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5.3k · Sep 2015
The First Love
Lizzy Love Sep 2015
The first love was fearfulness,
Draped in a deceiving cloak.
Leaving nothing but a mess,
Every time he spoke.

Always urging towards the choice,
That left him unscathed and alone.
Trapped by his wound soul's voice,
Telling him "Your heart can't be shown!"

One day he awoke
With the sun in his eyes
And he took off that cloak
To remove his disguise

He never again tried to justify
Neither his words nor his actions.
He just opened his heart deep inside,
And filled the air with compassion.
© Lizzy Collins
4.2k · Nov 2015
A Father's Love
Lizzy Love Nov 2015
A father's love...
whether throughout times of sorrow,
or times of glory, is all but shallow.

A father's love is a thunderstorm,
rumbling through a once peaceful sleep,
finding my awakened soul as company.
On the back porch, we seek credence,
as we share stories, and simple silence.

A father's love is a music tune,
carried from good intentions,
deep in the lungs.
Becoming bellowing blues
from a harmonica.

A father's love is rolling mountains,
as endless as eyes can see,
resonating with nature's peace.
Where he finds sacred hollows,
and gains perspective on his woes.

A father's love is a blissful brew,
aromatic, donning a frothy cover,
incredibly complex underneath.
It is a multifaceted flavor,
sweet, bitter, delicate, of earth.

A father's love is in the now.
It is there when the water is muddy;
it is there when the mud has settled,
and the water is clear.
It has nothing but patience.

A father's love...
whether throughout times of sorrow,
or times of glory, is all but shallow.
For my Dad's birthday this year :)
© Lizzy Collins
2.3k · Sep 2015
Mitter Miagi
Lizzy Love Sep 2015
Big blue eyes,
Fluffy tail.
How could I ignore you?

Kitty cat,
Pitter pat,
Gazing up before me.

Cuddle up,
Purr so loud,
This is why I love you.

Thank you for
all you do
Mr. Toshi Collins!
© Lizzy Collins
1.5k · Sep 2016
Lizzy Love Sep 2016
Slap that fake smile on your face,
then watch me quickly quicken my pace,
striving to be so far from you,
as from the core you let your work undo.

I clench my teeth, hold the words in,
’cause right now, you just won’t listen.
Now I must take a bow, moving back,
as you take the stage with your soul attack.

In the audience is where I’ll sit,
and I’ll be even farther when your truth hits.
This is the path that you have chosen,
I’ll see you once more when your heart isn’t closin’.
Only then, only then, can we keep on a’growin’.
© Lizzy Collins
1.4k · Oct 2015
From Flaws to Guffaws
Lizzy Love Oct 2015
It is easier to dislike,
to hate,
to hide,
than it is to realize
YOU are the reason
that curve,
crooked tooth,
or scar,
are deemed flaws.

Accept your responsibility
as a creative being.
Adapt your perception
to one of appreciation.

That curve...
is from giving life.
That crooked tooth...
helps you whistle.
That scar...
tells a story.

Love your flaws,
they make you, you.
Release some guffaws,
as perception you redo!
© Lizzy Collins
1.0k · Sep 2015
Lizzy Love Sep 2015
Powerful roots
pressing through the cement
of chaos, technology, negativity.

A stem, leaves,
slightly choked,
but not forsaken.

Despite the  constant struggle,
sun & fresh air soak through
the pores
of it's delicate skin.

The flesh empowered,
a bud appears.
Vibrancy and life pop
as the petals
u n f o l d.

The flower of life exists
to remind all beings...

*Love, peace, oneness
are the focus
of our thoughts.
The power is within,
but is useless without
Share the knowledge

Love always.
Love strongly.
Love deeply.
Love truly.
© Lizzy Collins
928 · Oct 2015
Undo, Become True
Lizzy Love Oct 2015
What a shock it is
to finally feel,
after what seems like years,
of hiding these tears.

Alcohol, nicotine, and THC
blind me to what I need to see.
I am hurting, I am wounded.
My thoughts are not fluid.

It simply used to be
if I just stayed busy
the thoughts would go.
But little did I know...

They stayed where they were,
and they festered and grew,
until it seems there's no cure
to the pain that I knew.

But now I have run
out of things to do.
Though it won't be fun,
this pain, I must undo.
Flashback poem from 2013
© Lizzy Collins
918 · Oct 2015
Patricia Pearl
Lizzy Love Oct 2015
A fearless soul,
Filled with passion.
A love for her family,
So strong, try to imagine.

It's broader than the galaxy,
Would drive some to insanity,
But not my mom,
As you will see...

She speaks her truth,
Without a doubt.
Never appearing aloof,
Day in and day out.

She is persistent,
"For the squeaky wheel gets the grease"
And also consistent,
"K-I-S-S, Keep It Simple, Stupid"

And as tough as she seems,
Beneath her petite stature,
She is the mother of dreams,
Intentions clean cut, and so pure.

