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Nov 2023 · 78
A Night Owl's Dawn
pk tunuri Nov 2023
A Solitary path he chose to become wise,
Embracing darkness in the night skies,
Drowning in his own thoughts chasing the moon,
As the dawn approached, he'd sleep till noon.

A girl, arrived unfolding a gentle twist,
A first sunrise they both adored in the midst,
Welcoming the warmth of sun on sleepy eyes,
She taught him how to greet the morning skies.

She brought sunrise to his endless night,
Weaving the threads of morning light,
He learned to greet the sun's first kiss,
Enjoying the dawn, a canvas painted with bliss.

Now, every sunrise holds her trace,
A memory that no time can erase,
A hope that bloomed as a brand-new day began,
The night owl turned as a morning man.
~ pk_tunuri
Aug 2023 · 75
pk tunuri Aug 2023
Home is where our heart is.
Be it a summer's evening,
Or a rainy morning or a winter's night
Garden is where our soul heals.

Plant some trees to heal our planet Earth.
Make your stay even more beautiful & worthwhile.
Jul 2023 · 82
Magical Waters
pk tunuri Jul 2023
I've bathed in a thousand-fold sulphur springs.
They say, "Nature has its own way of healing."
Of course! The calmness and peace it brings,
Can never be compared to any other feeling.

All the unexplainable suffering that nobody could even console
These magical waters has somehow purified my mind, body & soul.
@Sahastradhara, Dehradun.
Jul 2023 · 218
Take me back to Goa!
pk tunuri Jul 2023
Take me back to the place
where the land & sky meets the sea
where the cool breeze kisses your face
where the sand washes away under your feet

Take me back to the moment
where the sun drowns into the water
where the stars gather around the moon
where the waves dance with the rhythm

Take me back to the time
where I cleansed my soul
where I saw the rays of hope
where I found myself back
Jul 2020 · 144
Take Me Back
pk tunuri Jul 2020
Take me back
Let me play
Let me breathe
Take me back
Let me move
Let me dance
Take me back
Let me jump
Let me smash
Take me back
Let me sweat
Let me refresh
Take me back
Let me play
Let me live.
#badminton #love #majormissing
May 2020 · 147
pk tunuri May 2020
we are connected
by the very life
by the energy
by the spirit

we are connected
by the blood
by the emotions
by the feelings

we are connected
by the heart
by the love
by the pain

we are connected
by the words
by the thoughts
by the conscience

we all are connected to each other
in one way or the other.
May 2020 · 169
The Night is still Young
pk tunuri May 2020
The night was still young
with lights on everywhere
with high volumes of random music
with people rambling on the streets
with dust and noise on the roads
with sleepless working hours
with the relentless ambitions of making money
with no hope for humanity

As the days passed by

The night is still young
with admirations of moonlight & stargazing
with being nostalgic about childhood
with helping each other in every way possible
with doing everything we ever wanted to
with nothing but a hope to live another day
with loved ones around
The night is still young
Jan 2020 · 117
How's life?
pk tunuri Jan 2020
My Life is just as same as running on a treadmill!!

It feels like, I'm running miles & miles!
Yet, I happen to find myself in the same position!!

Losing something!
Gaining Something!!
For all those who keep asking me how my life is?
Here's the best answer I could come up with
pk tunuri Jan 2020
I wish i could find a plane that takes to you
However far you are grandma, I'll come to see you

I'll give you all the kisses, you once gave me when I was a kid,
Will you let me spend my summer holidays, just like the old times?

I don't know on which planet you reside now
I just want to meet you once, can you please tell me how?

Don't worry! I'll find my way, be it mercury or mars
I just want to listen to your stories again, gazing at the stars.
Jan 2020 · 122
Rest in peace Grandma
pk tunuri Jan 2020
The one who amazed me, with so many stories,
In my childhood has left me, to the stars and beyond.
pk tunuri Jan 2020
As you keep making memories in life!
Some system functions may not work!!

