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Man Apr 12
what is it to be 40
twice the man, you were at twenty?
four times the man, you were at ten?
is it being wiser
and having your means meet the end?
finances sured up?
with no need, for to be the miser
a divorce or some
perhaps a strong marriage
polyamorous loves
to your heart's desire
addictions? vices? troubles stifling?
death breathing down your neck
to the thumping of your heartbeat
beads of sweat, gather
and run off your chest
like your shoes on the concrete
you are dying
even while you're living
and you know one day
it'll be your last
cause we only get so long
and time goes fast
a baby is born
the next afternoon
an old man is buried
tomorrow could never come
would you ever know it?
Matt Shepp Nov 2020
Some roses are red,
Some tulips are magenta,
We hardly can believe
Four years ago we met ya.

Most grass is green,
Diamonds and ice are rocks,
We hope you enjoy your books,
new clothes and socks.

Nighttime sky is black,
The ocean (I guess) is teal,
How lucky we are
To have you is so unreal.

The sun appears yellow,
Boogers are chartreuse,
If you were a ******,
We'd always pick you!
Had this idea to write a poem for my daughter who is turning four years old, incorporating some Dad humor.

the sun's intense touch
has a hard baking effect
upon the landscape


golden leaf tresses
festooned down the aspen's
majestic grey trunk


night's gelid air flow
foretells of a blanket frost
covering morn's ground


she'll be dressed in
a lively floral garment
effulgent of hues
Alex May 2020
Don't Me,
As far as i know,
I 've been a weak,
I couldn't careless,
Emotionally Wrecked,
Who sleeps while its daylight,
Build up four walls,
Drama avoider,
And anything about anti depresants,
And when at night i was a moon,
Nobody could see,
Except who truly fond,
With my deep issues,
I told you don't me,
I have been cried too many times,
Until my tears ran out,
And everyday i learned how to smile,
And how it kills the very dark about me,
And maybe i'm not happy like i used before,
But i'm sure,
There's a big gap in my heart,
That even the words hurts,
It doesn't ache anymore,
I've learned how to be,
Part of the Dark Side of me...
Laura May 2020
i am full of water. a time to rest, a time of warm stillness.

i am the first sip. she starts to feel alive again, the earth blooms.

i am the sun. dancing underneath of me eternally. warms to the core.

something is sailing through the wind.
Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2020
It is not mine to bear
Not my right to hold
But I want to relieve your greif
Can't be ditched
Can't be shared
Let's hope your pain is breif

Not expressions you attempt to mask
Like it doesn't hurt
Alone tonight in your frustration
Know he's not attentive or alert

There is only so much to be done
He's genuinely trying with all his might
Hanging out while you're asleep
Making the most of a ****** night

Eyes heavy with tiredness and concern
Across the room you snore
Stares at the barely audible TV
Bet he hates this even more

The pre-existing tension blooms here
Makes sense
Shouldn't be a surprise
Conflict inevitably surfaces
Minds fail to engage compromise

You never move forward like this
Who you are enormously holds you down
Face shows what you can't conceal
Mask twisted into a frown

By now should know better
Know you way too well
Feel unfairly treated in this building
So you put us through unjust hell

We will last through turmoil
Lift ourselves because we are strong
Darkness cannot overcome our family
Our love will carry us four along
Written while my mom was in the hospital. My dad didn't leave her side once for six weeks straight and it was inspiring. I love my family.
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