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astiani hayn Oct 10
there's a monster in me.
it keeps whispering things. so loud. that my mind could burst anytime soon.
inhabit, control, taking over; messing me up inside.
oh mama, i must obey it,
the one i shouldn't commit.
oh mama, how could i live?
in a body i cannot forgive.
please mama, bring some water; pour me the rain, a very heavy rain.
embrace me, hug me, drown me—wiped it all the monster away,
i don't think i could find any other way.
it's a world mental health today, so here a piece of mine that talks about schizophrenia. I haven't meet one, but seeing all who's suffering ****** through online videos just really break my heart. Mental health issue is real and it's matters. And please everyone if you happened to read this, kindly donate what you can afford and above all, what your heart says. No matter how much it cost, it will matters, and they deserve all of our prays. Thank you
Anya Oct 4
In a sea of problems
It seeems
Like I’m the only one
Trying to swim
I know it’s not true, everyone’s trying. But sometimes other’s constant negativity to the point that it’s stifling gets to me.
PiLomus Sep 11
You should do this,
You should do that,
Why these diktats I do not understand.
Are we living our life to comply?
Are not we here to supply.
Why we are to be part of some creed,
When in reality we all are from the same seed.
We are stuck in a whirlpool of sanctions,
And I do not know how to come out of this expansion.

Expectations are defining our life more than existence do,
And the biggest question humanity is asking
what should I do?
We are blaming history for our misconceptions,
Naming presumptions as The inceptions.
How we are going to move ahead,
When we are becoming a body with just a head,
Shedding our humanity for a mere piece of bread.

We are the creation and creators of our world,
All of us is an existence a real thing,
Our creativity is our ability to think.
Then why should we be like someone,
When we could be anyone.
I want to holler out at the world with this answer
Yes, we can
Because we are not endowed with a taste
We have a whole Selection.
Expectations as a hope are a bliss but as a requirement a living ****.
Farzaneh Qaf Aug 30
we were just two corns in a hot farm
sun on us, harsh ****, terrible harm
every men, waiting
for us get burned
better taste maybe
horrible fate
we went on a journey
such a long trip
riding on a donkey
of a Maize ****
one became Pop
and the other Oil
holy saint, whatever
give me your soul
world goes on pops and oils
old men who rule it and write laws
soon our bodies wont be enough
they will come for our souls
a stately
lacquer there
that dance
would wax
*** in
this donor
but wore
queerish charms
that made
an alarm
on her
border which
drew horse
with wish
of stoning
ice in
this accordance
a note on immagration
Trish Jul 6
Right arrow goes left
Balance became unbalanced
Both eyes got blinded
Hearts unsatisfied
Worries starts to arise
Mouths covered by someone's hands

Tears fell like a heavy rain
Screams that sounds like a siren
Guns of hatred and anger surrounded--
Covered by the fear and lost feeling
As the eyes of greed and revenge
Inncocent people suddenly got affected

In every scream and fight for right--
Is heard like a wind flows in their ears
As they became blind and continue what they have done
Dead pilled up like mountains
Blood spread like oceans
Humanity and Justice went downhill

Grounds have shaken us to wake up
From the reality that we used to believe in
Hopes of others have shattered like ashes
People have been brainwashed by them
Prayers of each religions and unity
As we strive for humanity and justice for each of us
(This poem was inspired after reading some news about crime and issues about EJK and Fight against Drugs
A Trudeau Chant

a man
was blue
when his
mother was
butter just
a vapor
in awe
that got
their day
to mesmerize
them  under
the sun
there that
might not
recess the
River with
a wall
a tepid hear
Lora H A Jun 2
I realize
time is a gift.

Love is a need.
Forgive a key.

We are just bridges,
needing to be crossed.


What´s next?
skye Jun 1
You're the mechanic
And I'm probably your best invention
Because you gave all the parts
That made me the way I am now.

From worthless static,
To beyond innovation.
Every piece of junk
Turned into working gears;
I never expected
This kind of transition.
A fueled, robotic model
Capable of envisioning
Beyond the gray matter.

But your creation
Learned to be alive.
From being automated
To self-regulating.
Every working gears
Turned into flesh and blood;
I never expected
This kind of transformation.
A breathing sentient,
Finally free from your dominion.

All this time,
You pushed me
Through the incompatibility,
To reach the maximum
But then I burned out
And eventually got a ticket to the trash.

My theory is that,
I overloaded
Because you overdrived.

So, I guess I wasn't your best invention after all.
My first poem in Hello Poetry.
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