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qeren Mar 10
I let go of my hand today
because no one showed me the way,
I have nothing to pay
because no one asked me to stay.

emotions and pride have clouded my judgment.
i lost, again.
Erin Jan 15
Let this be my last
Just forget the past
Erase every piece
Let this give you peace
But if you can keep
My name at least
Maybe you'll find me
Names are not poisonous, only memories...
Sonorant Jan 14
I was to carry the key but my anxiety
Had gnashed my digits down to stumps.
While the little bird grew back her plume.
She finds herself beyond my fragile cage,
The world is avant-garde, bright with bloom.
But she looks back sorrowfully on me.
“I’m sorry. It’s time for me to go now.”
And all I can do is nod quietly.
Swallow the bolder knit in my throat
From the years we have built.
Light as air, she steps into sunlight
And I dissolve into darkness.
So long as she fashions a smile
I will fabricate one all the while.
BEK Dec 2021
the echo of you
holds me
an anchor
i lie
strangled aground
Jojo Pizzuto Sep 2021
it’s so hard to let go of someone
when you know how easily
you could reach out to them
they’re only one call away
and yet you’re doing everything you can
to make sure you don’t end up
looking through your contacts
trying to find their name
and you tried to block them
but who were you kidding?
when you know their number by heart
now it feels like you’re worlds apart
and there’s nothing else you can do
but to try and let them go
trying to heal from a break up
Daisy Darling Jul 2021
Wait a minute,
He has on clothes like you,
Even walks like you,
He is laughing the way you do,
No it can’t be you,
Is it that your face,
No but I want it to be.
Why couldn't it be you?
Yrso May 2021
At 3 AM, passion strikes
All the things you wanted to do
All the things you've failed to do
Everything all at once

It's all gone now,
Haunted mamories
Yet it's very much alive
Beating, pounding; still hurting

We're going through it again
Just like we did yesterday
Let go of what you can't control
And give your all for what you can

Cry for what you've lost
Fight for what's still there
Surrender to the pain
But hold on to what you've gain

Giving up, it is a gift
Of freedom,
Of starting again
Releasing to make space

Giving up is starting again
To not give up of what's left:
Under those failures and pain,
Your dream and calling remains

Come now,
Lay it down
And start anew
'Tis the day of endings and beginnings
Get out of your prison. It's time to be freed and start again.
I keep losing you
As I slowly grew
I'm still learning to let you go
You were here with me, laughing, a while ago
I still care for you though
Guess I gotta learn to let go
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