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I want to blanket myself but I struggle breathing
I just wanted to hide the transparency of sadness from my blood
I once opened the curtains, hoping sunshine would give me warmth
Then they asked why is there a stream from my eyes
I said I want to finally be honest to you
Then they said it's not the right thing to do
I said this is what I feel from behind
Then they asked why do I let the heart consume the mind
I said to myself this is enough
It shouldn't have been done
There's no difference anyway
Then it struck me like a lightning
I'm floating on the flood from the heavy rains
And it shouldn't have been done
I shouldn't have wished for warmth
When all I got is a storm
I want to blanket myself but I struggle breathing
She moved her feet to nature’s tunes
Dancing in chorus of the rain
She flew with the rhythm of the wind
And lightning added to the frame

My monsoon muse got drenched in rain
While she danced in ethereal sprees
The peacocks danced along with her
And so did the mighty trees.

Prashant Shaurya ©

All Rights Reserved
Inspired by the early rains 😁
Amanda Apr 22
Hard heavy rainfall
The old crying sky weeps loud
Rainbow wipes tears dry
About the rain when it's really pouring down
Here we are, at the edge of our hearts, singing, dancing and playing.
I know I want you to come with me,
And I'll take you there.
You only have to take my hand and follow along.
"I'll follow you to the end, come and stay.
I'll be there,
Waiting until the time for us to be together,
And if you don't want me to come around,"
Then I'll take the rains and lead you, to my heart
"I'll be waiting around for you
And if I'm not there, I'll be there, I'll be there
Waiting, for the day I see your smile."
I think I spelt rains wrong....whoops.
PS Dec 2019
It was a summer ago that I looked in your eyes
And found it content filled and lust soaked
You dripped of wickedness but reeked of butterflies.

Like the summer breeze I inhaled you
And in the swimming pool I dived
Feeling light in the colour blue

It was around us and something that painted the skies
Unlike your eyes it is within mine
And the distance between the two pairs was shorter than miles.

The weather got weird, walking in with a scent of yew
It had started to pour
Even before I dripped myself in the red you'd drew.

Then I kept wondering, what if one of us dies?
Would you **** me? Because I'd sure like to make you mine.
My 1st ****
Because I know you know it must be cruel to love someone who let's you break them twice.

yew is actually a tree that symbolizes change, rebirth and regeneration after difficult times.
Riddhi N Hirawat Nov 2019
अविनाश, बारिश हो रही है!
मन कर रहा है इसी बरिश के साथ पिघल जाऊं
न गर्म लगे, न जम जाऊं
न तृष्णा उठे न बहक जाऊं
तुम्हे भी तो कितना चाहती हूँ मैं
पर सच कहती हूँ
लगता है सँवर जाऊं।
बचपन से मुझे आसमान के
उस पार जाने का शौक था
पता नही क्या है उनके पीछे?
'पीटर पैन' देखी है?
एक मूवी है जिसमे एक बच्चा कभी बड़ा नही होता
इसलिए वो उड़ सकता है।
कुछ और बच्चों को धरती से
अपने संग उड़ा ले जाता है।
मैं भी उड़ पाऊं-
अपने संग अपनों को उड़ा ले जाऊं
इन पापों की गंदगी से,
इस बेमतलब की बन्दगी से
दूर जहाँ
सिर्फ दुनिया चैन से रहती है
जीती और जीने देती है।
यहाँ कद और उम्र में बड़े कई
सिर्फ मान अपमान कर पाते हैं।
दूसरों की खिल्ली उड़ा,
अपने ग़म को छिपाते हैं।
मन के बचपन को रौंद, वे
तन को बाहर सहलाते हैं।
गर मिल जाता है उनको कोई
बड़ी आँखोँ में सपने बड़े लिए,
जो बीते हुए उस बचपन की
प्रतिभा को याद करता है-
'क्या हुआ?', 'कहाँ वो खो गया?'
इस जथोजथ में उलझता है,
नित अपने इस अस्तित्व की
गहराईओं में उतरता है,
उसको वे छोटा पाते हैं।
गैर ज़िम्मेदार है - कह जाते हैं।
वो मन सरल इसलिये सरल नहीं
कि उसने स्वर्ग में जीवन बिताया है।
बाहर शांत दिखते उस बत्तख ने
अंदर खूब पाँव चलाया है।
धोखाधड़ी और साजिशों से
उसने कई बार खुद को बचाया है।
अपने दिल के सबसे क़रीब प्यारों के
दिल को रोता पाया है।
उन्हें फिर से उठता देख वह,
उनके ज्ञान को ले वह,
फिर से सरल बन जाता है।
मन की लड़ाईयों को जीत,
वही तो सबसे बड़ा कहलाता है।
अपनी आत्मा की खोज कर
वही तो बादलों के पार उड़ जाता है!
वही तो बादलों के पार उड़ जाता है!
Äŧül Nov 2019
Hearts are not crystals
But still they shatter.
A heart has no brains
But tears it often rains.
Hearts have no eyes
But still detect lies.
So what exactly are hearts?
The Cardiac Paradox.
My HP Poem #1809
©Atul Kaushal
Kyra Embers Oct 2019
And, the sky too shall cry,      
The silent tears I can't scream.    
Each tear drop hence,      
Shall down as rain with the breeze.    
Silver spindles, bright and sharp.  
  Pouring down soft and slow.    
Beautiful like fading a rainbow.
Rainy seasons
bhu Oct 2019
They say, everything happens for a reason
Believed you to be everything, until I became the reason
A reason, with dreams of autumn season.

Fall if you must, to rise from the dust
Scathed but Strong, like a burning tong
Humming to self your warm song.

There is sun somewhere, look around
The light never leaves, even as darkness surrounds
Finding light is tough, but creating one makes you Profound
My reason in ME, thus I found.
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