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Poetic T Oct 2019
I never clasped hands tightly,
        as all I got was pins & needles.

Showing me that everything I prayed
                             for was just a numbness,
                             of ill prepared needing.

I heard every word that needed
                       my vocal assistant.

Not realising that I was the one that
  needed to answer my own wishes.

               Every request was a promise,
                      to myself to make myself better.

I'll never apologize for my ignorance,
                but ill build on my failings,

              and I'll build higher than the

                                  ignorance that

kept my hands shackled.

   Not realising that I needed

to grasp higher than the blindness of
  never reaching higher than hands clasped
Hidden Horizon Jul 2019
Submerged under heavy clouds of corruption and lies exhaled like smoke, I'm coughing

Shying away from their latching vine-like limbs and tongues dripping sugar coated temptation, I'm coping

Clutching my head, a twisting mess through the cyclone of falsehood they injected in me

Trying to evade a mind that is no longer mine but theirs, the prison I'm caught in

But with a last flittering thought

All struggle vain and bravado washed away

With nothing but their mocking smiles hovering upon me

I let them lower me to an everlasting oblivion, my humanity's coffin
Daa Rajab May 2019
It might be said:

Have you ever caressed the pure sensation
Of utter hate?
The broiling, boiling, baffling faze
Of anger, threaded within the gnashing, fierce teeth…
Face, red as roses in the midst of incoming spring
Season. Yes, I have felt the sensation of hate.

I have not hated enough to delve in it,
Despite my strong incentive to be frowned upon
Along the gnashing teeth for knives,
And inflamed cheeks for rose thorns,
For indeed, I am hated,
And I will never, contest these… genuine facts.

You see, I would much rather view such
Innocuous faces before my eyes and sentimental wellbeing,
Contrary to false love,
The curls accumulated by lips as raspy smiles are formed,
Whilst cheeks glow lilac as condescending complements reform-
Yes, I’d much rather be truly hated than falsely loved.

For true hate divulges truth,
And false love instigates falsehood;
Thus my general wellbeing removes all images of
Artificial gush, for all one could  
Unapologetically attempt in consolidation of personal self,
Is ultimately demolished by myth, and nothing else.
Hate is a short word of deep expression.
S Bharat Apr 2019
The Drama

The Naari and the Sage in the glade
The drama is being played.
What beauty on earth turns your gaze?
The Naari asks to the Sage.
My bonny waist, neck, face or curves?
The Sage is out of his nerves.
Neither your body nor a beautiful saari
Turns my gaze to you, Naari.
In Karma that power takes its origin.
That is the beauty, he grins.
What the hell puts on the face avarice?
In the ******* husky voice?
The Fury bursts and vents her anger,
What raises an ****** hunger?
Why on earth do you have comely god?
And the ugly is seen as odd?

S. Bharat
S Bharat Apr 2019
The Magician

Listen to my song
That I sing, O folk!
I play these tricks,
And feelings invoke.
I make you believe,
You take a pause;
Astonished you all
Give me applause.
I make you fool,
Have a demonic smile.
It gives pleasure
That makes me vile.
Lo, l laugh at you;
I feign happy or wise;
But it is short-lived
As I tell you all lies.

S. Bharat
S Bharat Apr 2019
A Lad

Since they spoke
And made me do,
I saw they cut a joke,
And I did too.
Why they hit me then
I didn't know.
I learned by myself
And did grow.
Then I saw them and
How they spoke;
I laughed at them when
They cut the joke.

S. Bharat
chitragupta Mar 2019
All I wanted was a piece of your soul
My beating heart the bargaining chip
Expecting no guarantees of reciprocity
But for your own promises

Your scales deemed my currency weak
The bid defeated, picking up my coin naked
To your deception of camaraderie
I may have lost some pieces..

Second choice to none, friends. Never make the same mistake twice. That's what I try to live my life by.
jake aller Jan 2019
Fake Things

We live in a world
Of fake things

Fake Products
Fake News
Fake Calls
Fake Politics
Fake Sports
Fake Business
Fake Leaders
Fake People
Fake friends
Fake sincerity

Surrounded 24/7
By all the fake things
How can anything real exist?

Is it all nothing but fake things
Designed to deceive us all?
note:  will be published in Foliate Oak Review.  I just updated my blog, the world according to cosmos with a lot of fresh content.  Go to to check it out
Yenson Jan 2019
Nope, not plastic, superficial
feet planted firmly on the ground
a realist that calls it as it is
If I lie to myself I can't make sound judgements
that ain't cool
mean what you say, say what you mean

I was not raised to harbour fear.
call yourself a man then be a man
mothers and wives ain't made for nursing
after a certain age
get out there, go cut mustard, she told me
and never come crying to me
cause I ain't going to hang around forever
wiping your tears

Remember who you are and what you are
it ain't a bed of roses, fight if you have to
don't trouble trouble or else trouble will
trouble you.
but know there are ******* out there
and if need be fight till you drop
I did not raise a fool in this house of mine.

Remembrance and memories I devour them eagerly
good ones are treasured and cherished
wrapped away carefully and visited whenever
Bad one are equally eaten up, extract lessons
and **** the rest out, never respect negativity
never give it a hold in your cultivated persona

See nonsense for nonsense, **** is waste
we don't recycle **** , we set good examples
in dignity is our expectations let others shame
all is worthless without honour or dignity
by their words you will know them
they will cower and in fear they will fight your light
You will be upheld in grace, you are truth in spirit
You know who you are  
and if you die, you will die in grace
cultivation, solid, real, wisdom, knowledge truth.
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