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you call me hottie
I know you’re naughty

kiss me once on my neck
and I’m yours in one sec

it’s your company I enjoy
where did you come from boy?

your kisses taste like fireworks
and in your eyes I see the universe

your skin of caramel
burns like hell

I’m a little concerned
never felt a touch that burned

but it’s alright
just hold me tight
we can do this all night

’cause my wish, my desire
is to set this place on fire

- gio, 12.04.2020
ryn Nov 2018
None could have foreseen

a time so dire.

For he is the man

who set himself on fire.
pk tunuri Mar 2018
Spa D is on fire
Administration is a liar
Student body has a desire
Let's fulfill our needs before we expire

You think your threats can stop us
I'm sure we didn't want to make a fuss

What makes you be at a nonplus
Let us know when you are ready to discuss

For how long will you bluff?
Don't you think it's enough?

We've suffered enough over the years
We have overcome all our fears

Don't light up the fire with our tears
You better stop playing with our careers

All that we ask for is some trust
But you left us all in utter disgust

Spa D is on fire
Administration is a liar
Student body has a desire
Let's fulfill our needs before we expire
elixir Jan 2016
Try me!
Nothing you do will ever make me quit,
Just as nothing I do will ever stop you.
So come at me and have at me!

I have grown tired of your rights,
as you are weary of mine!
I have been silent for far too long,
and you have been preaching more than enough!

Now get down here, and face me!
Leave your crown behind,
We will fight blind,
and let me show you true bravery!

Or we can go to war, my friend,
your hounds, and my army!
Let us paint this world crimson red,
as we charge into this endless battle!

Give me that iron bludgeon,
and I will return with a concrete fist!
Feed me walls of smoke,
and I will send you floors of fire!

Do me your worst,
and shall you see the worse from me.
Stop me in my walk,
and I will paralyze you in your wake.

And when your guts are finally there to get you,
come find me, and **** me!
Throw me down off a cliff, and
send them a distress call!

For I was not killed by the fall,
and as long as you live,
Know that the only way I'll die,
is standing true, and standing tall!
I am feeling revolutionary. you have to shout it out when reading this piece to really feel the fury in you. and maybe listen to Wagner's Ride Of The Valkyrie (Die Walkure).
Sam Yarbrough Dec 2015
My eyes are in your room
I can see that you're everything
I'm not

You're red satin sheets
You're sure naked steel

I'm only a quiver in the dark.
Is it you or is it me?

My mouth feels like a magnet
pulling you in

Until I'm everything you are
Until your body is an ellipsis

A sentence left incomplete

And I'm the eager exclamation point,

finishing you off.

My eyes are in your room
and nothing looks the same.
The Good Pussy Nov 2014
                          s­     h a      s
                       h       v  e       h
                   ­ a            d            a
                    v            !              v
                   e             s               e
                  d           h    a            d
                  s           v       e          s
                  h          d       s           h
                   a           h    a           a
                     v            v             v
                       e          s           e
                            d     h      d
Boys and girls, having your ***** can be LOADS of fun!


The operative phrase being "your *****"; as in, I want, no I need you to own my *****.

— The End —