Jul 2019 · 329
pk tunuri Jul 2019
The only thing that humans can produce
working in pressure is nothing but ****
pk tunuri May 2019
Boy : 1 2 3
             Set me free

Girl: 6 5 4
            Are you sure

Friends*: 7 8 9
                  Everything will be fine
May 2019 · 561
pk tunuri May 2019
Writing heals if you're in pain
Writing won't let your memories go in vain
Apr 2019 · 544
God's Own Child
pk tunuri Apr 2019
Every child is an artwork of God
He chose this world, as his canvas

Men & Women are his brushes
He painted with love, as his medium

Every child is special
Every special child is God's own child

Making a difference for such a child is a blessing
Making them smile may change your/their world

Let's aspire!
Let's inspire!!
Feb 2019 · 2.2k
Days Back Then
pk tunuri Feb 2019
The days back then were great
With very less fear of fate

The fun was neither in glories
Nor in the gifts we receive
It was in listening to the stories
Which were hard to believe

The Cycle Rides, before the Sunrise
Catching Fireflies, before the night dies

The magic of the rainbow, while it's raining
Holding mom, scared of thunder & lightning

Sleeping on the grass gazing at the moon
Haven't realized how my childhood ended so soon
Jan 2019 · 872
Making peace ✌
pk tunuri Jan 2019
Making peace with an enemy
is as difficult as
Taming a wild poisonous snake
Dec 2018 · 450
Not Anymore
pk tunuri Dec 2018
BOY: Hey, If you're just thinking
          I'm gonna start the conversation
          I'm sorry! Unlike all the times,
          It's not happening this time!!
          NOT ANYMORE!

GIRL: Oh! I see...
            I know right!!
Nov 2018 · 458
pk tunuri Nov 2018
Life is colourful all the time
It is up to us to pick the right colours at the right time
Nov 2018 · 413
pk tunuri Nov 2018
We never talked about how much we love each other
But the relation we have is so magical altogether

Wish I could spend a little more time with you
Remember those silly fights in the classroom?
Today, I fell into tears listening to your voice, Boom!
Memories came & went in a fraction of seconds. yeah, it's true!

Maybe just saying thanks, won't be enough
All I know is I'm gonna miss you and its gonna be tough

I hope you'll remember me
wherever you gonna be

Love you Akka !!
memories love relation time fights classroom tears tough
pk tunuri Nov 2018
You're a Teacher first and a Parent second
As a father, you're doing great every second

You have always been true  
And knew the right thing to do
No matter how much negativity surrounds you

We wonder how do you manage to
Forgive the ones who hurt you

You gave us everything from the bottom of your heart
We inherited our love for badminton, cricket, and art

The love you gave us and the values you taught
Are so priceless and can never be bought

Here's your Birthday song, "My Dad, My Hero"
Because without you, we are nothing but a Zero


Prem Kumar Tunuri
Sunil Jaikar Tunuri
Prem Kumar TUNURI
Sunil Jaikar TUNURI
Oct 2018 · 4.4k
Into the woods
pk tunuri Oct 2018
To let go of the struggle and strife
I wish to spend the rest of my life

Going into the woods
Escaping falsehoods

Dancing in the rains
Freeing myself from all the chains

Watching blue skies
Catching fireflies

Playing with rays of sunlight
Counting stars in the midnight

Admiring the nature
Identifying it as my teacher

To let go of the struggle and strife
I wish to spend the rest of my life

Going into the woods
Escaping falsehoods

Pain is the only thing which is real
It’s hard to find all my wishes are virtual
Sep 2018 · 1.3k
pk tunuri Sep 2018
Girl: Dad, I love him so much

Father: Shut your mouth or i'll **** him

Girl: Do you even understand what love is, Dad?

Her Father replied,
Sep 2018 · 754
Adios Amigos
pk tunuri Sep 2018
One day, I woke up early in the morning
Unlike other days, it was very chaotic
I opened the door and was surprised
To see, people hugging each other
Crying and wishing all the luck to each other
As if it was the last time, they were gonna be together

All of a sudden one person came to me
Held my hand and broke down to tears
He was one of my best friends
I asked him, what’s happening?
Why are you crying? What’s wrong?
He neither replied, nor stopped crying

On seeing the luggage bags
I thought everybody was about to leave
On a trip, planned without my knowledge
I tried telling him, “It’s alright, It’s just one trip!”
“We shall plan one more when you guys are back!”
He neither replied, nor stopped crying

I thought maybe, wishing a goodbye
Is the hardest part of life
I tried to wipe his tears
which is when I got to know,
They were actually crying & wishing all the peace to me
And it was my journey which had come to an end
Aug 2018 · 470
The Chota Mota Foundation
pk tunuri Aug 2018
Hey! Chota Mota Foundation
Hope you be the best in the nation

