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Jim Marchel Sep 12
We will never forget...

The last day dawns on my life
And I don't know it
As I wake up to golden rays
Of sun knocking on my eyelids.

I kissed my wife good morning,
Got up out of bed
And tucked her in again.
Naomi spent 10 hours last night
Delivering a new mother's firstborn.
I didn't tell her good morning
And I wish I told her I loved her
But I didn't want to wake her.

I sipped my coffee on the way to work
As if it were any other day,
My only worry was if I had spilled any
On the new pink and white
Polka-dot tie my daughter Elise
Had bought me for my birthday
Last weekend
Or the new Bostonian shoes
My wife gave me
With the card that read,
We love you from top to bottom!

I walked into the conference room
And checked my watch:
I was 9 minutes early
To the most exciting moment
Of my career:
My first pitch as project manager
For the new country club going up
East of the city in Glenwood Landing.

I was 10 minutes early
To the most helpless moment
Of my life.

At 8:45 I said good morning
To many fine ladies and gentlemen...
Bankers, lawyers, city representatives,
A union boss, some secretaries,
And a stenographer in the back.

The same words I would never again say to my wife and child...

And immediately I was thrown
Through the air
And knocked against the righthand wall
Of the room.
I was utterly confused
And my face burned
From the coffee I had been holding
That now stained
My beautiful polka-dot tie.

It would be nothing compared to the heat I would soon face.

Outside our 111th-story window
Rose an obsidian plume of smoke.
We all knew something terrible
Had happened just a few floors below.

The fine ladies and gentlemen
Of a moment ago
Quickly turned into uncivilized beasts
As the lights went out
And the piercing scream of the fire alarm
Shouted louder than the new mother
Experiencing the pain
Of her first childbirth.

Smoke very quickly came from below
And filled the floor with the foulest odor
I had ever smelled:
Burning rubber, sulfur,
And burnt hair.
Others in the room sealed the door shut
With expensive overcoats and undershirts
From Armani and Burberry.

They tried the phone countless times
But the line was dead.
I looked down at my watch
As a bead of sweat fell from my brow
And landed on my new tie:

Today's date.

The fire alarm got tired of yelling
And the room was filled with an
Uncomfortable rumbling sound...


...and the hysterical wails of the
Fine ladies and gentlemen in the room.
Some prayed, some wept together,
Others wept alone.
The one thing we all had in common
Was the persistent coughing
From the obsidian smoke
Slicing our lungs.

I looked down at my watch:
The heat was now almost unbearable.
We huddled around the window
Jack or John or Jim smashed
With the powerful throw
Of a mini-refigerator.

When I gazed out the window
At the same sun that kissed my eyelids
This morning,
I was calm.
I thought of Naomi, who was
Surely watching on television
As her family called her to make sure
Her and I and Elise were alright.

Daddy's alright, baby girl.

I'm alright, Naoms.

Gary or Greg was the first to jump.

I'll make it home to you, angels.

Sophia or Cynthia was next.

Please, God, get me out of here...

Jack or John or Jim
And Patty or Peggy
Were each other's last hug
As they fell
Like two stars from heaven.

I couldn't see
And I couldn't breathe.
The sunlight was the last thing to kiss me.

Before I jumped
I felt my girls.
I touched the tie on my neck
And the shoes on my feet.

I love you both

From top to bottom.
Written 4 years ago, I always repost this on 9/11.

Juul Thief Apr 9
Im not buying the official 9/11 narrative and here's why.

If your plane is taken over by terrorists and you know its going down, don't you think someone on one of those four planes would try to **** just one last time? Why not go out with a bang? Pardon the phrase.

Plus the entire reason why those horn dogs hijacked those planes in the first place, was to get 72 virgins all to themselves. You know those creeps would have huddled around and watched, creating a vital opportunity for someone to sneak up behind them and snap their necks.

It just does not add up, if you ask me. I know you're not supposed to negotiate with terrorists, but maybe a cute fattie could have tried to make a deal with them. You're telling me not one chick was willing to take one for the team and get ******* by the Al Queda Seal Team *****? And if there really wasn't anyone willing, then those planes did deserve to go down!

