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pk tunuri Nov 2023
A Solitary path he chose to become wise,
Embracing darkness in the night skies,
Drowning in his own thoughts chasing the moon,
As the dawn approached, he'd sleep till noon.

A girl, arrived unfolding a gentle twist,
A first sunrise they both adored in the midst,
Welcoming the warmth of sun on sleepy eyes,
She taught him how to greet the morning skies.

She brought sunrise to his endless night,
Weaving the threads of morning light,
He learned to greet the sun's first kiss,
Enjoying the dawn, a canvas painted with bliss.

Now, every sunrise holds her trace,
A memory that no time can erase,
A hope that bloomed as a brand-new day began,
The night owl turned as a morning man.
~ pk_tunuri
pk tunuri Aug 2023
Home is where our heart is.
Be it a summer's evening,
Or a rainy morning or a winter's night
Garden is where our soul heals.

Plant some trees to heal our planet Earth.
Make your stay even more beautiful & worthwhile.
pk tunuri Jul 2023
I've bathed in a thousand-fold sulphur springs.
They say, "Nature has its own way of healing."
Of course! The calmness and peace it brings,
Can never be compared to any other feeling.

All the unexplainable suffering that nobody could even console
These magical waters has somehow purified my mind, body & soul.
@Sahastradhara, Dehradun.
pk tunuri Jul 2023
Take me back to the place
where the land & sky meets the sea
where the cool breeze kisses your face
where the sand washes away under your feet

Take me back to the moment
where the sun drowns into the water
where the stars gather around the moon
where the waves dance with the rhythm

Take me back to the time
where I cleansed my soul
where I saw the rays of hope
where I found myself back
pk tunuri Jul 2020
Take me back
Let me play
Let me breathe
Take me back
Let me move
Let me dance
Take me back
Let me jump
Let me smash
Take me back
Let me sweat
Let me refresh
Take me back
Let me play
Let me live.
#badminton #love #majormissing
pk tunuri May 2020
we are connected
by the very life
by the energy
by the spirit

we are connected
by the blood
by the emotions
by the feelings

we are connected
by the heart
by the love
by the pain

we are connected
by the words
by the thoughts
by the conscience

we all are connected to each other
in one way or the other.
pk tunuri May 2020
The night was still young
with lights on everywhere
with high volumes of random music
with people rambling on the streets
with dust and noise on the roads
with sleepless working hours
with the relentless ambitions of making money
with no hope for humanity

As the days passed by

The night is still young
with admirations of moonlight & stargazing
with being nostalgic about childhood
with helping each other in every way possible
with doing everything we ever wanted to
with nothing but a hope to live another day
with loved ones around
The night is still young
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