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pk tunuri Apr 2018
Not all of us have big hearts!
let’s all accept the changes with our little hearts!!
Change is the only constant-Heraclitus
so let's learn to accept the changes
And that’s the thing with sensitive people.
They notice the world how it’s meant to be,
not how everyone think it is.
The world is beautiful.
It’s good.
Just like people.
Every single one of us.
They’re the one’s with the big hearts.
Who constantly live wiping their tears away
caused by all the sensations that overwhelm them
even in simple occasions.
Yea that’s the thing with sensitive people.
They feel what others pretend isn’t there.
They see the true beauty behind all this ugliness.
And the true pain that people attempt to hide
behind their awfulness.
They get every inch of true emotion
that lies beneath all their shattered pieces.
They comprehend the world in a way
others could never ever picture.
So breathtakingly beautiful
and sorry together.
Monday, February 17, 2014

— The End —