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the flowers growing on your lips
make it hard to remember
is this a part of me or a pretender?
do I fight this or do I surrender?
I’ll see, with a kiss
from there I’ll go
ohayō, lips
anonymous Jun 28
the first cup of coffee
is hope
the remains of pandora's box
every morning
JCabanilla Jun 22
Dance with the sunrise,
Talk to the blue sky.
Put your sweetest smile on your face,
So you can start another great day.
Day 5 guys!! June 22, 2020😍 So I'll be posting here form now on since I'm writing everyday hahaha
JCabanilla Jun 22
May your day be good just like today's morning.
Don't forget to relax and have a good feeling.
May your paperworks turned out fine,
And may you and your team remain in the top line.
Day 4! June 21,2020. He says sending him a poem everyday is not irritating and he likes and appreciate my efforts ❣️ oh I don't send a poem for a Goodnight part anymore since I'm still overthinking that he might get so irritated
JCabanilla Jun 22
The sun gives a radiant that is sweet,
But you have a smile that can beat it.
Have a happy time today,
And may your stress be blown away.
Day 3! June 20, 2020. We fought on this day so no poem for good night part 😂 but we're already cool. We talked about it and we're doing fine. So the sweet poem he made for me I answered it by making a poem too of course. He's effort was appreciated since he's not a writer like me. I'll be posting my poem that is answering his poem but his poem I don't know if I should or I will post it here.
JCabanilla Jun 22
The day is looking great,
So start your day with a smile away from hate.
The wind says don't forget to feel him,
He wishes you a day full of glim.

A dreamy night would be nice,
When you close your eyes I wish you paradise.
I pray God not to give you nightmares,
So you can sleep well because you're in God's care.
Day 2 Guys! A poem for him again. June 19, 2020. Oh btw he sometimes answer my poem 😅 he even made a sweet poem for me. I don't know if I should post it here but let me know if you want to read the poem he made for me hahahha
JCabanilla Jun 22
The sky is Blue,
But don't feel like that too.
The tree is green,
So put a wide smile they have never seen.

The starry night look surreal.
The stars looks so close and real.
The cold breeze of the night feels like a stream.
Before the night ends I wish you a sweet dreams.
So here's a poem I've been writing for someone. I've been writing poem for him everyday to make a little effort for him since we're far away from each other due to the pandemic happening here in the Philippines 🙁 so yeah it may sound cringey but I'll still do it. I started writing him a poem on June 18,2020 so this poem is Day 1 I sometimes give 2 poems per day. For a Good morning message and for a good night message
The birds are cozy.
In their nests and in the trees.
A glorious Day!
pnam Apr 10
Woke up early morn at three AM
Another night closer to heart of thee I swam

Wading depths to feel your passionate caress
Winds beneath the clouds push my stars to fluoresce

Current tides waves to embrace shores in loves solitude
Memories paddles melodies as though gently canoed

Thoughts stayed in mind as time ticked from three to six
Breaking dawn colors another day with your timeless pics
Butterfly Jan 17
The sun shining through the curtains
A line of sunlight on your face
Then I woke up
Ahah I said sike
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