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pk tunuri Apr 2018
Not all of us have big hearts!
let’s all accept the changes with our little hearts!!
Change is the only constant-Heraclitus
so let's learn to accept the changes
pk tunuri Apr 2018
An Umbrella is a cover!
when the rain comes!!

True Friends are the power!
when the problem comes!!
pk tunuri Apr 2018
You may travel long!
but never forget what/who
made you suffer/strong!!
pk tunuri Apr 2018
Any gift from a loved one is more valuable than its price
pk tunuri May 2018
Nothing is bad in this world without guilt
pk tunuri May 2018
Everything happens for a reason
But Reasons are nothing but excuses
If you don't Succeed
pk tunuri May 2018
Living with yourself is the toughest part
when you realize your mistakes

— The End —