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Samuel Hoffmann Sep 2019
I kinda really don’t want to be,
But probably maybe should be,
Slightly considering possibly,
Going to work out in the gym.

I know I actually ought to be,
But sincerely don’t think should be,
Contemplating eventually thinking about,
Reading that book on my shelf.

I just don’t want to think to be,
Partially doubting I could be,
Theoretically almost clumsily,
Trying to somehow be myself.
Everyone has something they almost kinda don’t really somehow eventually might want to sometimes possibly do.
m h John Jun 2019
hearing your voice
and hearing your name
brings back the pain
of what was yesterday

i found your coffee stained shirt
hidden deep in my drawers
and it brought back all those memories
of us at the corner cafe

and days where we’d sit along the bay
and count the stars
as we’d name them after our dreams

these days i find myself
trying to let the time heal eventually
all our memories
all our history
and all you meant to me
Amanda Feb 2019
If you love something
You should set it free
Not keep it chained
Where it doesn't want to be
Because if that love is true
And meant to be
It will return to you
I have to say this is one of my favorites. I am quite proud!
Johnny walker Feb 2019
I knew Helen from the age of eight but as we up grew and went separate ways It wasn't till much later In life
We met again realising
then that I loved her wasn't long after this she said loved me too and
When true romance began
after a short courtship we
married and had a son he's
now twenty years old and just like his mother
happy days
I thought would never end and although they have gone true love still remains for love It never dies just moves to another time and to a place that lies beyond reality
I knew Helen from the age of eight but as we grew we moved on and didn't see each other till much later In life
when eventually married
Astra Jan 2019
You're right..I'm not over it...but you forgot one word..YET..
I'm not over it yet but eventually I will be and you'll be the one left missing me.
All right reserved, Written by fragilehalo
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Love has to be the
the most wonderful
the thing there Is In
this the
You have to be lucky
find It and certainly
have to be strong to
keep It, I don't think
either of us were
looking at a relationship
at that particular
But we were drawn together purely by fate
we had known each
other since the age of
But had gone In different directions as one often does, It had been decided out of our
we weren't meant to be together when younger which of the cause was
sad we could have had so
time together, but life doesn't always go as
we'd plan It too, but thankfully It came
true In the end, thanks
to fate showing It
Live doesn't always work how we'd like It too but occasionally fate plays a hand
and we eventually get what had hope for
Amy Duckworth Dec 2018
Judge if you want,
we are all
going to

I intend
To deserve it.
This is supposed to be kind of dark but also this is a train of thought I have had and most likely will continue to have for a long time.
Liz Alvarez Nov 2018
Today was the worse day of my life so far.
My future self slipping away from my fingertips....just gone.
I could see my house, my career, my husband and my children...all just crumble in my fingers.
Everything that should be destined, is now gone once again.
For the third time may I add.
You would think after so many heartbreaks you would get use to it.
At this point, in my 26 years of life, you will never get use to it.
I wait for the day I get to stay in a hotel room just contemplating my life's choices.
And just finally ending it all.
Ya, I guess you can always say 'You're young, you have alot going for you, it's never too late for a happy ending', yet that may be true, in my mind, I'll always see a chubby emotional single hispanic women whose future will be hoarding shelter dogs alone in her home.
That image, just reflecting back at me in the mirror, seems to be the closes to a happy ending I'll ever get in this lifetime.
So, for the time being, I'll be sleeping and closing my eyes to this nightmare.
Because I would rather sleep all day and forget everything for a couple of hours than to be awake all day and remember everything.
My 4th and last. I dont want to feel this pain anymore.
Daisy Rae Aug 2018
I have a tendency to find good people with bad intentions
Those that I believe to have a good heart but use others to their advantage  
Those that don’t think before they act
Those that say things they don’t actually feel
They exaggerate meanings of words and phrases that give me life
They take advantage of the love I so freely give
They leave once they’ve gotten you hooked - like a fish who was too naive to ignore the bait
They don’t mean to hurt you
They don’t realize that their actions will eventually break you
They apologize but the pain never goes away
Our fragile hearts break with every false word we realize they told us
The lies they fed to our hungry hearts
The things they did behind our backs
We break as they move along
We feel everything as they feel nothing
Good people with bad intentions are good pretenders
Their eyes light up when they’re around you
Their smiles spread from one ear to the other
Their words bring joy to your longing heart
But after awhile they become distant
They let the phone ring and complain of exhaustion
They rarely reply to your unending messages
The spark flitters away and their smile turns into a grimace
They drag you along until you’re fully dependent on their love
They leave you stranded with a used heart and broken soul
I keep telling myself these are good people who have bad intentions
But maybe these are just bad people
Maybe I still haven’t made myself believe that these people who intentionally hurt me aren’t good
They may seem good on the outside but they play a very believable game
One where you are the pawn and they push you whichever way they please
And they do so because you are a good person who has good intentions
You are rare as they come
Not many are good and not many have good intentions
Protect what you have and never let bad people with bad intentions rip away your goodness
You’ll find others like yourself, eventually
pk tunuri Mar 2018
If someone cries for you
Those tears will be a blessing upon you
But, if someone cries because of you
Those tears will eventually be a curse upon you
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