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Luna Jay Jan 24
A Rose-
I opened myself to you.
Not yet deflowered,
Only… depowered.
Knocked down a few notches
To nothingness.
A prose-
Roping myself to you.
Never empowered,
Always soured.
Locked frowns drowning in
Paint swatches of ugliness.
I never liked your artwork
You create to abuse,
To use,
And to trade.
You threw me away…
And now your garbage can
Is much more glamorous
Than your gal is.
my hand was trembled
my eyes were troubled
my heart was vibrated

my ear was opened
then it was closed
my hand could not write
a word

equal to your smart
the love is the greatest sense was created since early
Sarah Markbride Mar 2018
I am never more me than when I am with you.
I've never said this out loud but read my words and know that I mean it.
You've shown me more love in the short time we've been together than I could ever dream to find in this lifetime.
You've opened my eyes and made me realise I can be so much more than what I ever  hoped to be
You make me want to be better, you've encouraged me to follow my dreams.
I can only hope to do the same for you because it's you I never want to lose.
Baby I just love you.
Dorothy Arenas Nov 2014
My tear stained face and shattered heart
bleeding for someone to notice,
thirsty for the warmth of light,
hungry for love and affection that roamed only below the heavens.

I have yet known what real value is
so I end up pitched
inside a valley of darkness
stumbling anywhere but right now.

Away from the misery,
away from the hungry shouts of the enemy,
kneeling for help,
you shut your tired eyes and stop,

Revealing the wickedness that once consumed you,
you see the history that once ruled you,
All the angels and demons that surrounds you.

Opened eyes and a tired heart
you let His light consume you,
leaning not on your own self
but acknowledging His presence
that lead you,
helped you,
once again to stand,
head held high,
standing straight and a smile etched on your face.
Proverbs 3:5-6
Ophelia Jul 2014
The first color I saw was blue
In your eyes the day you smiled
At me and opened my eyes
Everything was black and white
Until I saw you surrounded
By the colors of love
nichole r Jun 2014
Use rusty scissors
to cut open your skin.
That skin bag is too hot,
too constricting.

But once you step out of your flesh
you feel coldness seep in to your bones.
You are a skeleton.
A dancing skeleton.

Twirl, dip, bow.
Dance your way across the stones
and in to hearts
that now miss you, strangely.

They call for you
but you ignore them.
The twirling skeleton keeps on twirling.
It twirls in to its own world.

— The End —