perfect porcelain exterior
up close
you are crazed like mad


from your perch, the throne of bones and rubble
your prized real estate
scraped up from the wreckage of failed relationships
and immoral battles you have waged

from that height, sitting on your throne of bones and rubble
do you deign to think of those slaughtered
through your witless actions
and opportunistic smiles

is the view worth it?
does the stench reach your refined nose?
do the maggots tickle your toes?

bones and rubble have a memory
they tell stories
even if the colour consultant you hired
has done such a wonderful job redecorating
your false stories


O, the dreams I have.
The whispers and promises
that skies give to us;
but all it can deliver
Is cold boring rain

She was well along on the Pathway to Success,
But she left her Soul behind.
She was learning quite a bit, but she left the Truth behind.
She was being accepted by more and more people,
But she hadn't yet learned to Accept Herself

This poem was composed on the 4th Floor of the Central Branch of the Denver Public Library while listening to John Trudell's "Crazier than Hell" Recording on my Mp3 Player

The hardest way
It came to my head,
If  a linchpin doesn't  fit
The axle,
It is as good as dead!

An honest man
Amidst many a ragamuffin
Is just like one the last  nail
Is hit on whose coffin!

Speaking the truth where the truth is buried under heaps of people or collogues without integrity proves futile

I believe in "Submission to Allah".
When we're desperate for attention,
We might want Others to believe
That we're gods or goddesses.
No matter how much attention we Desire,
"There is no god but God."
I get it.
Yet, Charlatan Clerics really represent
The same sort of Idolatry
Which Muslims are supposed to reject.
ANY MAN can grow a beard, wear a turban,
And call himself
Just as any man can Impregnate a Woman,
And call himself
A "Father"
Even if it was through Rape.
Submitting oneself to Allah,
Is not the same thing
As Submitting one's Intellect
And Common Sense
To a Charlatan Cleric,
Who Preaches Hate

Poetic T Feb 2016

Truth is but a lie,
           Layered in white but
Hiding the grime of
          Falsehoods whisperings.

Alan S Bailey Dec 2015

If I ask you what you think about who's in charge,
You say it's not my need to question,
To so quickly be the opposition of the one who
Fed us, clothed us, kept our home clean,
As well as kept locks on everything we'll need
In life to truly succeed. It's not to question.
When I ask you what you think of the score,
You say: "The fault lies in your hands, you are
The punk, (the riff-raff) the failure, the defeatist,"
The bold way men always do things, "git 'er done!"
That's how it's meant to be, like a Ford commercial,
That and big tires, big guns, big on war, (big on
Everyone falling in line to be what society wants)

Very low on counter-destruction, love, solutions,
Being the key to our problems, communications,
On a small note doesn't seem to save anyone,
Can not solve any threat, and can't solve terrorism,
Hate, misery, and loneliness. From a long view, the "big"
Answer you give me, I still must confess, I disagree,
And big daddy tells us we can make change, in a world
Full of musty traditionalism, societies duality, he makes sure that
"Anyone can see" it's "always been possible for you and me."

Charlie Chirico Nov 2015

There's no sense in coincidence.
But I found the perfect book for you,
the same day I read your obituary in
the newspaper. These reading materials kept on a locked ward.
You kept buried under ground,
like a secret turmoil your family
could not bear with.
The one you also spoke of.
But that is irony.
Something I do believe in.

"Am I God?"

"I've killed people. I've killed you twice today. Are you God?"

You weren't afraid of your shadow.
But rather the people in the sky.
The peers walking, talking, doing
what they do best.
Dissect the innocent.
Disengage humanity.
Regress until broken,
until shattered,
until sand.

"Am I God?"

You aren't, a virgin's son.
Nietzsche was correct.
God is dead.

Joshua Adam Jul 2015

A profound insight of truth have I acquired, but only by choosing to be isolated
accepting my suffering, because my quest for Truth is unwilling to be violated
where and when one finds the truth, the path of life will undoubtedly find light
but whenever falsehood is accepted, chaos will ensue and order will take flight

There is a high price to be paid, we no longer accept what others take for granted
only the real truth has meaning, what we read in newspapers is most often slanted
so where does one find the truth, this is something that mystifies the minds of most
but it can't be found in places of deceit, where beer and women cause men to boast

Lies and deceit are a true poison in life, a poison whose capacity for ruination takes root
by associating with those who perpetually lie, in time you too will also acquire their soot
attempting to remove yourself from this evil, having no choice, flee to a region unknown
more than sacrifice and self deprivation, you will need to commit yourself to being alone

Telling lies and utilizing deceit is a learned behavior, we know G-d didn't plant this in us when young
evil doesn't take hold of a person until they acquire understanding, children don't have a lying tongue
heavenly expectations are for us to seek this wisdom, thereby fortifying ourselves in order to believe
knowledge and understanding to perceive good and evil, choosing good that we will forever achieve

A way to truly liberate yourself from deceit, a disease so rampant in this world we live, affecting all but few
is by being cautious, and making sure to selectively choose those friends that seek this same wisdom as you
to find an eternal reminder for this truth I state, you need not go far, human history from Creation is this very proof
lies of the snake and the deceit he spread, causing death for us all, is the reason why a lie is the furthest from truth

Now could be your last chance to send out an S.O.S, you're in spiritual danger, your soul begs for an eternal existence
so keep yourself far from future suffering, by removing yourself from evil, and seeking after wisdom with a persistence
we live in a world with much good and many pleasures at hand, but don't fool yourself, the day of death slowly nears
prepare for this final journey, and choose your destiny, because your only saving grace might just be these very fears

Life is too short to abort, but long enough to send out an SOS
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