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Dripping wet
December gets
It frets
The rains have overstepped

It’s not July
No not September
It’s been long August has slept

Winters just checked into December
Changing the air to mode, cold
But the rains have overstepped

Cold and wet December gets
Last it is, but never the least
Brings in joy and festivities

Within a day or maybe two
The rains will vanish in thin air
Pleasant weather and sunshine
December makes promises fair
1st December
-elixir- Sep 2021
The winds blew today through my hair,
as I choked on regrets from the old tears.
I silently swore to never see the rain again,
as it kept banging at my doors of life.
To get the giving of my hands,
for I spent a long life giving.
I never could see the rain again,
with its winds and drops of life that
enliven the souls around me, as
I could never love again.
Eloisa Aug 2021
Watching the clouds
float across the sky.
But I know a hidden sun’s
still there watching.
The sweet scent of the morning air
in the midst of this dreary gloom,
Someday I’ll meet my fate up there,
up there among those feathery clouds.
And though I’d get rained on sometimes,
there was never any storm
I couldn’t handle.
One would think of Aswan
Or the Three Gorges Dam

But here we are discussing
A dam a few metres wide
And a couple more metres long

And barely up to your waist
If you stood at the deepest part
The African rains
Were plentiful
This year

Even with the best rain
The dam doesn't spill
It's always a point to be made

This is a family dam
On the family property
Strange in a city...

But still pretty
Surrounded by grasses and reeds
Covered in water-lilies
The occasional heron
Stops by

Its slender grey neck -
A sight
Shrouded, in a mist,
Enriched, in a cyst;

I saw you skid,
Slip, in a slit;

Diving in your cove,
Hiding in your jove;

Rolling down the hills,
I saw you in the midst;

In chaos, I reigned,
And in silence, it rained;

Reminding me of you,
Gliding into the hue..
Shrouds clear.
The stillness of the earth, after the rain;
Takes my breath away, once again;

Your memories at rest,
My soul bequeath;

Those forgotten days,
Reminders of the haze;

Scars in the heart,
Barring the art;

The flow of emotions,
Became a halo of notions;

Those heartfelt things,
Were nothing but ruins;

Some escapades,
From my failures;

Beautifully carved,
On the canvas of life;

Presented to you,
My mistake;

Will try not to,
Repent what had been a stake..

Your eyes were the culprits,
They made me their victim;

We suffered together,
For neither could speak;

Afraid to love,
Unable to express..

Withering away,
With the bond intact;

Two blooming flowers,
Caressed by the showers;

United by fate,
Separated by twaite;

You & I waited,
While our souls mated..
Distance cannot separate you.
Bhill Nov 2020
The Rains Came...

the rains came in short, but lovely, bursts
clouds, that had been only skyward visitors, decided to weep
welcome, welcome rain from high up
come and fill our flowers cup
leave some moisture for us to keep
leave it while the desert sleeps
let it soak into the ground
giving up lifes nector, with nary a sound
the rains came in short, but lovely bursts....

Brian Hill - 2020 # 308
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