Someone could have at least tried to flash some ****. It even could have been some man *******. Those middle eastern dudes are freaks. What happens in bathhouses stay in bathhouses.You never know, try something. Right?
Don't you remember me?
I was a little girl of three
When my family was taken away
And I was left alone as prey
In a world filled with hate.

Don't you remember me?
I wasn't able to flee
From this madness, this darkness
Consuming my village so harmless
Where did you go, God?

Don't you remember me?
The cats were on a killing spree
Catching mice one by one
My life had just begun
And I was awaiting death.

Don't you remember me?
I was that street girl who'd plea
For love, for peace, for humanity
To try and restore my sanity
After years of concealing my identity.

Never forget my eyes.
This poem is dedicated to the survivors of the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a mass persecution of Jews, Poles, homosexuals, gypsies, and more during WWII. It was conducted by the **** party. I feel like the world needs a reminder of this horrific event in history. Learn from the past. Never forget. Never forget. Never forget.
what makes you think
as a cisgender human
you have any right
to dictate how others live
how they were born?
their skin colour isn't a choice
neither is their gender
so why ****** them for being different?
in memory of the almost 400 black trans women who have been murdered this year.
Madeleine Apr 2019
My daughter
I am so proud of you
Never forget that
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
There is a moment
in my life,
that I will never forget.
It was the moment,
that you
I met.
Grace Nov 2018
Sight of eyes
Overlapping mine
Maybe destiny or
Even fate
Together we had an
Instant connection
My heart pounced with
Elevated emotion
So much
Wondrous love
Happiness spread
Around like a
Virus never
Ending together
That is love
Or maybe
Love is when
Even when you want
Them to stay they
Go up
abOve the clouds
But never forgot
Their memories
Never leaving them
Over your form
They watch
Forever until you go
Over that
bRoken bridge
Granted to spend
Eternal life
Together again
Sometimes We Have To Let Go, But Never Forget.
Look closely.
let them be heard from beyond the grave,
let them tell the stories of everyone
ravished and burned
buried alongside the evils the ignorant and privileged
threw six feet below this blood-soiled land
while the fool who granted himself
the glory, the honor, the memory that will never be rightfully his,
lies peacefully in a sacred place

do not silence them if they shake the streets with rage
do not shame them if they burn the metro with blinding fury
this is the least we can do, we cannot simply contain the memory
of every homes extinguished into grey smoke,
of every dungeons that turned into homes,
of every child that only had hunger and violence
for teachers rather than their parents,
of every girl that was marked against her will,
of every iron fist that instilled fear,
of every every bullet fired onwards from that day
of the humanity that ceased to be

let the people fight for the yesteryears,
let it be known that the deeds of the devil will never be forgotten
let it be heard that for as long as we draw breath,
he will be condemned back to hell,he will pay for his crimes
and along with him are those that do not speak their minds,
that choose to remain foolishly blind,
that do not sympathise,
let them all be reminded:
history cannot be changed, only remembered
and if bound to be repeated, will be fought like hell because the Filipino may fall but never bend, may falter but never break, may stand in front of the edge, but with crimson-soaked cheeks and wounded fists,
we will take with us to the death, our oath: never forget. --W
today marks the day that a dictator led our country to hell and we will not remain silenced for he deserves topay for his crimes along with everyone who thinks otherwide
I pray for thousands of innocents
Who died because of 19 sinners
I wished for the wandering souls in earth
To be accepted on the side of our Creator

Bless the souls who died in Pentagon
Bless the souls who died in World Trade Center
Bless the souls of the hijacked aircraft's passengers
So they will rejoice, in the Land Of Promised

For the ones that lost their family, friends or their siblings
I want you guys to think positive and keep smiling
Because of that incident
They could enjoy their new lifes in Heaven
The place where pain never exist
And known as it's Holy
The place where our heart will never resist
To enjoy the eternal life and live happily

Rest In Peace
And you all will be missed
I hope this type of incident will never happen again. Let us never forget the incident happened 17 years ago.
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