kept me from refilling my meds, guys.

At last I am back on my Adderall
And everything feels much more natural
I cleaned up the sink
And now I can think
About how good it is to have Adderall.
P.S. Sorry to everyone who took the brunt of my bs. Next time I have a breakdown about my *** life just tell me to refill my meds and leave me alone.
StormriderIX Apr 19
An artist in quarantine.
Let us set the scene.

Teeny tiny
living space.

Move around
the mess
with grace,
no stress!

What to do,
what to do...

For a start,
I'll make some art.

I'll write
some poetry,
some fiction.

I am nocturnal,
and suddenly
the daystar's light,

Days get hazy;
I go crazy.

This is fine.
This is fine.
My time in social distancing.
Stay safe.
by Michael R. Burch

Remembrance like a river rises;
the rain of recollection falls;
vague memories, like vines, entangled,
cling to Time's collapsing walls.

The past is like a distant mist,
the future like a far-off haze,
the present half-distinct an hour
before it blurs with unseen days.

Published by Romantics Quarterly. Keywords/Tags: remembrance, memory, memories, recollection, time, rain, river, mist, haze, blurs, past, present, future
In the first light
I part the sleepy haze
Searching for you
Even though
You’re long gone
Not even your scent
Calling your name
And only hearing
The echo
Of my own voice

In the last light
I massage my limbs
Which ache from another day
Of climbing
But never quite reaching
The peak
To see from a distance
Where you have hidden
So I retreat again
Into the hollow
Of sleep
by Michael R. Burch

The hazy, smoke-filled skies of summer I remember well;
farewell was on my mind, and the thoughts that I can't tell
rang bells within (the din was in) my mind, and I can't say
if what we had was good or bad, or where it is today ...
The endless days of summer's haze I still recall today;
she spoke and smoky skies stood still as summer slipped away ...

NOTE: I wrote this poem as a boy, after seeing an ad for the movie "Summer of ’42," which starred the lovely Jennifer O’Neill and a young male actor who might have been my nebbish twin. I didn’t see the movie: too young, according to my parents! But something about the ad touched me; even thinking about it today makes me feel sad and a bit out of sorts. The movie came out in 1971, so the poem was probably written around 1971-1972. But it could have been a bit later, working from memory. In any case, the poem was published in my high school literary journal, "The Lantern," in 1976. There are eleven rhymes in the first four lines: well, farewell, tell, bells, within, din, in, say, today, had, bad. Keywords/Tags: Young, love, summer, smoke, smoky, haze, fog, foggy, cloudy, sky, skies, farewell, confusion, regret, recall, recollection, memory, remembrance
Zachary G Feb 17
Daunting and taunting
Your gaze is haunting
In this snowy
A mist clouds over my being,
Saturating the lungs that want to sing,
I feel tears that yearn to come out,
My entire body just wants to shout.

But quiet tears remain within,
With words trapped—a voice grows thin,
What is this mist that surrounds my heart,
******* it, I just want to tear it apart.

To rip myself open and wide,
And hear my soul that has cried,
What is this mist clouding within,
Stifling myself, my feelings therein.
My shadow's seductive song
steers me into a comatose state,
as a deep slumber or senseless stupor
envelops me
It starts to gnaw away
at what I thought was real.
leaving a murky thick blur,
that swallows
like the black rushing wave
of an absolute abyss.
Twisting dark spirals cluster,
as a pulsating pressure
thuds away urgently like a ticking
clock counting down the time

Slowly as I sink,
I embrace its cold peace
that's sweetly sweeps over me.
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