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Alan S Bailey Oct 11
No matter what we think
No matter what we do
The truth is all things, all places, all people,
All are a reflection of everything
That exists, a melting *** of universal life,
Dreams and you.
jackie Oct 9
i hear the voice in the dark of night and i open up the window
but its not coming from there
the dark figure in my mirror beckons me
what is the figure in my mirror but a reflection of myself?
for then i am lying on the floor with a gaping wound in my head
this isn't how i wanted to die
have a great day everyone
If he/she could
Write something

That is you
Transformed into the ink

No wonder
Words then breathe
That's all
Genre: Autobiography
Theme: Stimuli
Author's Note: Mostly the writers are the receptors of the stimuli sensing the vibes. They see the goodness more than the average, they feel the pain more than the average, they appreciate the beauty crafting their rhyme. They can't resist their soul. They are passionate straight liners focused on reciprocating the frequency using the pen.
all mine, all mine—
in this Elysian
castle of glass
made of nightly
wishes and tears—
princesses, knights,
kings, queens,
jack of all trades,
Johannes factotum—

you are all mine—
all mine!
you are all mine.
Alex Aug 18
I caught a glimpse of my hands in the reflection of a window
And thought they were my mother’s.
I’m wearing gloves from now on.
KJ Reed Aug 18
Some people hate silence,
a cruel thing,
that brings with it loneliness,
long derived soliloquies of self torment.
I thrive in silence.
For, what other time can one sing,
and be heard by everyone,
and no one at all.
Because I am everyone,
and I sing for myself.
Rama Krsna Aug 2
as galaxies collide
black holes mate
and tectonic plates dance,
silly humans twitter away
asinine triviality day after day

this earth
already consumed by deathly Time
just a pimple in the universe’s prat,
about to be defecated
as cosmic excreta
to another remote corner of our multiverse

a befitting lesson
for a new generation of
lucifers, mammons and belphegors
puffed up with massive egos
yearning to play god

the real one quietly smiles
and now takes aim...

© 2019
Lovelyn Eyo Jul 11
I have a dream
Where your dream
Is mine
My dream your dream
The dream of never -giving up
I shall never give up
You too never should
And together we live up
Be lit-up
Stand up
For this dream
To stand and stay real

Dream big, no matter the struggles, fight positively to attain your dream,you deserve the best
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