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Eloisa Jul 1
While the flowers softly  twist and twirl
I shut my eyes and whisper your name
When the calm breeze of summer
kisses their petals and leaves
I shut my eyes and whisper your name
When the sky opens and begins to rain
I shut my eyes and whisper your name
And when the endless summer rains arrive
The flowers dance and so do I
I dance and dance and dance and cry
and shout your name
My eyes are just shut but I couldn’t sleep.
Eloisa Jun 15
Dear passionate thoughts
See the blue hydrangeas bloom
Rains and misery
Hydrangea is Ajisai (あじさい) in Japanese.
A B Faniki Jun 1
After a short drizzle
the fallen umbrella leaf becomes a pitcher,
for the killdeer
While it was drizzling i saw two killdeer,  their birds that like to run or dash on ground as the feed or lay their eggs. As i saw them drinking water on a fallen umbrella leaf this image stuck in my head .
Infant writer Feb 14
I was waiting for you to turn back
Maybe that one last time that would make me stop you from leaving
I know you didn't want to look back and show me your tears
But I could feel them in my eyes as you walked away
I also know that you looked back, hoping I would be waiting
Because you were tired of the pain
But just because our story didn't end well
I don't regret it
It's still the most beautiful one I know
Maybe when it rains for us, again
Or maybe when the night seeks the light again
We'll meet, we'll love
And will be one again
A B Faniki May 12
I lie, awake listening to the rain and wind;
Playing music on my roof, the melody is as
Enchanting as a siren songs.

The sky is blue, the trees are dancing in the rain;
Waving their leaves while the rain-maker cheer them
On with lightning and thunder.

Is the rainy season, my roof and the road to my
House will have a shower: they will look as clean
As the cloud that wander aimlessly on a sunny day.

I can smell the season in the air, as the rains pours
Down; what a delightful smell; it fills my heart with
Joy like the seas are filled with water.

I too must join the trees in their rain dance, for
This season is the season of life and wild flower.
This poem is about the raining season which bring earth alive whenever it start.
Shivani Lalan Apr 20
i think they saved you up
for my rainy days -
collecting gentle drops of dew,
(your heart)
the peaceful dance
of raindrops on my roof,
(your voice)
the warmth of my bed
on a gray day,
(your arms)
soft sunrays breaking through
dark clouds.
(your smile)

i think they saved you up
for my rainy days -
with an eternity of love,
a gentle tide
to wreck ghost ships of tiredness
that live inside me.
a serene potion to drink
on days when the other stuff
just doesn't work.
head cocked to a side,
laughter clear and calming,
hands sure and soothing.

i think they saved you up
for my rainy days,
it's funny -
they forgot how much i love
the rains.
Gabby Apr 16
I could compare you in everything in this world
You're a lovely red rose in my garden full of thorns
My Princess Bubblegum in this world full of finn
My sunshine when it rains
My dream
Just a thought
They made sad
To everyone who may stand
With amazement

The words were evaporated
Their clouds covered the land
By their rains which were downed

To destroy every stand
What problem not to be sad
Or not to distribute it over any sand

God creates angels
Devils choose their followers
Who loves ruins gaining at all creatures
the sad is bad ,but it gains by hands of others gets more pain and suffer
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