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rosy solo May 31
At 3 AM, passion strikes
All the things you wanted to do
All the things you've failed to do
Everything all at once

It's all gone now,
Haunted mamories
Yet it's very much alive
Beating, pounding; still hurting

We're going through it again
Just like we did yesterday
Let go of what you can't control
And give your all for what you can

Cry for what you've lost
Fight for what's still there
Surrender to the pain
But hold on to what you've gain

Giving up, it is a gift
Of freedom,
Of starting again
Releasing to make space

Giving up is starting again
To not give up of what's left:
Under those failures and pain,
Your dream and calling remains

Come now,
Lay it down
And start anew
'Tis the day of endings and beginnings
Get out of your prison. It's time to be freed and start again.
I keep losing you
As I slowly grew
I'm still learning to let you go
You were here with me, laughing, a while ago
I still care for you though
Guess I gotta learn to let go
The moment I ground myself and let Go,  

When I become a realist and Grow

Realise it shouldn't Be...

Is the dreaded day I **** the fraction of hope Silenced in Me.
EA Apr 17
Letting go doesn't mean I'll leave
Im just taking another path
And not bringing you with me

As painful as it is, I need to do so
Or else what will be left?
Both of us broken and torn-
Plan B :)
We settle into ourselves like sediment.
Often ruined and roused by the flurry of life,
pieces of our being are lost and misplaced — torn from their roots and thrown with careless abandon into the blackness.

But when things slow down, as they do every once in a while, your pieces will settle; you'll see them there, scattered, and piece them together from a bird's eye perspective.

We are our own God.
Our body the Earth.
Let the parts of yourself fly to the wind and take joy in seeing how they land.
Solaluna Apr 5
Wherever you are,
I hope the moon,
that we both love,
will guide you
to your new home.
Sometimes we just have to let them go because all of us deserve to be happy, even if we're not the reason for it.
Ryan Monroe Apr 1
It seems that I’m lost in a field of clouds
Am I reaching for the stars or crashing down?
These thoughts and this shame
Ricochet through my brain
How do I leave the one thing
That brings a smile to my face?
You told me this was forever
An endless journey we’d endeavor
But I notice the cracks in your words
The spark in your eyes I’d been blind to before
I was distracted by your beautiful demeanor
Lost in your smiles and heartwarming laughter
You look through my eyes and say you love me so
But now I see through your lies, so I must let you go
Talia Mar 29
a valuable currency.
seemingly yours to steal.

Robbed me of my riches
Poured my money down

the drain. Still you could not
Spend a penny
for my thoughts.
Word play with the British idiom "A penny for your thoughts", referring to a desire to know what is on another's mind.
Estel Mar 18
You had me in my prime
When I could still feel the sunshine
But now I’m just a shriveled vine
Wasting my time
Using things to get you off my mind
I don’t know why I care
I don’t even want you to be mine
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