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the bathtubs full with cold water - you place your hands on the inside of my ribs - the petals drop like last nights shooting stars - and you told me that was your first kiss - bang bang on my windows baby until i wake up - because no one can know that your in here baby no i don't want no fuss - nails scratching down your velvet skin - do you know how to make me spin? can you make me spin? baby i need you to make me spin - was it really your first kiss? - why do we always lie like this - cry like this - staying awake late in the night to feel your lips - on my hips - make me forget
he made the sun brighter and the grass greener and the flowers bloomed in his direction
astiani Sep 14
She's a mess,
A perfectly sculpted mess,
She's at war with her own self; for a man who was her first,
And those memories were still left untouched,
Cause she's scared it will tore up into pieces—like what he did to her heart,
And she knows that it's not healthy,
So she did what everyone told her;
Moved on, buried him, threw him, kicked him out of her life.
But no honey, there are still pieces of him left,
Cause it's too hard to let go,
Not because she still loves him,
It's the memories that hold her up—and keep telling her, "we were together".
poem for you... but not really
Hatred hurts,
It hurts the hater.
It makes you feel they deserve it,
But do you deserve it?
Do you deserve to be killing yourself slowly?
Hatred steals,
It steals your joy,
It takes healing far from you,
Hatred betrays you,
It makes you think it's there for you,
It comforts you,
But guess what? It's deception.
Hatred is in no way close to revenge,
To let go of hatred is the ultimate win.
To hate is to lose,
You lose your peace of mind,
Allowing the people you don't want in your life to live in your head,
Is far worse than dropping the pride and letting go.

Madison Sep 6
I told you once, twice and many more times,
But you can't seem to release your grip,
Or even get a grip,
You're not the one for me,
I'm not the one for you,
But you can't stand the thought of me with someone else,
He is kind,
He treats me right,
He is trustworthy,
He isn't you.
You need to leave me alone
Learn to forget me,
Just let go
I don't know how much I can take
I fear eventually I'll break
Trying to hold the broken pieces of your heart and soul
But it's all so heavy
This weight I have to carry

What if my hands give up and let you go?
I don't want to let you go..
You need to try too
I can't fix you by myself even though I really want to
Happiness is a choice and I can't make that decision for you
Please just help me fix you
Promise me you'll try
I love you more then anything
My past runs away from me,
It was never to be held back.
To hold onto all the memories,
It’s not the power that I lack.

If you hold on too tight,
The happy turn to despair.
You can never be a full life,
If about the past you’d care.

You’d smile once in a while,
Reading memoirs dated in diaries.
Looking at those pictures,
You’d forget about your worries.

If only the troubles disappeared,
If you shut your eyes .
No matter how rosy the glasses be,
You cannot mend those broken ties.

Let bygones be bygones,
Look back no more and mourn.
You can still write your story,
Even if some pages are torn.
aquis Aug 29
i lost
what was never meant to be
(in the first place)
Sometimes things (or people) are ‘lost’ or disappear from our life, because they were actually never meant to be there - we just realize that later
Idiosyncrasy Aug 13
I hope you get to take the first step back here
Realize it's all you ever want

You were the two kinds of love
The kind with which I felt like I could do anything and everything for
Against all odds
And the kind which was safe and comfortable
The love which was home

Forever was the time between almosts and finally
Putting them all here to let go.
Megan Foukes Aug 8
To be high on life
Means you must learn to let go
And embrace the new
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