It was not a long ago
when we were so close.
But people come and go
and that's how it goes.

Maybe he loved you more
and I loved you very less.
Maybe he gave you more
and all I can do is guess.

I hope he is the one.
Your moon and your sun.
But I love you more than you know,
that's why I am letting you go.

—Poetry by Paras.
Alex 9h
It's been a while since we haven't talked
And I still feel a pain in my chest whenever I think about you
I went for other girls, but I always see something that I don't like and I say whatever, it's not that much of a problem
But there's no one that got me staring like you did
I saw you once since it all started and my heart started racing
I wanted to say hi but didn't know why
So I let you go on your way, hoping you didn't notice me
But what's the point if I don't ever feel good
I'm still in pain and I tried to think that it's just my need to daydream and that maybe I'm scared of life
But I'm not, I came here to know it and now I don't know what to do next
It seems like there's no cure instead of hoping the time will heal my wounds
Call me, say my name, kiss me and I'll hug you and never let go
I want you to cry for me
And feel the endless pain I'm in
Maybe I'll get some peace then
I love you
My honest thoughts
Driving around town,
With the windows down,
The cold air touched my face,
I felt your hand.

Passing every streets,
I could see us at the back of my mind,
Where did the time go?
Where did we went wrong?

The songs were loud,
But the sound of your laughter was louder,
How I miss those sound,
For crying is now the music to my ears.

The lights turned red,
The colour that reminded me the trouble I had with you,
The lights turned green,
I must go now and
let you go.
when we want
it's just better
to let go.
Stuck in my head
Yet out of my mind
Nothing to do
Held captive by time

A new day
Nothing changed
Will be the same

This love
This hate
Cant be
The only way

Holding on
Letting go
But as usual
Eric 6d
As days set and let's go of the past , I start a new day with another mask .
Elizabeth Jan 8
Born from ashes,
I am anew,
With no more clashes,
To the sorrow, adieu.

Red is the fire,
Which is my blood,
The flames of heart aspire,
To end this tragic flood.

Yellow is joy,
Rushing through my veins,
For a little flower whose blooming I enjoy,
Freed of all chains.

On passions wings,
I will take a flight,
And sing a song to everlasting springs,
There shall be no more fright.

Reflected in the mirror,
Eternal flame of the soul is what I desire,
It is indeed clearer,
The wish to be forever consumed in this fire.
Eric Jan 8
We love
We get lost
We gain content
We die.
Elizabeth Jan 5
On the river blue,
There swam a swan of silver,
Free it once flew,
Believing it was a winner.

Before its wings were cut,
By the one it once trust.

It gave up on its love,
Right there on the river blue,
Whilst the moon was shining above,
The distance between them just grew.

In that water deep,
Fire burning bright was reflected,
The swan would no longer weep,
It accepted that it was rejected.

It may never fly,
But it can still swim,
It won’t die,
Although it’s faith is dim.
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