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Daniel Cuzzo Nov 15
I’m the guy who parks his car repeatedly
to get less than a foot from the curb.
The guy who does insane dances
for his video game system.
The guy who sings “man I feel like a woman”
in baritone, with the window slightly ajar.

The guy who fights with wooden swords in the street.
The guy who spins a fire staff he never lights up.
The guy who stands on his porch to listen to rain.
The guy who has his light on late into the morning.
The guy who often forgets to say hello.
There’s a strange sort feel about knowing

Is there anything else I’d want to be known?
A rare poem that's not about love or depression.  Just about living life as a quirky guy.
Void Aug 11
Being Kind

Being Assertive

Being Harsh

There are fine lines

When you're kind, you get used- abused

When you're assertive
You're an *******

When you're harsh
It pushes others away

But no matter what you are...
No one ever wants you in their lives
So now what?
Blake Ogden Jul 11
Humans have loved the stars,
but never has a man loved one like me.
Imagine reaching up not only for warmth,
but to grasp upon the cusp of something physical,
a bond eternal.
Bleak darkness encompasses the universe except for you
I didn't know it was possible to be near the Sun,
to behold infinite beauty with gaze unrelinquishing.
My eyes burn, but with passion
Brightness besets my cloudy world
Once again, life breathes green
with emerald hues like never before.
I know now at my ignited, fiery core,
that I cant live without you anymore
Among the piles of ***** clothes
Beyond the stacks of dishes
Lives a girl you’ve passed before
A truly absurd missus.

She shows the moon her moonlight
And showers in the rain.
If you glanced your eyes upon her
You would wonder if she's sane.

She wears two different shoes
One black and yet one red.
She even has three hair colors
That grow out of her head.

Her skin is very spotty
White patches all around.
Her head is red and blistered
With scales like dragons crowned.

She has teeth like a vampire
Some pointed and some straight.
I’ve been told she bites people
Who touch her by mistake.

Some people say she is a fool
Who hides behind blue eyes,
Or say she is a tyrant
With a torso full of lies.

Some people say she's misconstrued,
Not odd deliberately.
“Perhaps she's a mishap of God”
They say concernedly.

She laughs at jokes not funny.
She does everything wrong.
One time she walked around the town
With her dress tucked in her thong.

I heard she drinks alcohol
Like it's her morning kiss
And slurs her speech suspiciously
In an evil nasty hiss.

So if you see this missus
I’ll tell you what to do,
Just walk right on past her,
Until you’re somewhere new.

She is not worth your time
Not a second or a split
Not a minute or an hour
Not a day and not a tick

So simply just keep walking by,
Your dignity in check.
Keep your eyes on the horizon
And she's gone within a sec.

Don’t dare to look too closely, ma'am,
Fear what she may do!
If you gave her any time of day
You’d find out.. well.. she's like you.
gt lexicartis Mar 29
I'm just a beginner,
I love beginnings.
They're fresh, they're inviting
and promise all things exciting.
Beginnings are just right
for variety and spice.

I'm just a beginner,
I love beginnings;
but once past the genesis
in kicks my nemesis,
and as in sets the blight -
I begin to think twice.

I'm just a beginner,
I love beginnings.
If, perchance, by some fiddle
I get near to the
Lizzy Love Feb 14
Anger held captive in my soul...
Welling up, hot heat, pressure.
Eardrums beat a new rythm...
fast, erratic, unpredictable.
I attempt my familiar waltz...
clumsy, stumbling, aimless feet.

Something that used to ground me,
now hurls me into vacancy.

I need to take dance lessons.
I see you, 2020.
sunday Nov 2019
If a lobster is a regret, then a regret is not a lobster.
The lobster is just is, it cannot have regrets,
yet it is a regret.

Although, the regret is fully a lobster,
with its claw and such of course-
it is not not not a lobster.

I have not lobsters in my system,
but many regrets.

Not L.L.
sunday Nov 2019
I flip over the wood chip,
only to realize that there is a little ant
dangling on the belly of that wood.

I wish I could say that I led the ant live,
that it prospered and brought heaps of
food and sugar to its kingdom
But instead I killed it
Not L.L.
No I will not write a poem
Obviously I will not
There’s no way anyone can make me
How come people keep trying
I know their efforts will fail
No matter how hard they try to
Great, now I’ve written a poem
Liz Alvarez Aug 2019
I imagine to romanticize my life
I fantisize my drive to work as quirky and cute
My cup of tea is the best thing I've ever tasted
Wearisome tasks are now so compelling to do
Now I start to picture things in such a charming and beautiful way.
Darkness and heterodox philosophies clouded my mind for so long,
I almost forgot to admire goods and breathing trinkets.
Waking up and peaking in, would be the bright sunshine through the blinds
And my frizzed hair all over my face.
Through triumphs and trebulations
This is a film
About a girl
Viewing her life
As a studio ghibli film
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