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Life is so unfair.
I can give the love you all deserves but all you can see is her.
So I wonder, is she loves you right,
I wonder if she’s giving you happiness you deserve,
I wonder if she hold your hand in public or even kiss you in public,
Is she introduce you in her family.
Cause all of that, I can do it for you.
Why can’t you see?! Im the better girl for you not her. Cause all I can see, she always breaks your heart and gives you problem.
Thorns 6d
We finally agree on something

Letting go

I was hanging on to every second

But he was forgetting and moving on like it didn't hurt

We both know what it did to eachother

So we let go
Let it go...
aubrey Nov 7
I tried once to love the moon
but he was pale with grief and his tangled grin, silent to the fireflies in my lungs.
I longed to plaster galaxies along the canvas of my flesh.
once starved by a myth,
where is the purpose?
what have i not found?
aubrey Nov 7
“what are we?” she asked

with despair, he replied, ”we’re nothing”
If I wasn't too black to wear in the sun when the skies are blue. Maybe a different colour would fit.
If I wasn't so thin to keep you from winter morning cold & chill. Maybe a jacket is all you need.
If I wasn't fragile made for wind to ******* when you hang me on the line. Maybe a peg will hold me up.
If I wasn't  made of cotton to get wet when it pours on you skin. Maybe an umbrella will do that.
Maybe then you will wash, bleach, iron and put cologne on me.
Until then I am your T-shirt.
 Just a T-shirt.
©Sacred Johnson
There is point where we all need to come to peace with what we can't change about ourselve (esp. our physical appearance), for we are just human and we say "enough". Don't let people who can't recognise you value becomes predicaments of your life. Learn to move on, separate.
Non Pescador Nov 5
He smile at me
So I smile back
I need him so much
But he seems so happy now
So I walk away and smile
He doesn't need me
Like I need him
He already moved on
So It’s time for me to let him go and move on.
Happiness is a choice and I choose your happiness first before mine.
RN Nov 3
Please forgive me my dear
I can't stop my tears
It's flowing like a river in my face
I'll still remember our old good days

Please forgive me cause I can't stop loving you
Forgive me cause I'm still missing you
Writing this poem is all I can do
Even it kills me every time I remember you

But now. Please, still forgive me. .

Forgive me cause I will stop thinking about you
I will stop loving you like I used to
This is the last poem I will do for you
It's hard but this is the right thing to do

Forgetting and letting go of you. .

Forgive me.
Rhymes in my Mind
Alexis Nov 3
I wanted to take your hand,
And help you fly high,
But it took me long to realize,
You had no wings.
I still kept trying,
Making a mess in my mind,
I won’t continue dying,
Blissful freedom I will find.
You were cruel and cold toward me,
But I will surely spring free,
On my wings the whole world lies,
There the memory of you dies.
I can finally breathe,
With no regrets,
I can feel the heath,
Spreading in my heart.
Wounds you caused have finally healed,
Your love was never real.
Non Pescador Nov 2
Tell me you love me baby,
Please, tell me all you need is me.
Tell me everything i wanna hear,
Even if it was all a lie.

Cause right now, all I need is you
I feeling so down,
And all I need you baby.
Can you hear me?
Im calling your name so loudly.

Telling you to comeback
Just even for a months
Just until im ready to let you go
Skye Nov 2
and i once said to myself,
"let it be that you are sad, broken, helpless, alone, wanting..
let it be that you are nothing.
because when you are,
you are free-
free of the vines that drag you down,
of the shackles that keeps you in place.

of the you
that you were bound to let go
a long time go.

let it be that you are sad.
let it be that you are broken.
let it be that you are hopeless.
let it be that you are alone.
let it be that you are wanting.
let it be that you are hurting.
let it be that you are how you feel.

let it be.
so once you're ready,
you can finally let go."
a lot of realizations. oof
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