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Flatfielder Nov 25
Doors and windows shut
We shiver
Waiting for sounds
Tensions are rising
Blood rushes to our foreheads
My legs are hurting
Scratches on our bedroom door
Getting up time
Our dogs time clock has spoken
We adore our little Corgi
Skylar Russo Nov 6
Sweetest son of serenity,
Scarred smile, your identity,

Drowning sessions of learning the psyche,
Untidy and sometimes icy,

Remember Hailey?
Broke her heart daily*,

Interpreting episodes of the Good Doctor,
I still don't get why you choked her...

A poem of an omen,
But I hope you understand she is broken
For the one-and-only sweet and serial heartbreaker and my best friend, Justin...wasn't Hailey enough? I saw your text message last night...I really can't choose sides, hon. I hope you can understand that. You should know better, Jay. **
*I won't forgive that mistake, Justin, because you never apologized. Sorry...
Mari Oct 17
We believe they
are true friends
until that day comes,
when you really need them.
and they won't be there, of course.
Brendann Apr 1
When I die
Would you remember me in 2 weeks?
2 months?
Or 2 years?
If you look in the mirror and can't remember your old self
Before the mistakes you made
The drugs you took
The risks you didn't take
Before society took hold of you
How can anyone else?
Free Verse
Kodi Udezue Mar 5
I have a thought that tickles down my soul bank of thoughts.
It's a thought that dilutes all the sweet taste of all I thought.
One that gaols the psyche and maneuver in the midst of all my anxiety.

I would have uttered it to my close companion,
but the thoughts of being ridiculed consistently quenched out the desire to communicate.

Can I find a pure one who can listen and not tell the world my greatest fear?
The dependent one is but an atom in the midst of particles.
I need to dig deep till I find one who can bear my world with me.
Andrew Hawks Feb 2019
A true friend is someone who really cares. Whenever you’re in trouble, they’d be right there. Never late, they’re always on time. Never forgetting, they’re always on your mind. To help you out. To show you what true friends are all about. So true, regardless, always reliable, honest, legit, and always dependable. True friends will remain, like salt and pepper. When put together makes things much better. True friends pick you up, whenever you fall. No matter the problems, whether big or small. A true friend is just but a telephone call away. They make you smile, they brighten your day. In a special way, through your ups and downs, true friends will always be around. No matter what…
This poem truly speaks words for people who feel like they haven't found any friends.
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
in the toughest of times,
you find out
who your true friends are.
Isabel Dec 2018
"Everyone wants happiness. No one wants pain. But you can't have a rainbow without a little rain."

Spread your wings and let's fly,
Can't reach those dreams it is so high,
What to do know?,
Let's smile and end this pain together.

We are each one's cause of euphoria,
Smile like there's no tomorrow,
Why are you full of sorrow?,
Why sudden change of emotions?,
Are you not happy?.

Look at the sky,
Don't be shy,
I know you've been waiting for it,
Don't always look on the ground,
You're not too low to look on it,
Feel free to look high,
And exprience the feeling of being on the top.

Imagine the things that you want that others can't imagine to you,
Your life doesn't depend on them,
It depends on you,
You are the only one who can decide,
Your life doesn't belong to them.

If it rains,
Accept it,
Don't blame the weather,
Don't blame yourself,
It's not your fault,
You just don't know on how to love yourself.

All of this are connected,
Don't ask and you'll be headed,
It is not time for your assumptions,
Why predict someone else's life if you can't even predict your own life.

Shut up and enjoy your life,
Have fun tonight,
Coz the next day what if there would be no more light to be seen,
Sun that brighten up your day,
Darkness that guided your life,
Who are you?

Sentences that are out of context,
What will happen next,
Shadows that are getting even more darker.
Coz there's a light,
A beaming spotlight.

Be the person you want to be,
Shout and tell them let me be,
Freed yourself from sadness,
Let go of your blindness,
And then there's happiness.

Don't pretend that you're okay,
Coz you'll end up hating yourself over
and over again,
Life is about up's and down,
Deal with it and tell the future that
you're going to be fine and pass all of this failure you've done this present.

Sunshine comes to
all who feel rain,
Rainbow can't show up
if there's no little rain,
Learn to stand up,
and you'll be okay.

Don't be pushed by your problems;
be led by your dreams.
I made this as a birthday present for my friend since she migrated and already live in LA and I'm left here in my country which is located in Southeast Asia which I'm not going to mention hehehe
D A W N Dec 2018
Of true friends will ever be,
that word will always remain
          a mystery.
And all the countless
moments and memories
turned into such useless
of a girl who likes to
i love writing in lower caps
pk tunuri Apr 2018
An Umbrella is a cover!
when the rain comes!!

True Friends are the power!
when the problem comes!!
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