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sometimes she is hard to love and makes you question yourself. she can be a riddle talking of the future, but only living for today. she is amazing in so many ways unexpected and beautiful. with all of that she sets my heart a blaze and captures my soul.
This confusing thing called love
Do you understand
All of this is your fault
Vindication is all that I want
Except you’re still on my mind
Filling my head in every space for thoughts
Unexpectedly is how this started
Curiosity sparked an interest
Killing me as it lingers
Implicating me in guilt
Nothing can cure this conscious of mine
Going down with every thought
Suspiciously I clear my mind
Pencils and pens create my thoughts
Illustrated with curves that turn to letters
Variety that turns to words
Every one has a meaning and place
Yet I let them remain nameless
Onomatopiyya Sep 11
Lies are unexpected
You could have lie to others
But you can't lie to yourself

Lies are unnecessary
Why choose to tell lies
When you could just tell the truth

Lies are usually for the cowards
It doesn't make things better
They mess you up miserably
Mari Aug 21
I accepted
When I least
expected it.
Lilly F Aug 5
you said you'd never leave,
but even I know that sometimes
it rains when it's not supposed to

Butterfly Jul 13
When you thought it was over
I am afraid to say it
But my social anxiety is coming back.
I lost a really good friend because of it.
And I am so scared that i will lose someone again.
So i am fighting really hard to get over it.
But i need someone to help me.
I know I need help but the last time I asked I lost somebody who I loved.
So yeah
If anybody wants to talk, I like to listen.
Reimers Jul 2
Feelings that were once lost
Knocking again at my door
Indeed a risk I crossed
But missing an opportunity, I abhor

Felt like I was in cloud nine
Not caring about anything
But the moment I blinked appeared a vine
That pulled me away from everything

Darkness everywhere nothing I see
The place reeks of despair and pain
The farther I was pulled the more it desecrates me
It never stopped, my sanity slain
Kyle Domingo Jun 22
He filled my mind and invade my heart unintentionally...
entered my world, became the source of my own smile
but turns out to be the reason that ends my fantasy
Nina Jun 17
I didn't plan on loving you,
Yet i did.
And i feel so lost without you here.
I found myself
hunting the truth
but finding the
I found what my
couldn't show me.
I found the truth
that relays silently,
in the unknown.

-Leon Castillo
I did not make this!
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