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Carmen Jane Sep 26
Swaying with the wind,
It got the branch you held so tight
Spooled around your arm
You grabbed the nearest branch
When you weren't ready to fall.
Now, you look confused
It's been years
And you're hanging like that.
Bored by routines
Being at the mercy
Of traveling birds
When they want to say hello…
You can always grab another branch
Or you could just let go
You're ready to fall
You just  know
You'll land on your two feet
'Cause enough is enough.
adorating Sep 24
I still question and
constantly doubt
I seemed to have been
forced to leave
and stop
Like a gill that is forced
to function
as a nose
I gasped and suffocated,
I pawed the air
Just like expecting
for death but beg for
mercy a second
after tasting misery
It feels like a
writer who has lost his
ability to write or
a painter who is
unable to paint ink
on a blank canvas
standing in front
of him
Never expecting
and never ready
Just how I am
still trying
to let you go
Jaxey Sep 23
That's the difference
between myself and autumn
I can't let you go
the trees make it look so easy
Agnis Lynota Sep 18
I've come to realize
I've been lying to myself
All the stress
All of the worry
Is all a lie
Because I convinced myself
It was a priority
As if being afraid
Could help me be in control
Of something
In my life
But reactions
Will never cross out
What's already written
So why not
Just start being happy
With what I can't control
Flower C Sep 18
Charming lucent glow,
Burnt my skin as I take hold,
Solace when let go.
it may seem hurtful, but letting go sometimes helps, no matter how big of a deal it was for you.
Arden Sep 18
I think it's time
For me to close my eyes
And slip into the sleep 
That I've always desired.

I think it's time 
To say goodbye
To everything I've grown to know
And everything I'll have to let go.

I think it's time 
To find out
Once and for all 
What dreams may come.
Nina Sep 7
If my presence
Leave a scar in your heart
Please let me go
So you won't have to torture yourself
By having me around
Lilly F Sep 3
the isolation wasn't poison, but a drug
one that I tried to drown myself into
until my brain would save myself, breathing in more air
panting rapidly,
loving how it felt to be on the edge of letting go
for just a second, to be with the nothingness surrounding me
until the world resumed
my heartbeat became evident
and the unsatisfaction of reality reappeared

September was a
Porcupine kiss.
My tongue, swollen
And aching to
Spill these words
And thoughts
And feelings
On why it hurts to talk.
My lips, fat and
Speckled in ruby,
September is a jagged
Blade, rusted by
Memory and
"Why did you go?"
September tasted like
Pennies and
Smelled like morning breath.
It sounded like
Grinding teeth and
I couldn’t move for days.
September felt like

Until I saw the color,
And it was like
My eyes were brand new.
Another who could see
Them in his own way
Lifted some of the
He’s a reminder to exhale,
To appreciate the loss
Of the ones we love;
The poster child of
This type of pain.
So I breathe,
And September is here

But now September
Tastes like sweet *** and
L&M, the gemstones
Kissed from my lips.
September smells like
Warm sheets and apples,
And it sounds just
Like your laugh.
September is a
Drunken kiss and
101 "I love you’s",
And even that isn’t
Enough to express
How much it all means.
September feels like
As it should have felt.
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