Words can scarcely express
Her fundamental role.
With her, we coalesce,
Making our family a whole.
I love you, Mom! xo

© Lizzy Collins
836 · Oct 2015
Rubber Soles - A Revelation
Lizzy Love Oct 2015
On these frosty mornings,
I sip on black coffee
and gaze at the dawning.
Today's a new journey.

I take one more sip,
let the heat warm my digits.
Boots laced for a trip,
toes feeling less frigid.

Crunching blades of grass
sound like porcelain glass,
as shattered, frosty dew
covers the tops of my shoes.

I look back at my footprints,
tracing my chosen path.
And I realize, they're just hints
of the impact one does hath.

In that moment, I decided
that my path was quite misguided.
The pilot of my wanderings
was nothing but rubber and strings!

So I sat on the ground
and untied my laces.
My purpose newfound
with barefooted paces!

Yes, my toes were quite cold,
but I didn't care.
My feet no longer soled,
my mind's fully aware.

Now I choose my own way,
with no feelings of dismay.
My soles are a la carte,
and my soul is full of heart.
© Lizzy Collins
761 · Sep 2015
Lizzy Love Sep 2015
Heart swelling with warmth,
a sign of true growth.
Each breath sweeter than the last,
for the past is now the past.

Thoughts never sour,
for I have the power.
Positivity , love, peacefulness...
I shall never regress.
© Lizzy Collins
693 · Sep 2015
Trippin' on Roots
Lizzy Love Sep 2015
Tread carefully as you go
down the path before you.
Feel your feet roll over moss,
as your tarsals adhere to sap.

Let the breeze seep into your pores,
and sweep away the daily struggles.
Watch the leaves boogy in the sunlight,
and join them in the festivities.

Accept your surroundings
Accept the awareness.

Release your inhibitions...
Synchronize your freedom...
with the tree bark...

Love & let go.
© Lizzy Collins
675 · Nov 2015
Lizzy Love Nov 2015
When romance is dulled,
and you don't have clue,
one must look inward
to seek perspective anew.

Sit in a cold, dark room
and all you want is company.
Lie in a warm, cozy bed
and all you want is solitude.

Do these daunting situations bloom
from things of which we hold comfort?
And once we have those lovely things,
we start to seek the opposite?
Sullen ponderings from a different time, probably 2013.
© Lizzy Collins
655 · Sep 2015
Lizzy Love Sep 2015
My heart is a compass,
guiding me in the direction
I am meant to go.

Only when my path
is STRUCK with the
<< o u t w a r d >>
opinions, and
     r   i   n  k
with "should"s,
does it become

Embrace the journey.
Through struggling,
and succeeding,
the optimal destination is in reach,

I am there.
© Lizzy Collins
Lizzy Love Nov 2015
A boy walks down the sidewalk,
a cigarette in one hand.
His eyes transfixed up ahead,
Where the girl of his dreams stands.

She puts a flower in her hair,
as she breathes in the fresh, spring air.
Unaware of the coming fate,
she starts walking, for now she's late.

His chest tightens with each step now,
realizing the girl has moved on.
The boy decides to keep his vow,
'til her love for him has dawned.

Years go by, and as we know,
the two continued to grow.
She's a woman, and he's a man
when their story truly began.

On that same sidewalk that was the track
that kept the two apart,
the two collided, walking opposite ways.
On their journey, they soon would embark.

Now they walk hand in hand
down that sidewalk every day.
Gleaming a love oh, so grand,
"Sheer perfection!" some would say.

Shortly after, love spread terribly thin,
for now they cared for their very own kin.
Two girls and two boys, and a dog in the mix,
left both lovers looking for a quick, happy fix.

She turned to a bottle of wine, a chat with a friend,
He turned to pathetic lies, and kissing women.
Both continued on for a year, or for a few.
Little did he think, all of his actions she knew.

She stayed strong and honest, despite all the lies.
Holding the family together, all day and all night.

Eventually, the chaos slowed down.
As kid by kid moved to a new town.
The lovers finally got a last chance,
to give their old love another glance.

She corked up the wine,
and hung up the phone.
He started to decline
all the women he'd known.

They started out small,
realizing not to compare
their personal faults,
and the who, what, and where's.

After a week, they held pinkies.
By a month, palm to palm.
He'd hold her small body,
Changing chaos to calm.

It is now decades later,
and the two are still strong.
You've seen no love greater,
after so much had gone wrong.

Love may not always feel very good,
and sometimes it's painfully misunderstood...
It takes commitment and patience,
and can bring agents of temptation.

And as he would say:
"LOVE, is worth the wait.
LOVE, is worth the weight."
*So, which choice will you make?
597 · Nov 2015
Flow Like H2O
Lizzy Love Nov 2015
Life is like water,
It is immensely adamant,
and your actions are its catalyst.

