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Daisy Ashcroft Jun 2021
Just know one thing,
Something before I leave:
This was never intentional,
Falling in love, being deceived.
I thought I could ignore it -
Push it to the back of my mind -
But it only grew, cultivated,
Leaving any sanity behind.
Just know one thing
Before you leave me forever:
I never meant to fall -
I didn't expect this feeling whatsoever.
Melody Mann Jun 2021
A treacherous journey one embarks on to heal,
With unexpected turns in the path it is not linear,
Through adversities there will be triumphs,
In hardship you will prevail,
Keep going in the direction the universe has set for you,
Keep growing at the pace that is right for you,
Individualize your experience and embrace your process,
You are deserving of the kindness bolstering within.
mary liles May 2021
over me.
I feel tears
building up.

I sit with you and laugh.

as I turn,
the feeling

my heart aches.
lypophrenia: a vague feeling of sadness seemingly without any cause
Jason May 2021

I was never sure if she was
locked away in a tower somewhere

Or if she was the dungeon master
and I was the one on the rack

G May 2021
From the moment our paths crossed,
I know it is more than what you came for
And I know it's a trap
But I just can't seem to stop

During the absence of flames
You put fire in me
And even the coldest of days
You make it hot through the nights

I know I can only hold you
With your chosen number of minutes
Yet these little times are far from what I expected
That I would like to do all these things over and over again

Your silence makes it confusing
But your pain make things worthwhile

(Oh, how I wish it hasn't have to be this way)
Simon Piesse Mar 2021
It’s beautiful, Beta
Such beautiful flowers there
Excellent place, five star hotel-kind of  
You don’t want to know how high it was
Such a kind man helped me come down
My legs were hurting too much Bita
That gadi no good what did I tell you  

Ha Mummy
(lips spin into jalebi smile)

Whole new world open up,
Baaji so tired
You would not believe me, he did it didn’t he
Yes, took Baaji a lovely cuppa tea
Just the way I like it
You know I didn’t have no cake because of my medications

Ha Mummy
(cheeks go RAC orange)

I must go there again Beta
Go on
Book it for Baaji
Go on  

Ok Mummy
(cheeks go coconut burfi pink)
Written on our summer trip to the Cotswolds only to break down and be taken by RAC breakdown lorry to the hotel
ris Feb 2021
Before there was you, this day made me blue
It was a constant reminder of a love that wasn’t true
But things suddenly changed on that one day I asked
“What day should we celebrate, and raise you a glass?”

I let out a laugh from utter disbelief
“I was born on the day that you look forward to the least”
I smiled at the fact that it was easy to remember
Suddenly that day became a little bit better

I found myself giddy, happy, and ecstatic
For you made this day no longer that tragic
Of course I am grateful; you replaced a bad memory
But I am most grateful for your sincerity

Along with sincerity, you brought comfort and care
Things I never thought one could just possibly bear
I was afraid to trust you, but you never faltered
No matter my wrongs, you were always still there

I am most grateful for you, yes that is true
You made this day bright, and no longer blue
If one day I am able to just show you what I see
I’d make you see how wonderful and precious you are to me

I wish words were enough to express every thought
But no matter how I try, they just simply can not
So let me just say this one final thing
Thank you for being you and all the joy that you bring
For an unexpected friend I will always be grateful for
CataclysticEvent Feb 2021
I found love not when
I searched high and low for it.
I didn't find it when I begged or pleaded.
Love didn't come when I forced it,
Tried to squeeze it into a box it wasn't meant for.
Love found me when I wasn't looking.
When love was the last thing on my mind.
Amongst the rubble of my grief,
Love wrapped its arms around me.
Surrounding me in a peace,
I had been searching for,
For years.
I didn't find love behind doors,
I pried off the hinges.
I didn't aquire it from hearts,
I begged to love me.
Love didn't follow me around,
Hoping that I'd turn the right corner
And just find it.
Love found me with my head in my hands,
On my knees begging for peace.
It found me raw,
Just asking for a second to breath.
Love found me,
When I needed it,
Not when I wanted it,
Only when I was ready for it.
Unrequited love is not real.
Those times,
When you search for love in the wrong places.
From the wrong people.
Behind doors that don't want to open,
But you pry off the hinges.
The love in those places, is
That thing we call unrequited love.
When really,
That love was really never meant for you.
Nikkie Jan 2021
You are some kind of man to me.
You take your problems head-on;
and still have the strength to help me
ease into mine.

You care so much for me;
so much so, that I can feel it in my soul.
I’ve never known a man like you,
I thought I did in the past, but I was wrong.
You bring new experiences into my life,
things that I’ve never seen before.

When I take a deep breath,
I feel you, resting inside of me,
preparing yourself to come through when
I need you.
You are passionate about those you care for;
and I know that you care for me.

You bring joy into my introverted world,
I can’t even describe right now, how
you make me feel.
At times I feel like I am dreaming,
because I’ve never met a man like you.
Your downhome goodness as a human
being first, and a real man second brings
me a contentment that I know is indeed
a blessing from God.

I know you have to take an unexpected road
in our journey.
Have no fears, I am always here.
I will stand beside you, I’ll hold your hand.
I will always be there for my man.
If this journey gets too much for you to bear;
I will wipe your tears in my own loving way
and kiss your face to bring you comfort.

I may not be with you physically, but that’s okay.
I will rest myself inside of your heart,
I will prepare myself to come through to you.
As you’ve come through for me when I’ve
needed you.

I will leave a kiss for you to take with you.
I will wrap my arms around you tight,
and tell you, my King, that everything will be alright.
I will say a prayer and kiss you again, and one
last thing for the road, I’ll tell you  I love you
and see you in your dreams.
PiLomus Dec 2020
"Things are becoming good",
What beautiful lines erupt from the wisdom,
not from me,
From one who had pree,
Pree myriad possibilities,
Unheralded life proffered serenity.
A simple visit, turn into unexpected discussion, some learning, a glimpse to the positive side, a new perspective for the mind
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