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I found you in your box,
Broken and cold
I tried to fix you
Did everything I could to help you,
But everything wasn't workingー
You just kept on cutting me until I bleed.

I know you didn't mean it
But your 'sorry' and' I love you' could not always serve as band-aids to cover my wounds.

I'm sorry I had to let you go,
But know that I genuinely loved you
I need to heal,
Before the wounds get deep
Because I don't want to remember you
As a scar I want to forget.

'Shattered' series
s a m 2d
Why did you set me free?
I’m not a bird in a cage dying
to see myself on the sky soaring.
Why did you set me free?
Now look at me falling,
I have no wings to avoid the ending.
Copyright © 2020
Sam N. de la Rosa
All Rights Reserved.
Eva 2d
You've taken everything from me,
now take my heart,
steal my soul,
then I'll learn how to let go.
Why do I let you treat me more ****** up than I deserve?
I've been asked this time and again, and I wish had the nerve,
To say enough is enough like they all wish I would,
But there's a monster in me that needs to be treated like less than dirt,
It feeds off my misery and is only contented when I'm depressed,
Between the edge of sanity and insanity I must have confessed,
This to you at some point, and now it's like you get off on the fact,
That I won't walk away no matter how badly you act,
And yes, there is care and love underneath all of the self-torment,
But it's a twisted kind that feeds off of your dark sentiments,
It gets off when you ***** another chick and I take you back like that can undo,
All of the ******* I you continue to let you put me through ,
But if you loved me, you wouldn't hurt me over and over like you do,
Please can you let me go, or my mom will be burying another child, this I promise you,

You're the worst kind of drug, you don't just feed me with the all of the emotional highs,
But you also reinforce it with the sweetest of words that tell me what I am doing is right,
We've become too entwined in this entanglement,
So let's find a way to turn this into a disentanglement,

Because I tend to self-medicate with anything that's close enough to grab,
And you've quickly become my favorite crutch to lean upon when I'm in a jam,
It's not alright and it doesn't really work for either of us anymore,
It hasn't for awhile, and I've been tired of feeling like your secret *****,
I see that whatever demon is eating you,
Likes feeding off of mine a little bit too much too,
And too long it's been draining me,
Do you not care what's you're doing, or too dumb to see?
Now I can only look up to the stars,
And wish on them so **** hard,
But they don't listen to me and neither do you,
So please let me go, or I'll be another grave in your rear view,
Another name to tattoo somewhere,
If you even care enough to dare,

You're the worst kind of drug, you don't just feed me with the all of the emotional highs,
But you also reinforce it with the sweetest of words that tell me what I am doing is right,
We've become too entwined in this entanglement,
So let's find a way to turn this into a disentanglement,
Sometimes in my darkest moments, I write how I feel in the hope of exorcising whatever emotion is eating at me.
Valbona 7d
I’m asking for peace
A moment of silence
Join my hands together
Praying for guidance

I look up to the sky
Visions of your face remain
My eyes burn with grace
I let go of this fleeting pain

I’ve reached the peak
Peering back down
Letting my past remnants fall
As I drape my silk green gown
Marga Oct 14
after all these times,
i finally came to a realization
all the while i was given the signs
that loving you isn't my position.

but no, i still love you,
i still think of you;
but maybe, just maybe—
this time it has to be me.

maybe if i finally let go,
it'd be a chance for me to grow.
I'm going with a flow,
To some extent relaxed.
I had to let it go,
Put off the questions asked.

Sometimes, it's not the time
To know the things you want to know.
Sometimes, you lose your light,
Get lost, to find the road.

It's fine to take the breaks,
To have your time, explore.
It's better give yourself some space
Than torturing your mind and soul.
R Sep 26
Why did you let go?
Someone asked me
I told him i did it for the memories,
To keep the picture of him safe in my mind,
To safeguard those misty dreary eyes,
Which carried innocence he thought he had long lost,
For the piousness in his speech,
Which i had once heard.
I had let go for the memories,
And those turbulent emotions
Which i had once felt,
For those ear to ear smiles which i had witnessed,
And for those arguments which no one ever lost.

Maybe someday I’ll learn to talk to him effortlessly again,
But till then he is tucked safely in my memories..
Some sweet and some savory.
That’s what poets do i told him,
They let go for the memories,
Before the happiness they once felt is overpowered by regrets and misery.
Letting go for the memories is the one thing which i have learnt...stubbornness and want just brings more grief and disfigures all the happy memories and the person you know. When i was younger i use to think i could never let go of anything, i use to think if i love, like, appreciate or want anything or anybody they ought to be with me forever. Not saying that attachment is evil but attaching yourself to emotions and good times and safeguarding them is wiser than being at war with what is happening in your right now or caging yourself in want and stubbornness. you never know maybe things might turn around with it’s own organic course and even if they don’t try not to  **** the memories or images  that have been created.Let them be.
M Salinger Sep 25
you loved him

and how it's

and that's okay

because timing
Nai Sam Sep 21
we ran our course,
tear filled eyes of remorse,
faded tattoo of her,
good bye my lover.
I love you, good bye 😭
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