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Josh 2d
I remember saying goodbye,
after you
turned and ran away
your memory
chased me for years
Khoi-San Feb 13
Our spirits agreed

a poet showed a poem

to someone in need

souls we have not seen
heart's that we will never meet
where poetry heals
Someone is meeting a healer today
light heals the places
beneath my skin
where shadows have cut me
so deep that I bleed
ghosts from my ancient past
the face of a girl
looks out from within the mirror
of my soul, lost and found
caught between selflessness and sin
wishing she could fall in love
with some fallen angel,
nurse his broken wings
back to life with kisses
and melodies that haunt them both
desire sits on her shoulder
like a whisper or a dream
waiting for a chance
to quietly enter her heart
and build its home in her hands
Rukhshona B Dec 2018
When the sadness tears
ran and showed my fears.
I saw you standing
and you gave me your understanding.
and Healed,
I fell in love with your smile,
Your beauty made me try.
I learned to climb then fly.
Thank You!
                                    My Love, and My Healer!----------------
It is true when your alone and cold you need someone. No matter who you are, and where your from . I personally think loneliness is the worst experience. Whether i'ts your love or a friend or a family, you need someone. If you don't have that some one then go find them. Start your journey with pride and live your life to the fullest.
Nicolegy Nov 2018
When people asked me about love
I think of you every moment every second
You are my stars that shines brightly above
But you’re not mine I reckoned

I like the way I make you laugh
It’s like a melody that touches my soul
It makes me want to pull you close
And kiss you where I didn’t need control

Your name is like a drug to me
It makes me feel high and giddy
But honey, we’re like some old romantic stories
We are destined to meet but not destined to be together

Maybe because that’s how I see things, about us
I was too delusional about you and me
Yeah delusional, that’s what i was
I am willing to take the blame

My love,  i wish you’re mine
Yet the way you look at her, i gave up.
Because it’s the same as how i look at you
Sadly we met at the wrong place, at the wrong time
I love you yet you love her.

Is it raining? Or my heart crying?
Honey i am falling apart, i am breaking
But I’ll be okay...
They say time heals everything

So before i let you go,
Before i say goodbye,
My love just promise me one thing,

“Please be happy”,

I love you, good bye.
Wow, I’ve been gone for so long since i started working i almost forgot to write poems, but here i am.

November 12, 2018
Everything takes time
it either you heal
you get what you want.
Greg Jones Aug 2018
Persistence mixed with resentment
Has paralyzed
The life that you're used to.
Flood of Maclin and 3rd
Left you drowning in the street.
You try to compare moments
But you're too far removed.
Feel the skyline
Sinking beneath you.

A picture hanging from your locket,
A constant reminder
You're drowning underwater.
Water from your eyes.

Time will visit.
Return you
To the surface.
I miss...

The ****** of soft finger tips
The buzz from touching lips

Like lightning in a jar
I miss the hairs in my car

I long to find a soul again
Break free of all my chains

Not a moment forgotten
Memory's weave like Egyptian cotton

Hairs stand, soldiers on a neck
I've become a ship wreck

Love left me bearing all
I will fight to stand tall

Time will heal this void
My heart far from destroyed

Miss her, I do though.
A couplet poem about a love I have had and all though time has healed the void left from it all, I do find myself missing her at times.
Lydia Jul 2018
the last thing anyone wants to hear when their hurting is that
"it will get better with time"
but it's honestly the truth

one day you really will be going about your daily life and that baseball in your gut won't be there anymore

you will find yourself slowly but surely in a different state of mind, so much so that you won't even realize you're not sad anymore
you'll find yourself around those new people everyone said you would meet, and doing all those new things everyone said you would do

the sun is still going to shine and there will be days the sky is bright blue and the best songs come on the radio all in a row

But one day you'll be driving down the road or folding your laundry and it will hit you,
that pain you thought you had forgotten
but this time you'll be stronger, you'll be wiser and you will be better for it

when it comes out of nowhere you will actually feel content for being human but also uplifted because it's over

when I was so sad and heartbroken I used to think "time heals all wounds" was a saying people said who had never felt real sorrow
now I know the ones who say it have lived their life through the hurting and came out feeling just like I do right now
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