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Brian Turner Feb 3
There is a space in the woods
Where the light bends in
The bushes form a large circulate nest
I go there sometimes 'n crawl into a ball
It's safe there, safe from harm
Time stands still

There is a space in the woods
Where the temperature is cool and the floor is dank
No technology can find me
No knock on the door
No demands for more

No one knows where the space is
Not even God
He keeps asking me
'Someday I'll tell you' I smirk
Have you ever found safe place to hide in the woods? If not keep looking. When you find it, sit down, close your eyes and meditate.
Chad Young Jan 29
What more than a head and body?
What more than a room?
What more than staring eyes?
Do they ever pierce through?
The molecules of the things in here spark no new sense to me.
Nor outside taking a smoke.
There has got to be a word for this.
Not boredom, not austere.
Not glum, not shade.
Lukewarm light, maybe.
Noble stare of the formless mind, perhaps.
Miser, hopefully not.
Forgetful, of the world though.
Hopeful, no, a little more resigned.
A frequency? Could be.
The loser, the creative?
The inventor, the wannabe?
Expectant, too intense.
Drifting on the hard edge of the mind.
Why can't a fish bite?
Why not one?
I'm a doomed fisherman with none.
No flower has vloomed, not an exceptional one.
How do forms collectively merge into one, though separate I see?
I'll explore this novelty.
Blind to multiplicity things become one.
What price do I pay for collectivity?
Look at the Earth so together, so one.
Yet how little I can relate to Her.
I see a collection of rooms, a collection of houses, a collection of cars and businesses.
Collection of dishes, a collection of cash and credit receipts.
This is the minor Earth I see.
A collection of esteem's, a collection of words, thoughts, and things.
Nothing like iron-hard duty to break apart the day.
Laying contemplation
Chad Young Jan 22
I cannot sit up
Until I really
Just as a mountain
Cannot be built with trees.
My true Self
Is not a rabbit
That jumps at any display.
So too,
The back can be trained
To deeply feel it's pain:
Just by sitting.
In the temples
Of the holy ones
I will find myself.
Chad Young Jan 22
"I can't focus on what you told me to."
You don't need to focus to meditate.
Simply hold your head up and observe the barrage and motions of feelings and thoughts.
Now you are sitting
This is good.
"I forget to observe and go off on a thought."
That is fine.
Once you notice you've gone off on a thought or feeling,
Go back to observing them.
"Sometimes I want to act on my thought."
Then you can either act on it later and sit and observe it further, write it down, or you can act on it.
Then come back to sitting.
You or me?
Chad Young Jan 22
"How do I not get bored doing meditation?"
The 22 year-old said with a moan.
How do you feel when a boyfriend holds you close?
Go to that place.
How do you feel when your mom holds you tenderly?
Go to that place.
How did you feel when your dad finally came home from work?
Go to that place.
Be in the place that is dear, that no one can replace, the place that is sacred.
If only  they asked.
Naveen Malhotra Oct 2020
Garbage trends
Negativity excels
This is the current story
Sit and meditate
Leave aside all worries
k e i Sep 2020
it’s normal.
to have days where you just watch your thoughts reach and flirt with each other in the ceiling.
where you don’t turn that prompt into the opening lines of a poem.
where you’re left unprepared without your best outfit.

it’s normal to have days for sleeping in ‘til 4pm.
where you only tick off two items off your todo list and calling it a day.
where you take time in the shower to sift through your thoughts.

some days are meant for adoring the sky.
for accepting you’re infinitesimal in the grand scheme of things.
some days are meant to be slow.

“and it’s normal and you’re alright-or will soon be.”
-elixir- May 2020
The vibrations shake,
as my eyes awake,

 and realize,
 as I visualize;

The cages bolted up
around me, minds corrupt

 with lies of the honey,
lathered on this dummy.

the scars cling on,
Reminders thereupon

enlighten the subconscious,
 as I live among the conscious.

The last breath is taken,
As from this trance I awaken.
thoughts and introspection during meditation, teach you the meaning of life as you stand as your own master. Become your own master and reclaim the lost.
Mrs Anybody May 2020
one brushstroke

there a little bit
of white
there a little bit
of blue

a song
softly into
the background

my thoughts
don't revolve
around you

i don't meditate
but i paint
also check out my other poems!  :)
Kimberly Rose May 2020
I no longer want to see
I no longer want to breathe
Knowing you’re with her only kills me
I tried to hide the pain
But fighting it drives me insane
I wanted you to hold me
You’re the only one who knows me
I still want you to love me
Although you put others above me
I needed you to be my everything
Now I’ve become so lonely
We’re nothing
It kills me
I can’t breathe
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