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Mohannie Feb 5

Zero is weird
Zero is odd
Zero is nothing
Because Zero is flawed

Zero is tired
Zero is scared
Zero wants help
Yet Zero never dared

Zero is lonely
Zero is cold
Zero is young
But Zero feels old.

veritas Feb 5
like those moments in harmony
when i say "you drive" and
        you say "i drive"
and the universe
                 concurs that the
                              one of us
will tip our head back and
     the other one
of us will clench the wheel--
wherein both parties reap the
                    spoils of our little zero-sum game
because i get to leave the ground
                                 "don't stop"
kicking up gravel with the heels of the rubber and
you get to feel the earth
                                  "let me go"
leaving acrid smoke and burning metal
   and then, there, that somewhere in the middle i win and you win and the windows close us back up against the cold whiplash
             of sand and air
   and the sums cancel out like they
                                       always, always have.
two people in a car
Johnny walker Jan 18
If she could only see me now struggling to survive each every day her tears they would fall on me probably drown
For the sadness, she would see and my sorrow she would feel If she could only see me now she would comfort me and try help through my times of trouble I find myself now In
Sometimes feels as If there's no way out of the suffering and the griefing
plus financial hardship of letters making
And the pressures of a government who as no compassion for the most vulnerable In a society but what chance do any of us have In worlds full of corrupt people that are only Interested Inlining their own pockets the rest of us forget about
Oh If Helen could only see me now and my constant every day struggle to live without
And a government that won't even let me grief or retire to finish my remaining days In
A poem for all those who struggle with grief and the every day strugglss of life
and a government that has no compassion for the vulnerable
In our society shame on the MP who allows this
IncholPoem Jan 17
Minus   Zero

  Hey... supreme  power
let   me  make
not  zero
minus  zero

how  much  minus
i  give  an  example.

It   should  be
like Siberian  cold.

It  should  be
frozen   Atlantic  ocean

It  should n be  more
freezing  point   than
pk tunuri Nov 2018
You're a Teacher first and a Parent second
As a father, you're doing great every second

You have always been true  
And knew the right thing to do
No matter how much negativity surrounds you

We wonder how do you manage to
Forgive the ones who hurt you

You gave us everything from the bottom of your heart
We inherited our love for badminton, cricket, and art

The love you gave us and the values you taught
Are so priceless and can never be bought

Here's your Birthday song, "My Dad, My Hero"
Because without you, we are nothing but a Zero


Prem Kumar Tunuri
Sunil Jaikar Tunuri
Prem Kumar TUNURI
Sunil Jaikar TUNURI
Ruby Patrick Oct 2018
You made me better
You made me feel like your hero
Someone who wanted nothing but the best for you
Someone who wanted to see you smile
You told me I helped you with your trauma
You told me you missed me
When you kissed me
you said that was the only kiss that meant something

You said you weren't ready to be tied down
You said you didn't want a label

Now I feel like a zero
Walking endless miles
I ask myself is this some kind of trial?
The hole in my heart hurts more than a gunshot
I can't even run the miles like I do every day
I try to stroll to walk off the pain
But I'm to maimed and lamed to walk off the pain

I can't frame you as the bad guy
I can't even be mad
All I am is sad
You said you were lonely before me
But did I mean anything?
All I am is a Zero
I am nobody's Hero
Nobody's Hero
Mortecai Null Aug 2018
No longer is an article a joy
Each bit elicits crisis
Each piece closer to the end
I now understand
But disrespect
Those in the dark
They do not know yet
Temporal Fugue Aug 2018
What can a troll do for you?
Yeah, it's that time again Kiddies!
Please pay the trolls no attention, it's OK to treat them as substandard chipmunks, just do not let them get ya down ;D
Em MacKenzie Aug 2018
How do you sleep at night?
Are the blankets pulled too tight?
Is the room ever just too bright,
or do you find it fits just right?

And how do you get through the day?
When there’s so much you never say?
When the colours bleed to grey,
or do you like it just that way?

I’ve been playing scrabble with each thought,
cursed to babble ‘cause I was never taught
to speak out loud what plagues my heart
It’s not like I’m proud that it ends before I start.

How do you sleep at night?
Does your mind put up a fight?
Do you loathe every ray of light,
or is it out of mind and out of sight?

And how do you get through the day?
Tornado’s in your wake and at bay.
Casting me to the abyss to stay,
as long as you choose that way.

I’ve been playing scrabble with each thought,
known to dabble in whatever I got.
Doing things so foul I would never do,
to buy a vowel and then another two.

How do you sleep at night?
I put up such a gallant fight.
Bleeding knuckles, holding on with all my might.
You’re asleep and I’m greeting first light.
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