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Good Morning
Is the SECOND thing
That comes into
My mind

I Miss You
Is the FIRST
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Bond
Keith Mitchell Oct 2018
luna the goddess
imagining the moment no one is looking
she reaches down to touch the waves
maybe your heart
manipulating the oceans
her will
she shows her magic
like an octopus
unimaginable ways
******* boss
five moon tides ...
Prove me wrong...
amuba Oct 2018
Good morning Sunshine!
Welcome to the world, harsh and blind.
However, with block of cheese and a glass of wine,
We kick the harsh world on their behind.
We will work hard and we will grind,
Help each others and be kind
Spread love and together we dine,
Raising our glasses till the day we really Shine!
MU Oct 2018
When the light finds its way
Through the branches of confusion
And starts to tickle the sleeping words

When they awake
Wondering what happened
And tell each other of their dreams

Then the feelings start to flow
Start to glow
Into a poem
How a morning feels to a poet
Star BG Oct 2018
Good morning, it’s a beautiful day,
to taste the breeze.
To expand the heart.

Good morning, its a beautiful day.
to awaken inside new times.
To vibrate and integrate light.

Good morning, its a beautiful day,
to hear birds sacred song.  
To move with Gods grace.

Its a beautiful day, Yeah
to radiate love in breath.
To dance in moment.

Its a beautiful day.
Its a beautiful day.
to recall the souls path.

To celebrate the gift of life.

Good-Morning. Good-morning. Good-morning.
I pass the phase to you.
I was talking to a friend on cell phone. We hung up but phone stayed on. My friend said Good-morning Its a beautiful day." He said it to EVERYONE HE MET  hence the poem was born.
To love the dawn.
Not the sunrise,
But the moment
The black, gray world
Morphs to color.

To love the dawn.
Not the daybreak,
But the dark blues
As they emerge
To make color.

To love the dawn.
Not the morning,
But the changes
From the dullness
To a pale sky.

To love the dawn.
Not goodbye moon,
But hello life,
When greenery
Gives way to red.

To love the dawn.
Not hello day,
But a rainbow,
Every dawn.
Birthing color.
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Jean Sharlot Sep 2018
A coffee on my right side
With a teaspoon of brewed coffee,
A tablespoon of creamer to make it fuller
And a teaspoon of sugar to add a little bit of sweetness.

A bread on my right side
With overflowing nutella
That I can't control
And I just smile to the fullest.

A notebook and a pen in front me
Mixing it all together to fill up my soul
To reminisce those pain that I had
That turns into a memory now.
Lydia Jul 2018
everyday I wake up
I wake up beside you and
I can't think of any better way to start my day
I asked the universe to give me a love in return that could recognize my own and the world gave me you
everything I went through and all the time I had to waste
to get to the day I met you,
I'd do it all again
just to get to be the one to scratch your beard
and touch your face and claim your lap as my own
I love you more
pk tunuri May 2018
I hate the people who send me
Good Morning & Good Night Messages

Because they just skip sending me
all the other IMPORTANT messages
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