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BlueInkDitty Dec 2018
There's a pretty purple floating tissue,
A winter coat that I have made for you,
To keep you warm and happy someday you'll be freezing.
There's a weaving of friendship at the sleeves,
And a few kind wishes for you to live,
Hidden in the creases on the strings under your head.

The lining is no gold,
I sewed as I was told,
But I made it yours only.
And you can make it black,
And you can make it crack,
But it will be yours only.

Embroidements of laughter at the seams,
Tainted with your words and voice in my dreams,
To keep your lips and eyes pleated and sparkling.
You can wear it whenever you feel cold,
The silk gets better when it's growing old,
And be sure the shades of your heart and his won't fade.

The lining is my heart,
You wore it from the start,
And you made it yours only.
And I could keep it there,
And I could give or share,
But it will be yours only.

So come out in the snow walking on your hands,
I will try to keep you warm 'til the end,
This coat is the love I have sewed for you, my friend.
You are like a box of kleenex
But you are more than a box of tissues
You are there when I am sick
Or whenever I cry over personal issues
You are there to help me
Clean up my messes
You are there to comfort me
With my life stresses
I need to take you everywhere with me
In pocket form, when I travel too far
And traveling gets easier
When there's one in the car
You help me aid others
When they are sick or need help
You can never have too much kleenex
Or a mother's love for yourself
Myrrdin Jun 2018
I refuse to believe
That I am defective
I will not apologize
For the scar tissue
Proclaiming evidence
Of my battles
I did not start my war
I was not born
Fighting and clawing
I learned to do this
To win the wars
Waged upon me
I refuse to believe
That I am defective
My scar tissue shows
The wars I chose to finish
Kathryn Rose Mar 2018
The beer dried my tears

Number Seven
Eight .   ?
                 e  ?
Who even cares...

The last rays of light on the brick
On the porch
Me and the teak wood
Wiping my tears with my sweet beers
we would block
but then
we couldn't
make him cry
see Johnny
school bus

he is trying
to climb
we have his
lovers trapend

if he appoaches
tackling motion
him we will block

Xallan Jan 2018
My imagination can strip people
to the core
to the bone
to their very frame

When they smile, I
peel back the layers of happiness
and skin and pulp
until I see the hollow eye sockets
of their expressionless skull
It's not so happy anymore, but still
they smile

When they dance, I
pull down their pants on the floor
and incinerate them
until they are no longer meat
but a spine and twisting vertebrae
And joints that revolve, with hip bones
that swing

When they sing, I
strip them of all their tissue
and fat and muscle
tearing away depth to reveal their
true substance in glistening raw marrow
Unrecognizable, without their hide
or diaphragm

I can smile and dance and sing
But I am not their kin
for I am revoltingly empty
with too much flesh and no skeleton
Nylee Jul 2017
The bin is full of tissues
One for each issue
And this last one remains in the box
As no tears flows
Feeling alone
Laying forgotten
With nobody known
it needs a tissue too
to solve its issue.
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
Blood clotted tissues,

Full of blood



I find



In the

waiting room....

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