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I was too real
now I need to heal

I exaggerated again
gave you love, in vain

and yet, my biggest burden
is to learn and accept
that I am the most important person

so before spreading all this love
I should put myself above

that’s why I made a pact
so I know for a fact
it’s me I have to protect

and I promised me
I would never again
give my love in vain.

gio, 01.05.2020
Sidara Jul 2019
You walk by and I freeze
Waiting for you to see
How I yearn to touch your face
Even if you are a mess

Silence makes things hard
Doesnt let me see your heart
And all I hear is pain
I know that feeling this is in vain

Regrets make me shatter
About things that now dont matter
Things I have done to you
To make you feel something too

How embarrasing this is
Putting my silly feelings in words
Words you will never hear
You are in a distant world

But I wish you the best in life
I wish you a love so you cant deny
That is there for you to see
That good things are always here

Dont close yourself to the sunlight
Better days come after a dark night
Even for your tired, restless soul
That sometimes wishes there was no sun
pk tunuri May 2019
Writing heals if you're in pain
Writing won't let your memories go in vain
Jellyfish Jan 2016
Yeah, you're yelling louder,
but you're not feeling more pain.
Jellyfish Jul 2015
Poison fills up my veins
She truly knows my pain
At least it seems that way
Are my thoughts in vain?
I can't help but to wonder,
Am I just insane?
deepthi suresh Jan 2015
A cold winter night,

absence of a star light,

Swinging mood around the wild,

who goes there wonders your mind?!

Alone grasping every inhuman sound,

you gasp under your breath with fright.

Is it an illusion that took you for a fool?

or a reality that succumbed you to  a defeat?

Meadows,green grazes,speak a fainting truth,

into unheard stories their lives unravel.

And you stop .Alas you miss the cries of faith,

calling for the good that went missing.

Where art thou? Investigating with only courage,

hidden in the scrambled emotions screaming with rage.

And you react  with momentary mild vexation,

until a like or a trend  directs you to distraction.

Come together we sing in silence,

Come together,we hope in and we stride on

Come together we hold our melting candles  and pine.

Was it all in vain or do we open our eyes ?

— The End —