Hey! Chota Mota Foundation
You are a true inspiration
For the future generation
This ain't no exaggeration

Hey! Chota Mota Foundation
Art is nothing but a creation
Very few pursue it as an aspiration
It hardly gets any appreciation

Hey! Chota Mota Foundation
Hats off to your dedication
Thanks for giving us motivation
By finding art as an occupation

Hey! Chota Mota Foundation
Your organisation is a celebration
No matter what the situation
Never loose your determination

Hey! Chota Mota Foundation
Hope you be the best in the nation
Aug 2018
pk tunuri Aug 2018
Thanks for following me over the years
Rhyming is not as simple as it appears

Feel free to talk to me in person
What a poem conveys may vary from person to person

Many people like you, may criticise an art
I've just appreciated their efforts in creating an art

A poem can be anything and everything
We, relate it to ourselves based on our thoughts, emotions and feelings.

A poem can be anything and everything
Don't blame the poet if your level of understanding isn't matching the poet's feelings.
Aug 2018 · 735
Success secret
pk tunuri Aug 2018
When Successful people, On stage
Tell that their secret of success is "Luck!"

Then unsuccessful people, Backstage
Yell at their own fate, "****!"
Aug 2018 · 500
pk tunuri Aug 2018
We grumble about the people
Who doesn't admit their mistakes!

We judge the people
Who does admit their mistakes!!
Aug 2018 · 231
pk tunuri Aug 2018
You already know that I'm hurt!
How cool is it for you to hurt me again?

Now you say, "I didn't mean to hurt!"
How do you expect me to trust you again?
Aug 2018 · 1.9k
pk tunuri Aug 2018
Do you feel destined to read this?
Everything is destined! Isn't it?
Some may disagree with me now,
To be very frank,
I was one of you!
Not believing it, But,
Yes, let's question the destiny!

If everything around you leads to your destiny!
what is your purpose of living the life?
Do you have a choice in this so called "destiny"?
Are you actually living your life?

For instance, If the Almighty God already knew
Adam&Eve gonna eat the apple anyway without a clue
Even though they were asked not to
Also if he knew what Satan gonna do

why would he allow them to eat in the first place?
why didn't he stop Satan, poisoning eve's mind?
why didn't he show, the so called god's grace?
Are they destined to get curse, How do we find?

Can you choose your birth?
Your parents? your death?
Is there anything of your choice on this earth?
We choose what we become, right? Take a deep breath!

Does our choices become our destiny?
Or is it our destiny making a choice for us?
Is death, our final destiny?
Isn't deciding if we've lived long enough a fuss?

Are we actually doing everything on our own?
If yes, Where do the destiny stands?
If no, Why are we being judged?
Jul 2018 · 4.6k
Be Yourself
pk tunuri Jul 2018
If someone you once loved the most
Ends up creating problems like a ghost  

Either by developing grudges on you
Or to prove what he/she did is true

Be yourself. You are doing great
Stick to your opinions no matter how much they hate

It is just to make sure you hold back onto him/her
And to Cover up thier mistakes by making them blur

Don't let anyone hurt you
It's not at all worth, the pain you go through
Jul 2018 · 2.1k
pk tunuri Jul 2018
Dear Reader,
Ever lost a loved one?
As a poet, I feel death must be a celebration.
The end of all the earthly sufferings, Right?
Have you ever felt happy for those who died!

We all die one day
Everyone we love will disappear in the same way
We humans, don't train ourselves, let's say
On how to deal with the death's play

Erase all the love, the memories before dawn
So that it won't hurt when they're really gone

Is that even possible for us to do?
Death is so painful & sad, yes it's true,
Even we can't escape from it, it's nothing new!
Death will beat us black and blue.

Cry and cry
Wish your loved one, a goodbye
Tell them, you'll see them when you die
Ask them to shine like a star in the sky

Cry, till the tears left for them are none
So that it won't hurt you in the long run
Jun 2018 · 404
pk tunuri Jun 2018
Forgiving someone who broke your trust
Is as hard as finding diamonds in the dust
Jun 2018 · 25.2k
pk tunuri Jun 2018
I left my home in the name of education
I left my hometown in the name of higher education
I left my state in the name of graduation
I left my family in the name of aspiration

At times, I miss my childhood
Although, the fun & friends weren't the same in my adulthood
In order to get rid of their falsehood
I left them too, for my own good

I have traveled so far away from home
Now, When I let my thoughts to roam
All they bring back is sadness and pain
And then, I left my tears to drain

I lost myself in this whole journey of life
There were times when I often looked for a knife
Not just to **** me but to end the pain
I left everything and I'm waiting for a magical rain
Jun 2018 · 15.0k
Train Journey
pk tunuri Jun 2018
To see more and more
Every time, I used to sit at the train door!!
I didn't capture this imagery before
So, I kept my eyes wide open to store!!

