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Nat Lipstadt Nov 8
zero context shifts

multitasking is multi~asking your brain
to do what does not come naturally,
the enthused poem starts up, lion roaring,
a muscle car, brain throbs organic pulses
semi~******* of a near-completion in
your neuronic *****, exciting and ****
all you-writ so far is:

your name, some crazed, minimal
******* of words with

no context, no preconceived word lotion to
balm-spread over the enflamed areas of
your brain skin
except that it’s
6:47 am, coffee in hand,
your woman slumber rumbles a left over dream,
speechifying, and room, cool conditioned cold,
ignoring notifications of overnight elections,
and a reminder-by-photo where you were this
day seven years ago today, all put asided,
permission ungranted to any distractions,

there will be zero context shifts
til the
spillage of your morn squeaking meager is fully
pillage~d here, it be within my it-takes-no-

@ 6:56 and Whitman is tsk-tsking at the low poetry of my scripting, Hafiz says “hey!
nothing about god or love, what good is that?”

but it’s ok for i’ve emptied the early morning
brain bowels,
defused fusses and asides, tossed asided & there is yet some coffee
remaining but the expiation for having been
reborn this newly birthed day has earned me atonement

for taking up space in this planet
and as of yet, I’ve not stated yet to any, no. all
humans, I hate you ~ but the day is infantile
and opportunity plentiful

Wed Nov 8,
in the year of hatred,
a/k/a twenty twenty three.
Mark Wanless May 27
empty words in a
pattern that comes to nothing
the zero is sum
They landed off from the air as dusts

Heated, threatened, and crown-caked dusts
Those natural winds loudly pronounced their name:
“Infectious diseases, we must **** you all!”
Children cheer to no school again.
Parents again remain home-stay

Daily test lines are occupied by humans, who
keep checking travel healthy kit status, as how
the weeds in the winds, as how humans who
bow their heads contribute to zero-covid strategies

November wind blows out two separate paths
An Oriental Lily is counting her tortoise walks 
on slow determined feet. Happiness or sorrow
two contrasting emotions, he watches her
with glossy eyes inviting oriental Lily to join

his steady aim for contentment, pace of peace.
A chaotic end to the “zero-covid” regime could cause the economy to shrink for a quarter, before a subsequent recovery. For this reason, whenever it begins, the pace of reopening is likely to be cautious.
Man Mar 2021
she was a wireless broadcast
that was when i was a receiver
now i'm pickin up zilch,
she's not a long repeater
Safana Dec 2020 a boundary
between +ve and -ve
adding more yielding
more and subtracting
more making nothing a field where
attractions a pulled
between different
identities of species a space where
lives  are living and
The anti hero is a zero,
Because is only really needed to make the hero in the fictional story a hero,
So lets be honest, the anti hero is only needed in fictional reality for the adventure,
So movies, books and TV series need the anti hero,
You have The Master in Doctor Who,
You have Khan in Star Trek,
You have Darth Vader in Star Wars,
You have General Zod in Superman,
You have Ming the Merciless in Flash Gordon,
You have The Joker in Batman,
You have Count Baltar in Battlestar Galactica,
You have Diana in the V series,
You have Princess Ardala in Buck Rogers,
Because really the anti hero is a zero,
Because really the anti hero is a zero,
Because really the anti hero is a zero.
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