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Mei Aug 2020
Once there was a girl
Who never left the house,
So once her heart finds
its way home,
She'll be able to
welcome her on her arms
once more.

One day, heart will come
when she arrives,
She will tell her about what it's like to be out there.

She'll tell the story about how she met someone during the cold rainy days,
How nice he was to shelter her and made her cozy

And how he left because he thought she was too cold
And that he needed other things to give her a ***** feeling

And she'll confess about the moments she longed for his return and how the hope she once had flickered.

She will talk about
how she took all the courage
to go out that comfort
and how she was able to
pack all her strength to
head her way home.

And that she's glad to be home though not on time but never too late.
When the time is right...
pk tunuri Nov 2018
Life is colourful all the time
It is up to us to pick the right colours at the right time
JuliaLazareto Aug 2017
I focused
on waiting
for the right time.
Not knowing
the right person
had already left me.
Pax Jan 2016
don't have to say anything,
there is no right time

You'll know
supman Dec 2015
Naghihintay bawat sandali
dahil alam kong hindi madali
makilala ka at makasama ka
kahit nawawalan na ng pagasa

Ilang ulit narin nasakantan
ilang ulit naring bumangon
siya’y hindi parin nahahanap
hangang ngayon

Kailan ba ang tamang panahon
malayo pa ba ang kailangan hintayin
gaano katagal araw,buwan o taon
darating pa ba,darating pa ba

— The End —