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i see that you have
now graduated from a
two-hour response time
to leaving me on opened.
Bhill Jan 23
My eyes were opened
Many clouds
Sunshine will follow

Brian Hill - 2020 # 23
Just wait for it if it’s not there!
Amanda Jan 17
You take everything good in me
Heart that I polish for you
Take step after step away from me
Towards a door
Hoping you won't go through

I know I may not ever get you back
Pain has gone and opened my eyes
I still look for you everywhere
Find nothing
To no surprise
Written 11-3-12
Masha Yurkevich Nov 2019

You opened my eyes

                                            and made me see

that there is a future                      
                                     of you and me.

May that future await...
When the rains downed
When the clouds appeared
When the sun be absent

When the thunder was heard
When the lighten was seen
When the birds hide

When your face attended
When your spirit appeared
When your lips opened
Showing shiny look

The sun was coming
The warm was ascending
The universe was laughing
The rosy colors were dancing
the absent of love making the world cahnged and the weather tended to be worse.
Glenn Currier Apr 2019
If I but open my fist
leave the damning shouts
on the evening news
no telling how far I could go
what I could release
from a heart also opened
how many galaxies I could find
mountains I could climb
peaks I could occupy
above and beyond
the clouds.
Thanks to Erian and the poem, “I’d go far further” for the inspiration for this poem.
Luna Jay Jan 2019
A Rose-
I opened myself to you.
Not yet deflowered,
Only… depowered.
Knocked down a few notches
To nothingness.
A prose-
Roping myself to you.
Never empowered,
Always soured.
Locked frowns drowning in
Paint swatches of ugliness.
I never liked your artwork
You create to abuse,
To use,
And to trade.
You threw me away…
And now your garbage can
Is much more glamorous
Than your gal is.
my hand was trembled
my eyes were troubled
my heart was vibrated

my ear was opened
then it was closed
my hand could not write
a word

equal to your smart
the love is the greatest sense was created since early
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