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K Nov 20
I’m sorry, I’m sorry I am not gonna make it to our dinner plans on Saturday. I had something else to do.

I’m sorry I am not gonna make it to the party on Friday. I had something else to do.

I’m sorry I am not gonna make you breakfast on Sunday. I had something else to do.

And what I’m mostly sorry for is I am not gonna be able to kiss you tonight love or the night after that, or the night after that, I had to go and I couldn’t say goodbye.
Zack Ripley Nov 6
I know. I've been holding on
to things I should let go of.
Lost memories. Lost life. Lost love.
But, as scary and painful as it can be
being lost in the past, knowing how evanescent the mind can be, a future without them somehow seems worse.
Zack Ripley Oct 8
I won't pretend I can keep every promise I make. And I know good intentions can only take you so far. But I's OK if you need to let go
Phia Aug 10
The hardest part
Of letting you go
Is the fear that
I’ll lose myself too.
ky Jul 22
Sometimes, I think I really loved you
but fell out of love.

Sometimes, I think I never loved you,
just felt like I should.

Sometimes, I think I loved you all along
but knew it was best to let go.
Jellyfish May 27
Bathed in trauma, poured on you,
Blindly making excuses, I didn't have a clue,
Unintended harm was not my aim,
I swear, from my heart, that's the truth I claim.

Just give me a chance to prove I can change,
Don't turn away, let's break this estrange,
I've learned my lessons, I'm ready to grow,
I can transform, this I truly know.

Lost in the past, flipping photo albums' pages,
Seeking smiles, wondering through the ages,
But now I see the present with fresh eyes,
Fixing what's wrong, no more disguise.

A shared prison, unaware we both dwelled,
Failed to communicate, the stories we withheld,
I tried to speak of demons deep within,
Unaware they held me tight, drowning in their sin.

I plead for a chance, believe I can mend,
Break free from the covers, where the pain won't extend,
Yesterday's weight won't hold us down,
Together we'll rise, wearing courage as our crown.

Glimpsing photos, memories of distant travels,
Questioning why joy seemed to unravel,
But it's not about them, or what they comprehend,
Finding my worth, letting my true self ascend.

Losing my muse, an ache deep within,
Placing you on a pedestal, where love had once been,
Our best memories like a festival's delight,
But I clung too tightly, clouding our sight.

Hurting you, hurting myself, a tangled mess,
I thought I suffered more, but it was just a guess,
Overloaded with clichés, patched on our dark days,
Unaware I was the setup, before the closing phrase.

Keep donning your cape socks, a symbol of strength,
In the end, you shaped me, helping me find my true length
Maybe to learn to let go, you have to be left alone, even if you kick and scream when they leave.
Blade Dec 2022
Things change
Change is inevitable
Memory last
but not the ones we lost

People come and go, things happen
We are constantly losing and gaining something new

Cherish what we have, cherish the present
Learn from the past and embrace the future

Learn to let it flow, be it sad or happy
Feel and let go, the bitter, loss and sorrow

Fill your void but remember always to let go
I was holding onto you
like a tree holding it’s leaves.

at first, it seemed to work,
but then, there was this autumn breeze,
I had to let go of you, let go of the leaves.

but it’s okay, it’s part of the journey,
there’s sun after rain, smiles after pain.

my leaves are now gone
and I’m waiting for snow.  
and as we all know; 
new beginnings only come from letting go.

- gio -
Ruhani Oct 2022
We love each other so much
To let go each other so often.
Does that make sense.
I see we don't want the same things anymore,
which means I should probably let go.
But you are all that has made me smile in the darkness,
but what's surrounding you is the darkness.
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