My doings are at times obstacles,
blocking the way you must flow.
But change I will always seek,
for you show me how to grow.
© Lizzy Collins
Lizzy Love Apr 2016
The sun
it burns
my eyes
my skin

Like a long lost love,
our reunion

Winter above
the Mason-Dixon line
simply spells defeat

Back down south I'll go
& I'll take my bare feet!
© Lizzy Collins

Written after it snowed more during the first week of April than it had all winter...thankfully the chill has now moved on!
563 · Sep 2015
The Reverse Button
Lizzy Love Sep 2015
Sometimes rhyme schemes ****,
Like a Kirby or Bissell.
Rules I do not like!
© Lizzy Collins
556 · Jun 2017
Exhausted Empath
Lizzy Love Jun 2017
Releasing toxicity, feeling weak in the knees
Such work of the soul can be quite costly
When one opens the mind to the once unseen
A price I'm willing to pay, quite happily
For I now know who I am, times infinity
© Lizzy Collins
543 · Oct 2015
Il Presente
Lizzy Love Oct 2015
There are beings
who say and do.
They live in the future,
always making plans.

There are beings
who say, but don't do.
They live in the past,
dwelling on intentions.

There are beings
who don't say, but do.
They live in the now,
and are fully present.

*What will you choose?
What did you choose?
What do you choose?
© Lizzy Collins
537 · Apr 2016
Lizzy Love Apr 2016
When the rain drops into your eye,
and you just gaze longingly at the sky.
During a heated argument with your lover,
you simply stare blankly at one another.
Meaningless words trickle past your teeth,
and there's no way to shove them beneath.

It is that moment you realize...
The opposite of love is not hatred,
but apathy, and the lack of a hug.

So pick yourself up off your sorry fat ***,
before all happy opportunities come to pass!
Blink your eyes, hug your lover, hold your angry words.
For settling in apathy---I can't think of much worse!
Archaic notebook discovery.
524 · Jan 2016
Infinity Lovers
Lizzy Love Jan 2016
A love like ours
never sours
It stays strong & true
through the hours

When you must go
this heart knows
you will be back
once your spirit grows

Heartbeat flutters
as we hold each other
Together once again
*We are infinity lovers
© Lizzy Collins
First one in a feels good to be back.
522 · Oct 2015
blU haikU
Lizzy Love Oct 2015
Writing with blue ink
Changes that way that I think
Growth right on the brink
© Lizzy Collins
522 · Sep 2015
Abbreviated Thoughts
Lizzy Love Sep 2015
n u r t u r e    the
wounded      &
© Lizzy Collins
512 · Oct 2015
Snooze Haikus
Lizzy Love Oct 2015
My bed is so warm
with a feather down blanket.
Why must I get up?

Today, a new day.
With the cool, crisp autumn air.
And some crunchy leaves!

Enjoy the weather,
for soon it will be winter,
and much, much colder!

Then you will befriend
that blanket and snooze button
with a stronger grasp!

Just play some music,
place your feet on the carpet,
start to sing and dance!

Soon the birds will join,
as the sun begins rising.
Let lethargy fade!

Eyes fully awake,
very grateful for today's

I hope everyone
has a splendidly great one.
Do something awesome!
© Lizzy Collins
510 · Nov 2015
"Easy Does It"
Lizzy Love Nov 2015
If you simply dedicate,
you can easily create,
a feeling so innate...
a continuous loving state.
505 · Sep 2015
¿Quién soy?
Lizzy Love Sep 2015
Who am I?

I am a creator.
I dance, I sing, I write.
I am a sharer of knowledge.
I guide, I heal, I empower.
I am a believer.
I embrace, I reflect, I change.
I am a challenger.
I question, I grow, I accept.

I am love, light, and patience.
© Lizzy Collins
490 · Apr 2016
Lizzy Love Apr 2016
Sitting here,
not a clue,
how to feel,
what to think.

Emotions swirl my mind,
sending shocking signals,
just so my heart can know
to tighten, or beat fast.
So my gut can choose,
whether to go up, or down.
So my palms can decide
to stay dry, or get sweaty.

Sitting here,
not a clue,
how to feel,
what to think.

Emotions swirl my thoughts
as I am mindful.
So my energy can go
wherever it's needed.
So my intentions remain
purely in love.
So my heart shows gratitude
to all deserving.

Sitting here,
now I've got a clue,
how to feel,
what to think.
© Lizzy Collins
478 · Sep 2015
Full-Time Job
Lizzy Love Sep 2015
Every day is a struggle
to keep my heart in tune
with the heartbeat
of the earth.

My feet are soled, not souled.
My eyes are shaded, not blinded.
My mind is busy, not clear.

