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jake aller Jan 22
Fake Things

We live in a world
Of fake things

Fake Products
Fake News
Fake Calls
Fake Politics
Fake Sports
Fake Business
Fake Leaders
Fake People
Fake friends
Fake sincerity

Surrounded 24/7
By all the fake things
How can anything real exist?

Is it all nothing but fake things
Designed to deceive us all?
note:  will be published in Foliate Oak Review.  I just updated my blog, the world according to cosmos with a lot of fresh content.  Go to to check it out
Yenson Jan 15
Nope, not plastic, superficial
feet planted firmly on the ground
a realist that calls it as it is
If I lie to myself I can't make sound judgements
that ain't cool
mean what you say, say what you mean

I was not raised to harbour fear.
call yourself a man then be a man
mothers and wives ain't made for nursing
after a certain age
get out there, go cut mustard, she told me
and never come crying to me
cause I ain't going to hang around forever
wiping your tears

Remember who you are and what you are
it ain't a bed of roses, fight if you have to
don't trouble trouble or else trouble will
trouble you.
but know there are ******* out there
and if need be fight till you drop
I did not raise a fool in this house of mine.

Remembrance and memories I devour them eagerly
good ones are treasured and cherished
wrapped away carefully and visited whenever
Bad one are equally eaten up, extract lessons
and **** the rest out, never respect negativity
never give it a hold in your cultivated persona

See nonsense for nonsense, **** is waste
we don't recycle **** , we set good examples
in dignity is our expectations let others shame
all is worthless without honour or dignity
by their words you will know them
they will cower and in fear they will fight your light
You will be upheld in grace, you are truth in spirit
You know who you are  
and if you die, you will die in grace
cultivation, solid, real, wisdom, knowledge truth.
Sameer Denzi Dec 2018
Light and Darkness
Most of us assume
Are equal and opposites.

But In reality,
Light and darkness are opposites
but they are not equal.
Light is a physical entity
While darkness in the mere
Absence of light.

Love and hate are opposites
but they are not equal.
Love is real
While hate can only exist
in the absence of Love.

Truth and falsehood are opposites
But they are not equal.
Truth is a fact
While falsehood is
The omission of the truth.

Love and Truth are
the essence of the Divine.
Hatred and falsehood
are the absence of the Divine.
Rose Aug 2018
I fear these goodbyes
for when I return
time will have passed
and I don’t expect
You to wait

but how I wish
I didn’t have to wait
to come back

I must leave
and I know
You don’t understand
but I must

I am in
a season
of waiting
there was always an illusion of going away. i now know that time won't stop, people won't wait, as i won't. i will change and so will you... i just hope when i make my way back... you will still be here.
Maavi Raja Jul 2018
Thou art Judas in but feminine form,
a rose with no petals, just prickly thorns.
You whisper and converse with the devils
wherein your shadows & silhouettes are born.
Veiled in a disguise considered truth and level,
yet for those seeking the reality,
they shall see upon your head
those hellish horns.
You are a succubus born and bred,
filled with hatred and scorn.
Preying on innocent people
by pretending to be a "friend"
when in reality,
you are the devil's first born.
Devin Ortiz Jul 2018
Consequence is the Heart of Belief.
Whether a Truth .
Whether a Falsehood.
Whether Virtuous.
Whether Vice.
Conviction alters Reality.

Human existence is a stream of consequence.
Flowing through ebbs of Right and Wrong.
Of Heavy currents of deceit, which overflow the banks.
And pools of Stillness, in stagnant paradigms.

This Race of Fact and Fiction rampages.
The Powerful and the Hungry.
The Weak and the Proud.
All caught in the Tides of Creed.
An Undertow which swallows all.
Indiscriminate in its Finality.
pk tunuri Jun 2018
I left my home in the name of education
I left my hometown in the name of higher education
I left my state in the name of graduation
I left my family in the name of aspiration

At times, I miss my childhood
Although, the fun & friends weren't the same in my adulthood
In order to get rid of their falsehood
I left them too, for my own good

I have traveled so far away from home
Now, When I let my thoughts to roam
All they bring back is sadness and pain
And then, I left my tears to drain

I lost myself in this whole journey of life
There were times when I often looked for a knife
Not just to **** me but to end the pain
I left everything and I'm waiting for a magical rain
Dasha May 2018
Zero fcks given to people
Zero f
cks given away
Every word is a sharp knife
Every word is a piercing needle.

Faking smiles, saying hooray
To the deeds in somebody's life
How about you stop for a sec and ask me about my day?

Every day is almost the same
We walk by and we are seeking attention
Our eyes are covered in flame
What's gone wrong I will not even mention.

There is no point in lying to people
There is no point in lying to you
What I've said is already convincing
Only maybe too good to be true
We lie. We do it almost every day, sometimes without even realising. Our world is fragile and what do we do? We lie. We pick fiction over reality.
Limbs are yet to grow
Am just in the ****,
Eyes are, but without brow
and heart is yet to pump.
O Death, You must be having other things to occupy.

Am such a little kid
Just attempting to walk,
still stutter in uttering
Am striving to talk.
O Death, come later,i won’t defy.

My friends are few
More have to be made,
Books are left unread
Games are to be played.
O Death, Hold on, not the time yet to reply.

Have fallen in love
With gorgeous wife,
Heart is singing and
Joy has come to life.
O Death, give me some time & I will comply.

Children, to be taken care of
Elders to be protected,
Ethics in society shaken
Needs to be corrected,
O Death, time is not ripe to tell the life good bye.

Though money I have made
But no time to spend,
Erred in life many times
Still left ways to amend.
O Death, time is still not ripe, please do not spy.

Yes my hairs have fallen
And I have grown old,
But still Life is a mystery
and I have to unfold.
O Death, come next time, I won’t deny.

The more I desire, the more I pray
**** turning hunter and me its prey,
Still frustrated, Still unsated
Craving for life, swinging midway .
O Death, the truth is that, I do not want to die, I never want to die.

Ajay Amitabh Suman
I am the author of this poem. This Poem is my Original work. I hold all the right in relation to my poem, as available in law. No body is entitled the use this poem , or any part thereof in any form without written consent from me.
Michael Ryan Nov 2017
I've learned
how to be a child of divorce

not through the quarrels
of mother and father
because mine still haunt each other.

But through my own
struggles of living
two separate lives.

One of a student
bound to study
being a socialite of aristocrats  
through my informality of university.

The other a family man
or a family boy
one that wants to soliloquy
and urge the importance
of unity with my brothers and sisters.

Spread between
two homes that don't quite
fill my needs or
meet my enthusiasms.

They are lost to me
equally lost to each other--
these two homes
used to be equal
but now they demand to be separate.
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