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Lizzy Love Sep 1
I don't need your arms to hold me,
your blank stares to reel me in.
You can keep your twisted maze of lies,
the end where I begin.
I must forge my chosen path,
it only leads one way.
And shall I cross you wandering,
I'll lead you far away.
You have no place inside my home,
you must go find your own.
I'll show you to my soul's front door,
and reclaim my proper throne.
Late night soul dredging.
Lizzy Love Feb 21
pressing ink into pages,
seeking the good in the bad.
it f*king stings as it ages,
what a time that we've had.

these bruises on my heart
make it so tired & tender.
but when I look in your eyes,
they make me remember,
to release all the strife...
hate's soul burning ember.

here is where we are now,
and pure love is the sender.
An old resting poem finally awakened.
Lizzy Love Feb 14
Anger held captive in my soul...
Welling up, hot heat, pressure.
Eardrums beat a new rythm...
fast, erratic, unpredictable.
I attempt my familiar waltz...
clumsy, stumbling, aimless feet.

Something that used to ground me,
now hurls me into vacancy.

I need to take dance lessons.
I see you, 2020.
Lizzy Love Jan 5
I float on your breaths
The catalyst for spirit
Rising from depth
Listen, can you hear it?

This is your time, son. Shine.
For my son, APC.
My sweetest treasure.
Lizzy Love Jan 4
You, the cracks in my lips
chapped by winter chill
Me, licking my wounds
only to think of you still
Lizzy Love Dec 2017
Not all LOVE grows straight up and down.
Some winds left, right, all around.
It's power shows, roots deep underground,
rocks crack, soil parts, earth dampens the sound.
Sometimes it emerges, as if Mother's crown,
leaves and colorful petals up on a tree's bough.
For a season it's admired, showing us how
it came from where it was, and went back to be found,
'cause not all LOVE grows straight up and down.
© Lizzy Collins
Lizzy Love Dec 2017
My thoughts transpire
my true desires,
focus is dire.
I feel higher
than the Empire
State Building
heart singing,
soul gleaming,
love streaming.
This is the only place
that you'll find me dreaming.
© Lizzy Collins
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