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I'd love the way I'm eager & adrift
That's the only time to know confidently I Would lift!
How do you think about success?
Zack Ripley Aug 6
"How do I become successful?"
"Are you alive?"
"Then you're already doing it.
Keep it up."
Fight for what you deserve
Keep going on & run
You're an aficionado of success
If you welcome aesthetics though!
Where Shelter Apr 2017
I The Hard Part
~ be a good friend

II The Easy Part
~ write what you feel
12:00am April 5, 2017
Sabika H Jan 1
Once upon a time
There was a passion,
Like burning fire,
Boiling water,
Saturated with desire.
The thirst of needing to be seen,
To be heard,
To be free as a soaring bird
Was unquenchable and

It was so clear
It ruled out the anxiety
And the fear
Of being judged
Being wrong
And being crushed.

Now that passion has burned out,
What is left is the anxiety
The possibility
To fail.
Mark Toney Nov 2019
First commercially successful
Video game technology
Pong arcade video game
Made by Atari
Loved by millions instantly
Started an 80 billion dollar industry
Pong -no Ping-
Just Pong

Simplistic graphics still astound
Mesmerized by the sound
Pong, blip
Pong, blip
Pong, blip

Hah!  Point made
In the shade!
First to eleven
In Pong heaven
Pong, blip
Pong, blip
Pong, blip

A social lubricant it became
Relationships formed
Playing the game-
Rocking to our favorite songs
Staying awake all night long
Taking turns playing Pong
Pong -no Ping-
Just Pong
7/27/2019 - Poetry form: Rhyme - "Pong was the first commercially successful video game, which helped to establish the video game industry along with the first home console, the Magnavox Odyssey... The game has been remade on numerous home and portable platforms following its release. Pong is part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. due to its cultural impact." -Wikipedia "Pong" - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
- Jun 2019
die, drunk broke and homeless, after failing

die, hanging from the ceiling after never trying


die successful
memoona kazmi Mar 2019
behind every successful woman,
is  a little confidence and a heartbreak that changed her outlook on the world....
Personping Nov 2018
Both to
amuse the majority
abuse some minority
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