Life is nothing more than madness.
Probably there is no karma, no right, no wrong.
It's all a bunch of mechanic or random probabilities fighting against emotions, which are simply chemical reactions happening in our brain. Often good people get bad things, bad people get good things.
Simple: no meaning, no reasons.
We have these curious habits to give life some meaning just because we want some sort of reward for our efforts.
We put effort in things because inside and deeper each one of us is a dreamer, even the most skeptical man on earth.
But we should go through madness first, to get rid of our inner-fake-dreamer, to unlearn the bullshits we have been told from birth and to re-learn how to dream properly, with the help of a less magic but different truth.
If we decide to go through madness we need to know we may not come out sane from it, and sometime we will have left just that little bit to keep going and survive. If we succeed we will understand that there is nothing to win, nothing to lose, that is all about perception and everything is a cyclic succession of experiences to use wisely.
- Manuela Camporaso

Carson Hurley Apr 4

To fill a bag with dreams
you must first sew the leather
stitch by stitch
until it can be filled with
the depth of desire
to accomplish brilliance
you must find your muse
I found mine.
its courage is infectious
it teach you to succeed
bit by bit
day by day
count each day that passes
it brings you closer to

Alasia Mar 30

there are many ways to fail
and few ways to succeed.
he tried,
we failed,
we'll succeed with other people.

KZ Feb 5

I am extremely behind,
So I ask you to help me find,
Where I have gone blind.


Bethany G Blicq Dec 2016

God does not grant courage;
only the opportunity to be courageous.

If you fall seven times
you have the opportunity
to stand up eight times.

I will lend my hand
and offer my love.

Written in 2016.
Bethany G. Blicq

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Damn you Adam Oct 2016

I have risen
Before the sun
Escape my prison
I must run
Persist. Resist.
Yield for none
I will not Yield
Till I am done.

Hanna Kelley Jun 2016

I know that I over think every possible situation and analyze everything before finally making a decision but please don't tell me to "relax".

My future is in my hand right out in front of me, I keep holding it up no matter how tired my arm gets because I am determined.
I am so determined to make something of it and then you just tell me to drop it.

Telling me to relax is like telling me to drop my future, like I can just pick it up off of the floor when it is time for me to do something with it.
Like I can just start from where I left off.

Relaxing is like dropping my future and just when it is time for me to get it started, it is already ruined because I broke it when I "relaxed".

I have come so far from not knowing what I wanted to do with my life and where I want to go and who I want to be so NO I am not going to "relax".

I am not going to let go of all the progress I have made just so I can not be ready when I have to fend for myself.
I am going to be ready.

I will relax when I succeed.

Scarlet Keiller May 2016

Listen, because I think this is something
you need to hear. You are not a failure.
You have not failed yourself by being upset.
You have not failed the world by being yourself.
You failed to be happy, but that does not
make you a failure. You are yourself, you
look like yourself, you feel like yourself, and
there is nothing more beautiful than who
you are. Do not look to others for the
beauty you feel you do not possess, because
if you look within, you will see beauty
like you never thought could exist. If you
live life as yourself, you will become more
beautiful than you could imagine. Look
at yourself like I look at you, and you
will become more beautiful than you could
imagine. You are more beautiful than
any imagination thought you could be.
Imagine that.

~~ Unique identity should be the love of your life. Unique beauty is the love of our lives. ~~
Finley in Despair May 2016

I'm an adult now it seems
maybe different from the rest
the ones I 'grew up' with gone but I won't
I've worked the last seven months
I did it because I had to
my mum kicked me out
I had to pay the bills
buy my meals
remember to wash too
looking back on it though
I have nothing to show for it
I'm alive and well and warm, I guess
so why does my life feel like such a mess
if I look back on previous bank statements
I should be a fucking millionaire???
ok perhaps that's an exaggeration
but you get my point
I work a lot and a fair bit of money comes
but way more seems to leave and I don't
bloody know
If that's just me or the way it goes
I don't want to fight this life
always toe to toe
day to day or week to week
at the end of the day most of us
are just
trying to stay on our feet
trying to make ends meet
I'm sat here in my living room on my phone comparing myself to all eight hundred plus friends I don't know and I
can't help but think

"my future isn't looking good to be honest but I don't usually see past the twenty fifth of every month anyway so ignorance is bliss"

work for a month happy for a week
Cody Henatt May 2016

Determination strikes so occasionally for me,
As if prospering only in the strictest of conditions,
But when it does sprout up from nowhere,
My head is filled with so many visions.

I see a course ahead of me traveled by many,
But conquered by very few,
And my probability to succeed is not greater,
That seems to be true.

But I feel like no road worth paving
Will manage to pave itself.
A book does not find its own way
Onto the tall, looming bookshelf.

The pavement must be my doing,
For the result to be worthwhile;
I have not always accepted this,
But then I was in denial.

If you are complacent,
And expect your road to unfold,
You will grow very frustrated as nothing happens,
And you will only become old.

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