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it's five o clock
yes in the morning
birdsong has woken me
an hour and a half
before my alarm
was supposed to
even after another
terrible night's sleep
to-ing and fro-ing
with tossings
and turnings
staring into the blank
of ceiling and wall
not enough comfort
or perhaps too much
on this slumped mattress
to slip deep enough
beyond those initial
stages of slumber
down into REM
i'm surprised to find
i'm not as angry
nor as drained
as i thought i would be
at such premature awakening
i can lie still
untroubled for now
contentedly listening
to the chattering
of these feathered neighbours
an avian symphony
of movements manifold
I dream each night
Of  prophecy

Of things that might come true.

I dream each night
Of prophecy,

Of fate,
Or what have you;

I dream each night
Of things
That can't exist or
Can't be true,

But every time I
Dream of fate
And always dream
Of you.

And when I wake,
From the light
through my

I know it's happening,
The dream repeats
Itself again.

I dream each night
Of prophecy,
And all my dreams
Come true.

I dream each night
Of prophecy
And wake and cry
For you...
They say that 20 percent of your dreams are prophetic; of events that have Yet to happen. They say that dreams are simply memories of your days,  but that's not true... sometimes your dreams lead you to deja vu,; you have them, and they happen; the dreams have guided you...
Brian Turner Aug 2022
Unexpected smile from the lady beside me
As I say goodbye after a day's work in the office
Such joy,  such a great smile , such radiance
Perhaps we can can it?

Unexpected number plate 'Ph1 1LL'
As he undercuts me at the traffic lights
Calm down Phil
It's only 8 a.m the morning
I'm sure you'll get to work ok.

Unexpected gorilla bursts into my home
Heads straight to the office and grabs my laptop
Logs into my old Facebook account
And starts sending illicit messages and naughty pictures
You're welcome mate, grab a banana too

Unexpected kindness from the beggar at the parking bay
Tells me that the meter is broken so don't bother
I buy him a sandwich
'Ham and white bread will do'.
No problem mate enjoy
Inspired by Artist David Shrigley piece of art 'Elephant chooses to stand on your car' Tate Liverpool
Cede Aloevera111 Jun 2022
Like a veil- Cool air covers my nape.
My heart going haywire,
Didn't think someone would make.

Looking at you now,
Such a magnificent sight
It's you I want to know.

Such soft and neat black
Hair. Your eyes I can't seem to
Turn my attention back.

Every move you make is
Filled with such desirable

Why don't our eyes meet?
Even just for a second,
Or split?

Why don't our hands
Graze? Even just for a
Slight chance?

If I could get your
Attention, my cheeks would
Bloom like a flower.

You fit my ideal and I
Can't seem to remove
My eye.
this is for the guy who sat beside me while waiting for my turn to be vaccinated. He was the like the human person of my ideals, his appearance to be exact and even the way he moved.
Daisy Ashcroft Jun 2021
Just know one thing,
Something before I leave:
This was never intentional,
Falling in love, being deceived.
I thought I could ignore it -
Push it to the back of my mind -
But it only grew, cultivated,
Leaving any sanity behind.
Just know one thing
Before you leave me forever:
I never meant to fall -
I didn't expect this feeling whatsoever.
Melody Mann Jun 2021
A treacherous journey one embarks on to heal,
With unexpected turns in the path it is not linear,
Through adversities there will be triumphs,
In hardship you will prevail,
Keep going in the direction the universe has set for you,
Keep growing at the pace that is right for you,
Individualize your experience and embrace your process,
You are deserving of the kindness bolstering within.
mary liles May 2021
over me.
I feel tears
building up.

I sit with you and laugh.

as I turn,
the feeling

my heart aches.
lypophrenia: a vague feeling of sadness seemingly without any cause
Jason May 2021

I was never sure if she was
locked away in a tower somewhere

Or if she was the dungeon master
and I was the one on the rack

G May 2021
From the moment our paths crossed,
I know it is more than what you came for
And I know it's a trap
But I just can't seem to stop

During the absence of flames
You put fire in me
And even the coldest of days
You make it hot through the nights

I know I can only hold you
With your chosen number of minutes
Yet these little times are far from what I expected
That I would like to do all these things over and over again

Your silence makes it confusing
But your pain make things worthwhile

(Oh, how I wish it hasn't have to be this way)
Simon Piesse Mar 2021
It’s beautiful, Beta
Such beautiful flowers there
Excellent place, five star hotel-kind of  
You don’t want to know how high it was
Such a kind man helped me come down
My legs were hurting too much Bita
That gadi no good what did I tell you  

Ha Mummy
(lips spin into jalebi smile)

Whole new world open up,
Baaji so tired
You would not believe me, he did it didn’t he
Yes, took Baaji a lovely cuppa tea
Just the way I like it
You know I didn’t have no cake because of my medications

Ha Mummy
(cheeks go RAC orange)

I must go there again Beta
Go on
Book it for Baaji
Go on  

Ok Mummy
(cheeks go coconut burfi pink)
Written on our summer trip to the Cotswolds only to break down and be taken by RAC breakdown lorry to the hotel
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