like a mirage fades for a dreamer
in a sinking ship
what's right is always simple
then you're a dirty trick

you say you need a day to play
but only to reflect
standing over your machine
and another cigarette
promises haven't been holding up these days
like aces and spades

you say this isn't me
enough with the insanity
of this catastrophe as it goes down
your actions doom like clockwerk
your heart stops but it won't hurt
you've gone numb

and you went running
i find it funny
that you hid your face in the crowd
and tore off your emblems
i'm sorry to tell you

...the war is over

Seanathon Dec 2017

Drop a smooth stone in a pond
And no one sees the ripple
Skip a stone on a running river
And the ripple is consumed

My publish poems option keep erroring for some reason - So I'm working out of my drafts - Tell Elliot please. (:
-E Jul 2017

Just give me a minute,
I need to rewind...
Go back to where our paths intertwined
and hit skip.
It was a mistake
only caused us both pain
Give me a minute,
to reply...
I'm looking for a easy way to say goodbye

Mims Mar 2017

I want it to be summer,
And I want to be in love,

But I can't just skip to that part,
And it's starting to depress me.

Charlie Hazels Nov 2016

How can restriction be so freeing?
Constricted in nylon compression
Freedom in mind
Shallow breaths
But filled with smiles
With a skip in my step

Paula Sullaj Oct 2016

Apa t h etic,
C u d  d l y,
E m  p  t y,
G e  n  t l e,
In trig ued,
L   o   s   t ,
Nos ta lgic,
Pe a c eful ,
R  u  s  t y ,
T  i  r  e  d ,
Victorious ,
Xant hous,
Z  a  n  y  .

And after all these years my heart still skips a beat, and my lips cannot control a smile on the thought of touching you.
Nick Moser Jan 2016

If this was a poem,
Would you read it?

And if this was a song,
Would you sing it?

And if this was a paper map showing you how to get to Rancho Cucamonga, California,
Would you be inspired by it?

Or just put your joint down already?

I love to say "Rancho Cucamonga."
Hanna Kelley Jul 2015

If the heart is a time bomb
ticking away
Then keep making the beats skip

Inspired by Meghan Foukes

I occasionally
skip a beat
to watch you falter.

© 2012  J.J.W. Coyle
Nicole Dawn Jun 2015

If life were a video game,
Then I would totally buy the
'Skip this level'
Because let me tell you,
This level sucks

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