I leave when the sun is rising
and return when it has gone.

I will find my clarity in the
early morning hours.
I will sink my feet into the frost.

*Hello, soul.
© Lizzy Collins
471 · Jan 2016
You are...
Lizzy Love Jan 2016
The hop to my scotch--
Motivate me to keep up
The hip to my hop--
Rhythm of our love
The hops of my beer--
Add some flavor
The hip to my leg--
Support me always
© Lizzy Collins
454 · Sep 2016
Sealing the Healing
Lizzy Love Sep 2016
Break the chains of rage, link by link
Each one falling fiercely to the earth
Expelling hurtful ways that you think
As you accept all love in your rebirth

The weightlessness so overwhelming
Your fingers stretch to the open sky
Complete control over how you’re feeling
Full awareness and your soul starts to fly

Sometimes you’ll stop for a quick little break
Into rich soil let your long roots sink
For nurturing others is simply your fate
& sometimes that means staying in one place

So beautifully does it make your heart sing
Now that your doing has turned into being
Embracing your wings as you lift off again
See you next landing, wherever and when
Dedicated to my beautifully inspirational mother in law, Sarah. I love you, Mama!
© Lizzy Collins
374 · Sep 2015
Lizzy Love Sep 2015
Sweet Dreams to come...
Don't just Think & Hope...
Nothing is a Guess...
Soul never Stagnant...
© Lizzy Collins
373 · Dec 2017
Lizzy Love Dec 2017
time is an illusion
nothing but a fusion
of thought & emotion
as vast as the ocean
so grab my hand
for experience unplanned
and off we go
freedom to and fro
© Lizzy Collins
359 · Mar 2016
Six Simple Syllables
Lizzy Love Mar 2016
I dreamed you were dying
two weeks before you left.
And there's no denying,
I don't know where you went.

But that doesn't matter,
for your spirit does live,
in the words that you shared
with me whilst in deep REM.

Six simple syllables,
and you changed my whole life.
Your words so pivotal,
they have freed me from strife.

"Do what makes you happy"
like velvet through your lips.
Your eyes gazing at me,
spiritual eclipse.
Dedicated to my Grandmommy, my namesake, the most beautiful rose.

© Lizzy Collins
299 · Dec 2017
Lizzy Love Dec 2017
My thoughts transpire
my true desires,
focus is dire.
I feel higher
than the Empire
State Building
heart singing,
soul gleaming,
love streaming.
This is the only place
that you'll find me dreaming.
© Lizzy Collins
289 · Dec 2017
R. Love
Lizzy Love Dec 2017
Not all LOVE grows straight up and down.
Some winds left, right, all around.
It's power shows, roots deep underground,
rocks crack, soil parts, earth dampens the sound.
Sometimes it emerges, as if Mother's crown,
leaves and colorful petals up on a tree's bough.
For a season it's admired, showing us how
it came from where it was, and went back to be found,
'cause not all LOVE grows straight up and down.
© Lizzy Collins
253 · Jun 2017
Pre-school Perspectives
Lizzy Love Jun 2017
Pay attention to the questioning child,
whose eyes are still new to this world.
His inquiries may seem silly, and wild,
but hold many understandings untold.
© Lizzy Collins
194 · Jan 2020
You are my sOnshine
Lizzy Love Jan 2020
I float on your breaths
The catalyst for spirit
Rising from depth
Listen, can you hear it?

This is your time, son. Shine.
For my son, APC.
My sweetest treasure.
178 · Jan 2020
Lizzy Love Jan 2020
You, the cracks in my lips
chapped by winter chill
Me, licking my wounds
only to think of you still
149 · Feb 2020
center stage rage
Lizzy Love Feb 2020
Anger held captive in my soul...
Welling up, hot heat, pressure.
Eardrums beat a new rythm...
fast, erratic, unpredictable.
I attempt my familiar waltz...
clumsy, stumbling, aimless feet.

Something that used to ground me,
now hurls me into vacancy.

I need to take dance lessons.
I see you, 2020.
82 · Sep 2020
pato, pato, ganso
Lizzy Love Sep 2020
I don't need your arms to hold me,
your blank stares to reel me in.
You can keep your twisted maze of lies,
the end where I begin.
I must forge my chosen path,
it only leads one way.
And shall I cross you wandering,
I'll lead you far away.
You have no place inside my home,
you must go find your own.
I'll show you to my soul's front door,
and reclaim my proper throne.
Late night soul dredging.
80 · Feb 2020
Lizzy Love Feb 2020
pressing ink into pages,
seeking the good in the bad.
it f*king stings as it ages,
what a time that we've had.

these bruises on my heart
make it so tired & tender.
but when I look in your eyes,
they make me remember,
to release all the strife...
hate's soul burning ember.

here is where we are now,
and pure love is the sender.
An old resting poem finally awakened.

— The End —