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thief! fool of a man
i demand back the
words you stole

to fall in love with
writer’s block
is a writer’s death
for me

give them back
**** you
give them back
Abby 6d
I don't really know what to write about
I feel the need to but I don't know how to express that need
My usual words that come flowing out of my mouth appear to be stuck in my throat
I want to write so badly and I'm trying
I've been trying to write about how just today I was told I had bested depression
I've been trying to write about how my life has been so much brighter recently
But my words aren't forming like usual
They will eventually
I'm sure about it
So just bare with me if you could until then
I promise it will be soon
My friend
My writers block
Feels less like a conquerable block
And more
Like an impossible maze
I never understood what
‘writers block’ was, until now:

The complete derailing
of your train of thought
Rowan S Jan 27
I have now backspaced
Probably, too many times
All for a haiku
Yeah. The creative juices aren't really flowing today.
i look so good
on paper
every fiber
every inkling
tells a story
my story.

i look again
hoping i'm okay
on paper
as i write
and write
my stories
whose stories

i look again
at the paper
and sigh.
writers block @ college apps hah
Bobcat Jan 20
Sometimes I over drink.
Oops I mean overthink.
Ah **** it, it's the same **** thing.

I over pour my glass leaving no room for coke.
The voice repeating in my head of the last words you spoke.
You ask why I'm self destructive but the truth is I dont know.

I'm starting to think that the devil is a lie.
The only evil we see is what we bury inside.
I'm going to lose to myself, it's only a matter of time.

I'm starting to get lazy and just copy and paste,
All the words that went nowhere so they don't go to waste.
Maybe i'm just over this **** and need a change of pace.

I have a lot to say but a lot remains unspoken.
My creativity is asleep and dares not be woken.
I write what I feel but my pencil needs sharpened.

This used to keep my demons from making a revival.
Now when I write it's like I dont even try at all.
I dont know how to escape this so I live in denial.

What's left to say that I haven't already said?
The devil lives inside of me it's inside my head.
I'm thinking it's time to introduce my brain to some ******* lead.
Iz Jan 15
My words run short
Like melted wax
Creeping down the sides of
Candles who have lived a smoldering life
Mike Groves Jan 19
It’s on the tip of my tongue,
I know it I swear, the words aren’t missing,
they’re just not there, on the tip of my tongue,
I believe I know where,
I'll find them in the dark skies or in my blank stare.
Please send up a light or a flare,
end this cycle of searching,
searching for what is rare,
words that I've been looking for , for a while.

Stuck in a constant rewind,
looking for a memory I can't find,
until we've left this topic behind.
Then I'll remember and say remember that time,
Ill be able to speak effortlessly again
of course it'll happen after this conversation ends.
Just heard the phrase tip of my tongue and was inspired to try to write about it. Can’t really count the number of times I’ve been lost for words or can’t think of the words to say.
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