I never thought I could be this happy and full while being so sad and empty at the same time...
Grace Sager Jul 11
You are the warm breeze that hits my shoulders in summer
When I am sitting in the shade
Roots mingling with blades of grass
Bumble bees cozy in my braids

Always passing
Always watching
Always moving
Always there
And I too am always passing
Always moving
Always watching
And always there
But you just so happen to not be aware
Of my presence

You somehow are able to make flowers dance
You even make the weeds waltz and sway
You make butterflies blush and blue birds sing
But yet you never seem to stay

Soon fall comes around the corner
And your chill makes the oak trees drop their clothes
We graze fingertips
as you wrap around my hips
And we nearly touch lips
And time suddenly froze

So did you

You became a chilling breeze of ice
I had to force away your embrace
Because slowly snowflakes and frost
Appeared across my face

I’ve longed to be with you since forever
But every weeping willow tree knows
As much as I wanted to hold on to you
The wind must eventually go

So a watched you glide away
Across the freshly fallen snow
And without a breeze nearby
Things were moving slow

No poppies were swaying
No sunflowers were smiling
No butterflies were in sight
The weeds were not waltzing
The blue birds did not sing
And there were no stars twinkling in the sky that night

Soon the snow melted into dandelions
And the snowflakes melted midair into rain
Sprinkling on the concrete sidewalks
And the noise seemed to wash out my brain

Because that next summer I didn’t miss you
Your presence no longer meant a thing
And I think everyone also forgot
Because the roses still bloomed
And the blue birds would still sing

And one day I felt a warm breeze walk by
While I was sitting in the shade
My roots in between blades of grass
And flowers stuck in strands of my braids

Since forever I’ve longed for this feeling
That’s why I’ll never know
That instead of holding on
I decided to let the breeze go

-It’s time to let go
People come
People go.
But their words will stay with you
only to haunt you out of the blue.
"Take deep breaths, pause. Smile and let go."
Daisy P Jul 7
there is one thing that I know for sure
and it is this:
my hands will never stop reaching for you even though I know full well that they will never touch you

can you teach me how to let go?
I don’t know why they just expect you to know how to move on
Jason Drury Jul 4
I am opaque.
Just as a chameleon,
I blend.
But, long for color,
that connects us.
That too is opaque,
gray even.
As clouds,
heavy with rain.
Or fog,
as I reach blindly.

You don’t see me.

I am opaque.
Unworldly in sight,
but warm with blood.
Feverishly pumping,
want and need.
To touch,
that touches nothing.

You don’t feel me.

I am opaque.
Follow, I do the waltz,
seamlessly to impress.
Supporting each step,
as your wings are spread.
Catching the wind to fly,
I fall, knowing my place.

You don’t need me.

I am opaque.
is how I dream.
In reality, separated,
by brick and stone.
Each break mended,
carefully from the other side.
I am tired and sore,
but I pick away.

You don’t want me.

I am opaque.
With a low head, I choose,

to stay this way.
Defeated, the fog rolls in,
thick and vengeful.
I will do what I do best,

I am opaque.
Joshua Nai Jul 1
I try to get to know you yet you shy away.
I try to be your friend and yet you hide it with a smile.
Imagine how many people you have missed relationships with.
I know you are afraid that you would be hurt again.
I am too.
You show me the face (-_-)when I say trust in the Lord.
Yet you post verses everyday.
You see me posting verses, you see me saying "trust in the Lord", or " Praise God"
Do you read it with your heart?
Or do you just scan through it because you claim I am "holy"
You claim I am "pure"
Do you want freedom or do you want to live in fear all the time.
Whether it be fear of betrayal, rejection, judgement.
Do you want to experience true joy that doesn't lean on circumstances around?
I can't even believe I am affected by what you say or do sometimes.
Like I am supposed to please people and not God.
Read with your heart.
Your whole heart.
Don't be scared of being too deep, too "emotional", too "personal".
It's just you and God.
Nothing else.
Just let go.
He is trustworthy
Trust me.
The most trustworthy person is him.
Let love take over.
Sneha Thakur Jun 29
Afterall , I guess,
It wasn't all that bad.
Maybe nothing is all that bad.
I danced at the cliff with you for a long time ,
The fall felt like end of life - quite painful but everybody saw that coming.
And there were days for sure , when the dances appeared like a havoc , heated with chaos all over it.
But we danced through.
They told me to move on and forget him. Is that what moving on means ?
Maybe nothing is all that bad.
I hope our brains came up with recycle bins.
Escapism isn't a word , if it is I don't see where it exists.
I carry pieces of people with me as I share the same breath with them .
And to move on from him took me long enough , but I remember the firsts and the lasts and will always do.
Because he took a part of me too ,
A part that is safe with him.
We shared our bodies together ,
We drew each other on the canvases of love ,
I dived into you , you were there like a safeguard, full of air.
And the laughs and cries are always real , no one can be that fake.
So maybe when you share the same  corridor as mine and would pass besides me I won't pause to gather the mutual atoms amidst us anymore .
I would recognize the smell as something familiar , and will walk away.
Maybe it's time to let go
nvly Jun 28
sometimes you need to let go,
it hurts, I know
but that's life,
and it's not okay.

I don't want to comfort you with lies
say it's okay and makes you smile,
I would rather hurt you with truth and let you cry
because that will help you continues for miles

cry if you want to
let the tears out, that makes us two
I slit my arms and that's not for you
don't hurt yourself, you'll make it through
Dan Beyer Jun 26
Our time is up
The string is taut
I hold the scissors
Ready to cut
She Writes Jun 20
In trying not to lose you
I lost myself
I had to let you go
To find who I am again
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