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A director general
Ensconcing on WHO’s chair
As a hoodwinking trick
You cry foul
“The case in Ethiopia
Is horrific !”
You must be mentally sick!
Have you forgotten
It is high time
You be thrown
In to prison?
For involving
In embezzlement
Terrorism, genocide
And treason.
So a wolf
In a sheep’s skin
To give a statement
You have no reason.

WHO must be weak
For being tardy
From office
Out you to kick.

It is really
A mockery of justice
A parliament-
wanted terrorist
Like you
Gives lecture
On humanitarian issue
Accountability to resist,
Or are you acting so
Rest assured
Self-seeking hypocrites
The likes of you
Are ready to assist!///
A wanted criminal playacting innocent. A member of a mourning-killer party.
Betty Oct 2020
Teeth in jaws that snap

Beyond the tongue that twists and winds

The trap that binds you to your word

Once beyond those tombstone markers to the world

All hope is lost for yet another lie uncurled

To wind itself like smoke

To choke and wrap around your slender throat

To make you wish you never spoke a single scarlet word

And those you hurt had never even heard!
Nalinee Aug 2020
False hopes
Found scope
Fiddling with the truth
Chris Saitta Jul 2020
Love, if it were told how little truth you hold,
How diadems and stars are less than twinkling souls,
How anyone can fill your mercurial fancy in the fold,
How you lie before God and you lie with man,
Love, books are less old than your falsehoods,
Or the rood and the rose.
Before UN
Or the global limelight
Flagrant, let us talk
"GERD we threaten to attack,
If for technical reasons
It suffers a crack
Will wipe out  
Down stream dwellers
With the water it
Carries on its back."

Upstream dwellers
Our brothers,
With all sorts of trouble
That we try to envelop
And around whose neck
We spare no effort
To put a rope
Could develop
Coerced for hydropower
To *****.

We have to double
Our dabble
At the eleventh hour
To create
A trouble.
A dark spot in the minds of phony politicians. Read also the updated version of my poetic drama No more Masks. To Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi.
Poetic T Oct 2019
I never clasped hands tightly,
        as all I got was pins & needles.

Showing me that everything I prayed
                             for was just a numbness,
                             of ill prepared needing.

I heard every word that needed
                       my vocal assistant.

Not realising that I was the one that
  needed to answer my own wishes.

               Every request was a promise,
                      to myself to make myself better.

I'll never apologize for my ignorance,
                but ill build on my failings,

              and I'll build higher than the

                                  ignorance that

kept my hands shackled.

   Not realising that I needed

to grasp higher than the blindness of
  never reaching higher than hands clasped
S Bharat Apr 2019
A Lad

Since they spoke
And made me do,
I saw they cut a joke,
And I did too.
Why they hit me then
I didn't know.
I learned by myself
And did grow.
Then I saw them and
How they spoke;
I laughed at them when
They cut the joke.

S. Bharat
chitragupta Mar 2019
All I wanted was a piece of your soul
My beating heart the bargaining chip
Expecting no guarantees of reciprocity
But for your own promises

Your scales deemed my currency weak
The bid defeated, picking up my coin naked
To your deception of camaraderie
I may have lost some pieces..

Second choice to none, friends. Never make the same mistake twice. That's what I try to live my life by.
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