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Amanda May 12
I am sorry for being like this
Wish greatly I was not
Feeling unhappy constantly
I'm aware I ask a lot

Do not have a clue why I get jealous
It's evident you love just me
Eaten alive regardless
By invincible insecurity

You reassure me nobody else
Could possibly own your heart
Maybe, but if so how come
You smile more when we're apart?

The respect you had for me
Has diminished with attraction
Used to give me your whole focus
Now I get a fraction

I don't deserve your valuable time
The privilege of being the only one
Held in your arms every night
I'm begging you

Please don't run
I feel you slipping out of my hands
Isaac Oct 2018
Your life is valuable.
Your attention is too.
So don't be casual
About what you give it to.
Be purposely picky
With what you choose.
Each option is really
Putting all else on snooze.
Written 31 October 2018
x Jul 2018
please do not smother me

                 smothering implies force
           it implies suppression
  Or asphyxiation
it is something not being wanted

         instead engulf me in your love
    let me be immersed in it
cradle me in it
Coddle me
shelter me
                        let me breathe
                              So i can appreciate it
                   and feel it all around me
             that makes it so much better
      ever so soft
      ever so loving
      ever so gentle

                 I understand why you want to smother
                                 i do
                          but you’re somebody
                     you’re important
                You’re love is important
        the best thing you can give along with       your time.
   It’s valuable,
so you shouldn’t give it if it is not unwanted

                           even to me

                        Or at least don’t make it a habit with anyone
                you see
        because you are too precious
    and valuable
    and important
    but thank you

                                I do
                          I appreciate the gesture and the thought.
                     I do
                  I want your love but not like that
           just not that way
       just not by suffocation
 I want to be engulfed in it

                     there’s a difference
Katelynn May 2018
Are just glass,
And those scales,
Are just numbers.

You rely on them.
To tell you your worth,
As if they can speak.

You let them control you,
Let them consume you,
Every thought,
Every moment.

You let others,
Control your actions,
For just a fleeting moment,
Of trying to fit in.

But what if I told you,
That isn’t needed.
What if I told you,
That you have been cheated.

Would you believe me?
If I told you that they lie,
Or how they do not truly see you,
So you don’t have to cry.

For that glass does not know,
The smiles you bring,
For that number does not know,
The joyous tunes you sing.

But darling just remember.

For that mirror,
Is just glass,
And those scales,
Are just numbers.
I feel that in society today all that we care about is fitting the "perfect image." Sometimes we become obsessed with it. We fail to realize our true value, and that mirrors and scales do not hold value. We all have our doubts sometimes, but I hope we can all realize our true worth ❤❤❤
pk tunuri Apr 2018
Any gift from a loved one is more valuable than its price
Leslie Ledezma Jan 2018
Sweet running madness
You’ve got to go as soon as you come
Ruling the highway
Like a sunset beautiful but leaving

Sweet running madness
As lovely and distant as tall palm trees
Charming with wise timing
Like the dawn, meaningful but slipping
Debbie Ogenyi Apr 2017
I slept with a beating heart
Woke to the same rhythm
Like African drums from far
I feel my soul cringe
My body leap with fear
I think death more often than not
There is an unsettling I cant explain

Sometimes the source of pain is clear
Other times too complex to  figure out
How my tongue no longer taste
My mind has gone numb
Life essence is lost
As the clarity of worthlessness is evident
Once I thought I was more than this
Now  I'm completely unsure...  

In the midst of it all I choose to smile
To raise my hope above  once again
I had to become sure of all I hoped for
I celebrate every day I wake up to
And above all celebrate me
All that I am and will be
I am valuable, I am priceless
Somedays are blue and gloomy.... U WILL SURVIVE
What if we all gave up
on hope..

'n took back
all our dreams..

What if 'Happily Ever After'
isn't, at all, what it seems..

What if your memories
(in your mind)
were to no longer exist?

What if I bottled them all up,
in a beautiful glass container, 
with an elegant label that reads

Would you buy a bottle?

Would you care how much
of your past - you'd missed? 

What if I held a yard sale, 
'n marked down the price
on every broken promise..

But I'll then charge double,
on every time that you've 
been honest. 

Do you think you'd turn
a profit?

Would you pay face value
towards your Relationship's..
Or would you try to bargain, 
here 'n there - as you saw fit? 

What if I placed a monitary value, 
on every person - in your life?

Then limited your spending. 

I bet then you'd really think twice, 
about choosing your Relationship's,
while vending. 

I'd even take it a step further,
'n bet that many of your potential "purchases"
would now be held up - pending. 

Credit Cards 'n Loans 


They no longer exist. 

But if you stop allowing money
to rule so many aspects 
of your life..

(Because I want you to
FOREVER remember this.)

I'll gladly hand you back
all of your hopes 'n dreams. 

bottle - of "Reminisce".

'cause you can't place a value - on Memories..

-rome ©2016
While tryin' to put my relationship's, as well as those around me, into perspective; I thought about this "monetary" concept.
Jim Marchel Sep 2016
"I don't know what you possibly see
Underneath the *****, thick skin
That's cut and bruised and scarred
From the things I've done to myself
And from what a few others carved into
The arms of the man I call 'Me'...

...I roll up my sleeves and I take
A piece of you from off the floor
And I try my best to fold it up
With the same care my mother had
When she used to clean the stains
From my favorite shirt without mistake...

...We're both soldiers in the same war
But we're standing on opposite sides,
Which doesn't make sense to me because
We have the same *****, thick skin
That's cut and bruised and scarred
And I know you're the one worth fighting for..."
Love can be salvaged from *****, broken things.
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