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Nolan Willett Aug 14
Poised to succeed
In all of your dreams
You have the support
And the means
Endured a painful trek
Metamorphosed from a disdainful wreck
But you’d rather be something else
Than a large paycheck
All the agonies
Pursued through wistful blasphemies
Have led to naught
But a sorrowful eucatastrophe
Because you have bills due
Things to live up to
It’s wishful thinking
Wanting to paint the skies blue.
Harmonic vibes from past tribes
Come together to realign
Our voice as one is magnified
Raise your level from inside
Trust in part with what can't be seen
Feel supreme in alternating tones
Eyes often closed to open minds
Reap beliefs to form your own
No words are needed to succeed
Moving true free and deeply
Yet synchronised numbers rhyme in kind
(@PoeticTetra - Instagram/twitter)
Ideas flow freely
You remember you forget
They fail they succeed
How many good ideas
Have been forgotten
See the mind is a crazy thing
Its to keep you alive
Yet it harms you
Its to benefit you
Yet it makes you fail
It protects you yet
It attacks you
It is the most unknown
Yet it does everything
Its strange how much it controls
Everything really
How long is one second?
I move with the flow of time.
Being dragged along like the tail of a sad dog.
The clock continues its steady dance.
One minute is supposed to be sixty seconds but I swear it feels more like one-twenty.
Don’t look at the time...
Such a pathetic victory to see that more time has passed then I’d imagined.
On certain occasions, time will Mock me:
“You can’t make me move any faster.”
It says.
“I will slow down when you don’t want me to and speed up when you do.”
Two old adversaries.
Me and time.
We are well acquainted and I am just as stubborn.
Perhaps I’m not as stubborn as I am stupid because I know who wins in the end.
But I don’t intend to beat time.
I intend to put it in its place.
Before it takes me.
Time will be mine.
It owes me...
It owes me for the days it taunted me as a child, as I stood at the window, wondering if or when my mom would come home.
It owes me for the years I’ve spent. Slaving away at dead-end jobs. Trying to climb out of the impoverished conditions, I’d inherited.
Time owes me... a lot.
You may say time doesn’t owe me ****.
But I intend to collect.
Because I may not matter to time, but I do matter.
My suffering will not be in vain.
You see, I’ve learned one of time’s oldest tricks.
I will write my way in to my dreams.
The same way seconds turn to years.
O... N... E...
L... E... T... T... E... R...
A... T...
Maja Mar 28
I wanted everyone to like me
without giving them a reason to

I wanted them to like me
without even trying to change their view

I wanted to be good,
without doing a good deed

I wanted to succeed
but to grow,
you need to first plant the seed.
Come what may
on that day
win or lose
you will choose
what to do
and be true
to your word
as you heard
in your mind
of that kind.

When it comes
do the sums
to find out
all about
what the cost
'ere it's lost
will then be
so you'll see
if you can
that time span.

Take a risk
be not frisk
with the time
of your prime
you'll surmise
and be left
seen bereft
without scope
of that hope
you will need
to succeed.
Written in Jan. 2020
You Dec 2019
Failure is not a failure
The failure is an effect after an experience
You can't let it bring you down
Contrary you can learn from it
And develop yourself to the best
So that the next time you will not fail

If you fail again get up and try again
Be certain you didn't learn enough
Just continue, sooner or later you will succeed

The big failure is that you know your mistake
And you haven't done anything to fix it
After a while you will regret it

You had the time to do something
But you missed it
Not a problem, start again
You’re still breathing so you have the time

To correct your path and try again
Finally you are not hopeless
You can do it, don't lose the hope
sooner or later you will succeed
Robert D Nov 2019
Don't get too close
I said what I had to say
Knife blade razor sharp
My thoughts too dark and gray

No peace of mind
Storm brewing in my head
A gust of wind causing havoc
From my wrist is where I bled
Elizabeth Zenk Jun 2019
once you reach the surface
it’s easy to float

and it’s easier to forget
about all of us drowning beneath

and easiest to pay no mind
to the gargling of salt water in throat
you've reached the top my love
with one hand you tread gently
with the other you hold me under.
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