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The anti hero is a zero,
Because is only really needed to make the hero in the fictional story a hero,
So lets be honest, the anti hero is only needed in fictional reality for the adventure,
So movies, books and TV series need the anti hero,
You have The Master in Doctor Who,
You have Khan in Star Trek,
You have Darth Vader in Star Wars,
You have General Zod in Superman,
You have Ming the Merciless in Flash Gordon,
You have The Joker in Batman,
You have Count Baltar in Battlestar Galactica,
You have Diana in the V series,
You have Princess Ardala in Buck Rogers,
Because really the anti hero is a zero,
Because really the anti hero is a zero,
Because really the anti hero is a zero.
Poetic T Apr 10
I'm no trailer park trash,
you may live
                      forty three stories more than me..

But I'll reach higher than you any day of the week.

I only have to take one step,
                             to tell what is
                        curb crawling around me.

Trying to sell me false hopes,
            selling me bath salt dreams.

But there more like bubble bath,
          popping before I even enjoyed it.

Your hopes and dreams are sky high,
illusions of
           your first steps.
A worthless dime falling from  a great height.

              No one even heard you

Cos there only interested what's
                                      happening on the street..

Your just a stain that no one really looked at,

                                                        cares about.

    As there's plenty more chalk outlines
                            that children hopscotch over..

Can you count to ten..

Then there's another gunshot..
          like a storm, they hitting in the distance..

Just another cold breath that falls from ground zero...
                                                  burn stains on the
                    that play pause.

                                        No breath... no care.

I'm here at ground zero,
            your up there in your fairy-tale

hanging from your chandelier,

But I'm swinging lower but still breathing.
In 2020 we are the motors of the mechanics we drive
in the bed
of other work days
as the bees fly less

the drive of somersaulting mad men, calmer
than a pool of iced days off
after the pool boy
cleans up
start screaming,

although it’s universal when you rise, and my limbs burst
through these elsewhere tossed things, and elsewhere bones
that have no succor in the middle of the sun’s dance, as if:

naïve butchers in the street are sleeping on the bus and
there is no answer from the ricochet dream apart from
keep your **** together
keep your **** together…

and the world is well travelled when you’re smoking beside a dog
and the obliterated silence of a room has a voice,

but the turnstiles open when the poem begins, ah!
the weekend again-this, envelope of random orchids that rustle

in the haven of a ***** flat where we find the best corona jokes
new cities
these shaking palms
the way the world works better at 10 am
and the humour of a crazy snake, checking KPIs

and when i wake
i will love this zero

i will worship you and say
Adrian Mar 3
At the value of nothing,
Zero is a dead cold end,
Or the mark of new beginnings.

It all depends
On the arithmetic
That you choose
To use.
I mean, it’s true!
stargazer Jan 22
even 'zero' has
an 'are'

all i have is
a 'was'
Amanda Nov 2019
I will leave the darkness one day
Nothing to take me away
I am nothing that's worth saving
Can't be stopped from caving

A sense of justice discovered in destruction
Pain teaching specific instructions
Sadness gives tears to wash my conscience clean
One last time I return to the crime scene

They were not brave enough to face danger
Nothing is worth losing for a stranger
******* nothing to nobody
Surface is scratched and muddy

When you love me like a hero
Have the power to make me more than zero
All you need to rescue me
You own already
Day 17: Write a poem that employs a rhyme scheme
Ruheen Nov 2019
They told me
Someone's gonna hold me
And I believed them
But no one came
I waited
I waited in vain
They told me lies
And I believed them
But even though
They tell me nothing
I can still hear them
I see it their eyes
But it's all just lies
But I'm patient zero
They caught it from me
So when they're all gone
What'll be left of me
Been a while.
Ronin Oct 2019
the numbers on the scale
they define my worth
and right now, my worth adds up
to exactly

those numbers need to drop
until i am gone
erased from this earth and from history
there is no "skinny enough"

i can't give in
i need to reach
that sick, sick goal weight
though i already know
anorexia won't be satisfied
because there is no "skinny enough"

the ideal weight
is exactly
about my struggle with anorexia.
JV Beaupre Oct 2019
The Indian gentleman, Brahmagupta,
invented the zero, null, nil, and zip--
just for times like now:
You betrayed me, you broke my heart.

Zero, null, nil, and zip--
Rewind, erase, delete, obliterate.
You betrayed me, you broke my heart.
You are nothing to me.

Rewind, erase, delete, obliterate.
Brahmagupta’s wonderful cipher lets me precisely say:
You are naught to me--
And not just for now, but forever.
A pantoum.
Brahmagupta did indeed invent the mathematical concept of zero in India in the 7th century, CE.
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