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There were times In my life I've been hurt but never quite been broken for I know my spirit far to
strong to do
And times I've been down and almost out but always to drag myself to my feet beat the Inevertable
Never once have thrown the lowel Into the ring to say I couldn't carry on so many fights had with
but always seen them
through and still remain unbeaten In so many fights  I've had for survival
just to survive the every
pressure of life but thus far
I've made through but can't say the same for tomorrow
for that I'll just have to wait and see
Just a poem I wrote whilst I was drinking coffee In Macdonalds
mila splawska Jun 10
the people with the most pain
give the most love because
they know how much others need it
PawanTube May 17
hope that i could explain
what i found
......ur voice,
...... ur eyes,
and the simplicity
it all just dig mah heart
You would never love yourself a half as much as I

your eyes when i looked into them,
sinking on the depth
your name,when its been called out
the smile.....ooh plz would u again

when you appeared by my side
my heart got  a ferrari

your Picture in my mind...continue readin'
always be thinkin' of you
Every single day I missed you,
missed you when I can't sleep
missed you when i can't eat
missed you in mah front seat
hoping, you are seating beside by me

you are  the only one
that i'm in.........with
and You ought to know by now how much I love you
My heart made up the way that how I feel
Growing stronger day by day
I can't stop this
I.m insane n i lost mah mind

you're my sun,you're my moon,you're my star
you're the first'you are the last.
andy my everything.
you're my reality not a expectation.

I've spent couple of weeks
to  come closer
On a search to find you
way to communicate you
but no a silent planet
Yet my heart is hoping for you
We always lost most precious things in our life, when the things we have to protect become too many.
The obssesion is a sickness
That poisons us all
How one word cripples us all
The search. Quest. Advancement
Possesed are we
By a word we see
To seem to lose
To use. And it uses us to
A word a curse
A verb thats just the worst
It moves us all
It calls to us all
What word is that to you
The one word that you quest for
To feel it
To use it
Then toss it away

April 12 2019
For me its love. It hurts
It makes us cry
So much pain and insanity
For something that for me
And many others is unreachable
The unobtainable word
Everyone has one
Johnny walker Mar 30
The once dark cloud that descended all around me when sweetheart
today somewhat has been lifted with the
of the sun that shines
lifts from me my darkest days to again think
of those sunny
I spent with her such joyful days all but
now sadly never to be again but I have
memories still
my sweetheart and all we used to be so relieved  that winters
so cold without her where Helen once warmed my
coldest days with
the warmth of her
I'd snuggle In Oh how I miss that so, but I'll make the best of
sunny days and live them for the both of us, for never shall I forget
My darkest days went by the returning sun after the cold of winter
memoona kazmi Mar 29
maturity is when you,
stop making people happy,
and start doing,
what makes you happy.....
candykendys Mar 22
I miss you,
I miss your hugs,
I miss how you play with my hair
I miss how I am drowned in your kisses.
I don't know why
but it seems that you already forgotten me,
I miss you love,
I'm always here for you.
Your kisses,
Your smile,
Your laughter,
I miss them.
But I miss you the most.
If you ever read this,
Please message me.
Love, I love you.
memoona kazmi Mar 16
standing beside the roaring waves,
was the girl with killer smile,
she had so many hopes,
rising in those angelic eyes,
she asked me,
if i wanted to buy something,
i said,"love please",
naive,i didn't know,
it will cost my eternal peace..........
-memoona kazmi
Today I feel so happy In myself an overwhelming
sense almost relieve the
constant pain of grief slowly
To feel the tension dying becoming more relaxed somewhere a year and half ago never would have believed this
Funny how time goes, all the time I've been trying put things behind me when all had to do was learn to live with
memories remember the good ones but most Importantly to keep Helen
with me that's all I needed to do
Learning to live with grief all I needed to do but most importantly keep Helen with me just as In life forever together
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