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Boys will be Boys
Boys will chase those twirl skirts
Better Pull Yours Down
Before they rip you to concrete mattress
Boys have no self control
Being but mindless humans of ill decency
Boys will spew with slugged catcalls and woos
But your skirt wasn't modest was it?
Boys have no self control
Better you know that now
Rather than when we excuse ourselves from all forms of judgement
      -I'm Sorry We Can't Control (Own-up to) It
are valuable and rarely spoken.
reasons of incompetence,
can swiftly take their place.
no repercussion,
is the motive.
because, it is easier
to make an excuse for your action
than it is to tell the organic truth.
Osamase Ekhator Dec 2018
I'm not the BLACK coat
you can HANG
next to the bigotry you HIDE
in that closest of yours.

wearing me out
when you want to warm up
your cold views
by saying
"I can't be racist; I have a BLACK FRIEND."
More poems on Insta: @osamasetorbest
stopdoopy Dec 2018
We are done.

I will no longer sit idle.

I will not wait for my friends to get hurt.

It is long past due,

we will not tolerate it any longer.

Do not make up excuses,

listen to what your friends tell you,

do not give the benefit of the doubt;

they do not deserve it.

If they make you feel

unloved, belittled, ignored, hurt, unsafe,

come to me.

If they call you names

*****, *****, disposable, immature,  a child,

come to me.

Tell, if you wish, all of how they have done you wrong.

Tell me, and I will tell you.

Dump Them.

Gone is the time of "It's none of my business"

Gone is the time of "It's not your relationship"

Gone is the time of "No one asked for your opinion"

That is my friend,

and I will no longer sit and let my friends be hurt.
No matter who you are, friend or not, if you come to me and tell me such things I will not sit there and try to reason it out, I will not hear excuses to their behavior, I will not be forgiving. If you come to me with such words, I will be there to tell you to get out of it now.

I am absolutely fed up with people and how they treat others- that is your partner and you will treat them with the respect they deserve or you will get out. I DO NOT care that you are sexually unsatisfied, feel ignored, and feel unsupported when you have tried gaslighting and dragged in so many things that do not belong in the conversation. I DO NOT care if you are ******* and angry- you treat your partner with the respect they deserve. How dare you.

I'm livid that people will treat others like this and I am done being silent.
Pyrrha Dec 2018
I feel like I'm stuck inside a fish tank with liquid lies and excuses made of water flooding in. Thoughts of him subside, but the water keeps filling to the top. Somehow within this flooding nightmare, I feel calm and steady. The silence is not what I fear, but the thoughts that occupy it. They float around me, but what I fear more is the fact that even though I know how to swim,
I'm still drowning.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
Dear Spencer.
I got your messages
You say that you want to talk
I am not interested
You say you miss me
I don’t.
We may have had some things in common
But don’t you remember
The names you called
Don’t you remember that you attacked my religion
Don’t you remember that
You threatened me
So you get nothing from me.
I love myself, my DNA and my faith
To put up with your hatred.
Christopher Dec 2018
4 out of 5 become different.
But the one will change the world.
So why not me?

I've got the plans but no action.
Seems I'm no different than the 4 and 3.
Except I'm not dependent on chlorine or finding the right thing to make me happy.

1 and 2 just remind me that we can all fall into the ability of finding ways of not being so panicky.
Though hold your breath deep and hope these things will stay for a while.
So why not me...
Chlorine and the Right Thing seem so easy and the thing that keeps them from being shakey helps them.
So why not me?
I've already found my thing but the sad truth is there's no way out.

Counseling is a way
Sure talk about why it seems so wrong.
Even though I caught you looking at them the way I do, you still lecture me as if you're not doing it.

I admit I'm an addict
But could you blame me as they blame themselves.
Excuse this excuse that.
So why not me....
I ******* hate myself a lot for my addictions but you know, life is weird. Happens for reasons we do or don't understand.
Kate Red Nov 2018
I spent 3 years loving you.
I poured my heart out yet you left me.
You left me because of the freedom that you wanted.
Yet there you are, looking for another relationship.
I’ve been questioning myself, thinking that I wasn’t enough but I realized, you’re the one who can’t be contented of me.
You wanted something more.
All I did is care for you.
All I did is think of what’s best for you.
You left, not because you needed freedom,
But because you wanted someone else.
Rafael Melendez Nov 2018
Looking for a reason we stopped knowing one another?
Ask me my Zodiac, use it as an excuse as to why we didn't make it.

Search my writings for that love you so dearly and desperately desired, instead of me telling you I never got the chance.

Listen to that horoscope instead of just listening to me, it'll tell you what happened.
Recently had someone ask me my horoscope, they wanted to know how compatible we were back then, as reasoning to why we didn't work.
She read that the horoscope said we weren't, and that was that.
While I explained the exact reasons.

Face reality, face your mistakes.
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