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Sarah Strack Mar 28
Foggy skies lie like a comforting blanket
The one I wrapped myself in at night.
Or an omnipresent, uncomfortable haze.
Like the smoke from your cigarette.

My eyes keep shifting views,
Until my muddled brain can’t handle it.
I’m thinking through your glasses,
Empty, but tequila soaked.

I can’t decide if I miss the sun.
The heat was nice to be sure,
But so many times I was burnt.
My skin charred and red.

You tell me to wear sunscreen.
That way I won’t get hurt,
But no matter how many layers,
The sun keeps marking my skin.

You like the clouds I know.
It’s easier when they hang around.
You hang around like a weight
I wish I were a cloud.
s Willow Feb 11
A haze of betrayal
as memories twist, crawl and scream.
We once experienced bliss, childlike innocents,
and untainted love.
We dont want to go back.
But your desire vanished.
A horrific pool of agony.
Follow the night,
follow the darkness.
Love was torn apart that day.
In a haze of betrayal.
I still love you.
Nik Bland Jan 18
She paints such things
That the world thought it knew
But in a such a way
That each color, each hue
Each texture, so surreal
It transcended the real
And gave off the feel
Of Monique

Born of the embers
Of undiscovered stars
With eyes that would shine
Amidst streetlights and cars
And then outshine the day
With a brilliant array
As if this world, it spake
Of Monique

Emulating sunrises
With beauties of sunsets
A smile on her face
That no soul would forget
Each whisper a symphony
Embedded in history
The untold, renowned mysteries
Of Monique

Prophet and poet
Both will rise and will fall
The words of greats and kings
Will then fade, all in all
Yes the universe sings in praise
Compilations all raised
On the beautiful shades
Of Monique

My voice is cracking
My eyes filled with crust
These fingers will curl
As I venture to the dust
But I would wish nothing more
Than to write a score
Of the love that is stored
For Monique
T J W Nov 2018
It's all a haze
a frustrating haze
feeling too much
thinking so deeply
I see the outside life
the routine
the race
a bystander watching
the life we're all abosrbed into
I can't explain
I can't put into words
It's too big
too complex for the limit of our vocabulary
I'm left here in a haze
looking for the words
truth will never just be there
behind the focus we are taught to see
I'm trying to see
It's all a haze
jonni inferno Nov 2018
this is the last song of the evening  
time for one last round  
so pick 'em up and  
slam 'em down...  

couples headin'  
to the dance hall floor  
some lonesome doves  
walkin' out the door  
take a look around  
into the lonely fa-ces  
broken hearts  
yearnin' for tender gra-ces  

see the hopeful eyes  
lookin' back at you  
you've seen each other  
from across the room  
if you act now  
you wont be turned awa-y  
another day  
might be too la-te  
oh i know  
life ain't been kind  
we've got - wounded hearts  
but there's still time  
so - here's a chance  
ya never know  
tho it's  
just a dance  
it could be more
so ya  
take her hand  
pull her in real close  
music playin'  
soft and slow  
you close your eyes  
as she softly si-ghs  
starlit shadows  
from a disco globe  
we fade to black  
on this winding road  
lost and lonely  
we pay the toll  
just one last dance  
before we go  
just one last da-nce  
before we go  
and these bitter days  
we watch them waste away  
into the whiskey nights and  
the smoke filled haze  
we're singin'  
Willie -n- Waylon  
pray the music keeps playin'  
as we drift away  
into this whiskey haze  
shadows of a memory  
keep draggin' ya down  
one last round  
you slam it down  
you close your eyes  
as she soflty si-ghs  
gently swayin'  
across the floor  
starlit shadows  
from a disco globe  
we fade to black  
on this winding road  
lost and lonely  
we pay the toll  
just one last dance  
before we go  
just one last da-nce  
before we go
Diya Nov 2018
The panaroma of chimera stretched it's utopian arms,
And embraced me with the milieu of a lost Paradise!
I'm sorry for not able to read your poems for many day...I was busy with some works... I missed this site and it's wonderful poems!
Posting after many days!
Vanessa Oct 2018
I’ve searched my whole life.
For the fire that is you.
But every time I’m close
Upon that smoke filled path
I can only play with the white haze
I still can’t face the fire.
The fire that is you.
CallMeVenus Oct 2018
I see youth in a haze
Sunny afternoons from Mars
Been chasing stars

World still turns
Joints burn
I go back to sunny afternoons
Still in a haze
Now I chase the Moon
noren Sep 2018
We have become cities
Our dreams high-rises
which feel the morning haze.

Our hearts swanky malls
which are always abuzz, but lonely.

Our ambitions crawling cars
which pollute innocence.

Our thoughts metro trains
which run only between fixed destinations.

Our bodies are urban landscapes
which are eroding
our souls.
Amanda Sep 2018
What do we do with all the time wasted together?
Stares exhanged in ***** hours,
Silent seconds ticked as our spellbound eyes
Took beauty in, sight devoured.

I used a multitude of minutes attempting
To beat insecurity, show you your worth,
You'd listen, I could tell you didn't believe,
But each night I drifted to sleep thankful for your birth.

Feasting on the flow of flattery we voiced,
To fill empty parts with desire,
Through my lowest days you stayed by my side,
I did the same even dead-tired.

I've accepted I will not gain back the years,
I lived in a haze, wish they felt real,
You think I abandoned our love,
The longer we were together the worse you made me feel.
I didnt leave because I no longer loved you. I left because the longer I was with you the less I loved myself.
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