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To love for the sake of love,
To care because you do,
To repeat that choice,
That choice is you.
It needs no words,
It is patient and kind.
It works on self-sacrifice.
It is pure and unreasonable.
Will it keep on going forever?
When will love ever end?
What motivates you?
Where does it lead?
Being alone again,
Begets a heavy heart.
Belief does not mend wounds.
Because my heart is not enough.
Randomly composed. I'm in pain. Let me bleed.
Gemma Aug 9
I feel listless again.
I am left without slumber,
My mind beginning to bend.
Burnt like umber.
Am i trapped in this cycle?
Will it ever end?
I wonder, if I am destined,
To always walk this now beaten path?
As I'm sure it's becoming more treacherous,
As each grey day comes to pass.
Nylee Jun 23
Till I find the
   destined place
I am lost
   in this visual palace
of the big maze.
Johnny walker Jun 17
Helen can't come back for that I accept so I'm content
to remain In this lonely place for some but not me for at leased I'm
of life troubles that no longer touch or hurt me for I no longer belong or even care for world and I don't
No longer the struggles In
life that once bothered me
for I have an acceptance to what will be will
for nothing I do will ever change that of what's Is destined to be so I take the what's left me and make the best of the rest of my
Shofi Ahmed May 13
One can't see one's self
through the other
the discovery is made together.
The show is destined for a duo.

That one is her mirror
through the very one
one matchless nature see
Who is she?
Stuck inside constant torment
How can I move on
Too sensitive, too weak
Now I'm going to fall

My mind is cloudy
My heart is broken
My soul is destroyed

No hope to be found
No one to save me


Lost and alone
Destined to be

Em MacKenzie Jan 11
I want to tell you that I love you
but it feels almost insulting to us,
as we have discovered a feeling
that is new and uncharted;
something that far surpasses
the conventional and widely known
concept and notion of just “love.”
We have created a new word,
a new feeling, a new experience,
a new connection,
a new world that’s all our own.

The word love;
it just doesn’t do this justice,
as when I first met you I realized
the reason the sun rises and sets.
It rises to compete with your beauty,
your natural radiance, your light
and your warmth.
When it sets, it gives up;
desperately craving rest as it
spent many hours trying to outshine you, which nothing in this world could ever hope to do.
At very best it could try to match your breathtaking sight,
but still it sets every single day, because it could never even come close to your effortless luminescence.
My darling, you have exhausted the sun,
a basic necessity for all life to grow,
and the centre of our known universe.
But to me, you are what causes growth, you sustain all life,
and you have me spinning in circles
in your gravitational pull;
twenty-four seven, three sixty-five.

It sounds cliche,
but the moment I saw you everything both stopped and started.
My heart stopped,
my breath stopped,
even time stopped.
But my soul was birthed,
my mind was resurrected
and then, my heart was revived.
Within a split second I felt everything; all at once.
Everything in this world suddenly made sense,
I found the puzzle piece to the incomplete picture I had decided to settle with,
I discovered an ***** I never knew existed, but now that ***** is so vital, I could never live without it.
I became a new person that day:
I was finally made complete.
I never knew what happiness was,
but that day I basked in.
I inhaled as much as I could,
even if it would drown me,
because I was absolutely terrified
and paralyzed with the fear
that I would never know that feeling again.

You’re my first thought when I awake,
picking up where I left off the night before,
and you sneak your way into my head all throughout the day.
No matter how close you are to me,
you will always be too far.
It’s frustrating to have two hearts and two souls so intertwined and locked,
that the barrier of our bodies almost feel like a nuisance
as they create a thin wall separating them from meeting
and melting together as they should.

If I could list off my biggest accomplishment,
it would be any time I was the provider of your smile.
If I could list off my favourite hobby,
it would be the times I make you laugh.
If I could do one thing
and only one thing for the entirety of my life,
it would be to look into your eyes
and listen to your sweet voice;
it always leaves me so intoxicated.
And if I was given the choice;
see you hurt or be gun down with a barrage of bullets;
I would tell the firing squad to start loading their guns.
I would die for you; without hesitation.
But the more impressive thing,
I think, is that I live for you,
even though it hurts so badly some days.
Pain goes hand in hand with love,
but it is also tantamount to it.

So you see, I want to tell you that I love you,
every single second of every single day for the rest of my life,
but the words are just words,
and no words, no matter how descriptive or beautiful or powerful,
could ever fully articulate what I feel.
Just know that I am yours,
even when you doubt that I am.
Billy Dec 2018
Some people are meant
To fall in love with each other
But never ever meant
To be together

Destined to meet
But not destined to be together
Destined to stay in our heart
But not in our life

If i’m being selfish
I would really like to think
That we are meant to be together
...just not meant to last
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2018
Destined to go away.
But an early exit  
is not welcome either.

It has to be on time.
But it can't be found
beforehand either  
in the solar or lunar calendar!
However it's definitely
on it is crystal clear.
Amanda Oct 2018
Staying up late each anxious night
Wishing you had not given in to heartache
The choice to split technically mine
It was one you forced me to make

You provided no better options
Back pressed against a disappearing wall
The thing keeping me upright through problems
Cracked skeleton hardly holding weight at all

I know I am weak, words paper-thin
Sit here stuck in the same position
Nothing to improve the frustrated state I'm in
My mind rummaging for proper recognition

Plans made are crumbling to dust
Flames dance around, we are running out of air
Hearts racing, to win we both think we must,
Wondering which is the tortoise and which the hare

Games we play but not enjoy
Again and again use my heart as a toy
Each endless night I lie awake
Staring at the ceiling retracing mistakes

Collapse like a deflated lung
Fated to gasp for more air
Throat hoarse from sad songs sung
Past pain shouting "Please beware!"

I found the same outcome too many times
In patterns we are destined to repeat
Yet I still walk identical lines
Straight into the familiar defeat
If you always do what you've always done you'll always get what you've always gotten
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