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Lizzy Love Sep 2015
n u r t u r e    the
wounded      &
© Lizzy Collins
R Dickson Mar 2015
Hey ****** ******,
The cars do a twiddle,
They twist and turn on the road,
Dodging the *** holes,
Some with broken controls,
I've even seen some being towed,

Hey ****** ******,
The road in the middle,
Needs a little repair,
If you can swing by,
And give it a try,
And pretend you're a council that care,

Hey ****** ******,
Thanks for the repair in the middle,
But the road needs a whole new coat,
Take care when crossing,
Cause the road's all rutting,
You'll need to be a mountain goat.

Hey ****** ******,
Is the council on the fiddle,
Just like Nero did in Rome,
Please come and fix it,
You'll need to bring a tar pit,
Cause it's shaking the walls in my home.
A poem to the council about road repair that doesn't go right.
matt Oct 2014
the pain isn’t in my wrist from where the blades would twist but its in my heart where the giant sits. what would rip as your eyes  would drip and drip. feels like a million tuns of bricks. my voice was quiet like the sign you read my voice will not drop like it said. my voice will rise. i will not stand idly by watching as my time goes bye. the clock ticks by as i lay here waiting to die. i stopped my self that night from telling myself these ******* lies. i don’t want to die tonight i will stand up and take to the fight. fight for what i know is right. fight for the ones i wish to sleep soundly at night. i will not die without any light i will fight
just a ****** i made at like 2 or so in the morning

— The End —