Well, I must agree
You'll get to see
Wide angled views for free
All that I can recapture is a tree
And, It never stops surprising me
Meanwhile, the people who come to ***

Will mistake me for a *******
Thinking that I'd jump off to make my life Departed!!
They'll try hard to get me safe Guarded
Finally, they'll close the door and have me Discarded!!
May 2018 · 3.9k
pk tunuri May 2018
Living with yourself is the toughest part
when you realize your mistakes
May 2018 · 381
May 2018 · 422
pk tunuri May 2018
Everything happens for a reason
But Reasons are nothing but excuses
If you don't Succeed
May 2018 · 338
pk tunuri May 2018
Nothing is bad in this world without guilt
May 2018 · 17.9k
pk tunuri May 2018
I hate the people who send me
Good Morning & Good Night Messages

Because they just skip sending me
all the other IMPORTANT messages
Apr 2018 · 324
pk tunuri Apr 2018
Any gift from a loved one is more valuable than its price
Apr 2018 · 4.7k
Never Forget
pk tunuri Apr 2018
You may travel long!
but never forget what/who
made you suffer/strong!!
Apr 2018 · 3.9k
True Friends
pk tunuri Apr 2018
An Umbrella is a cover!
when the rain comes!!

True Friends are the power!
when the problem comes!!
Apr 2018 · 2.0k
Apr 2018 · 949
Apr 2018 · 785
pk tunuri Apr 2018
Not all of us have big hearts!
let’s all accept the changes with our little hearts!!
Change is the only constant-Heraclitus
so let's learn to accept the changes
Apr 2018 · 7.6k
Betray No one
pk tunuri Apr 2018
If someone, you trusted the most betrays you.
People blame you for trusting him "Blindly"
and also quote "Trust No One".

But have you ever seen anyone pointing their fingers
at the person who betrayed you, looking him in the eye
and asked him why would he do that to you
or how dare he betray you or anyone?

No! right?
I feel, the people, the society encourages this betrayal and the betrayers.
If anything such happens around you,
stop giving free pieces of advice and
stop backing him(the betrayer) up.
You better warn the betrayer not to betray anyone
and also quote "BETRAY NO ONE"

What kinda foolish statement is "Trust no one"?
How can you not trust anyone?
So everything you do is just drama!
Acting like you trust him/her,
that's where these betrayers come from.
They are you, who sit silently when betrayal happens
You got to trust! Nothing works without trust!
Why is it, not trusting anyone even an option?
Let's say let's "BETRAY NO ONE"
Mar 2018 · 14.4k
Spa D
pk tunuri Mar 2018
Spa D is on fire
Administration is a liar
Student body has a desire
Let's fulfill our needs before we expire

You think your threats can stop us
I'm sure we didn't want to make a fuss

What makes you be at a nonplus
Let us know when you are ready to discuss

For how long will you bluff?
Don't you think it's enough?

We've suffered enough over the years
We have overcome all our fears

Don't light up the fire with our tears
You better stop playing with our careers

All that we ask for is some trust
But you left us all in utter disgust

Spa D is on fire
Administration is a liar
Student body has a desire
Let's fulfill our needs before we expire
Mar 2018 · 433
pk tunuri Mar 2018
If someone cries for you
Those tears will be a blessing upon you
But, if someone cries because of you
Those tears will eventually be a curse upon you
Mar 2018 · 493
pk tunuri Mar 2018
All the escape routes I found were dead ends
I hate when everyone around me just pretends

Ever wondered if life's worth living?
Got scared every time you thought of ending it?
Will the parents & gods ever be forgiving?
Trust me it’s not that easy to quit!

How do we end the suffering?
How long should we bear the suffering?

The only one way to end the suffering is to suffer
if you choose a different path, it’ll just get tougher.
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