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I will speak for you
If you ask me to.
If we try,
There's no dark inside.

But to gain the view
That you want, anew,
You must lay
All your fears aside.

All the worlds you're through,
All the lies so true,
All that's left
Is the great divide.
Where do you think I found this? Yup--on the back of my notebook.
Somehow I already know
how it ends,
even before it begins.
Call it some type of

But you were unexpected;
you weren't part of the plan.

I chased you from the
comfort of the only path I knew,
and now all that I know
is how lost I'd be
without you.
My nana told me
in a letter she once wrote:

come into
your life when
they're needed

they stay
for weeks, months
years even. And go
when both of you have
given each other all
that you can.

So not to
cry when those
you thought would
be with you forever
walk out that door
and move on

For if the day comes
when you need each other
again, your paths will
cross and repeat
The most popular
The least expected

surprising how things work, right?
Sophia Feb 2
There you were.
And there I was.
Two people
Two minds
Two hearts
But connected as one.
Little did I know...
She kissed me unexpectedly.
Her lips softly pressed against mine.
My lips fully convinced, my thoughts of her.
My hands wanting to wrap around her back.
The look before her eyes closed & pressed her lips to mine.
I haven't been able to think of anything else.
Her admirer no longer secret,
The look in her eyes, revealing everything I tried to hide.
The look of urgency; The anticipation of a rushing heart.
Her lips a world I only dreamed
& I helpless to the way she tasted.
The best things happening at the most unexpected moments.
Her shoulders relaxed in the moment.
Her lips pressed against mine in comfort.
Unknowingly whispering the moment is ours.
My eyes close & I am a million miles from where I stood.
Her jawline stretched toward mine.
Revealing everything I tried to hide.
My hands wanting to wrap around her back.
The best things happening at the most unexpected moments.
Moments that pass quickly in the blink of an eye
Erick Jan 8
Like a fleeting glimpse
The world passed by.
Ever so in tuned to the noise,
Focused minds failed to try.
A disturbance is all it took
For the many to realize.
Arianna Dec 2018
"Your mouth tastes like roses and your body like violets."

⸺ Adelheid Langmann (1306 – 1375), German nun and mystic recounting a vision of Christ.
I have excerpted this unusual and poetic quote from a wonderful book called “Holy Feast & Holy Fast” by Caroline Walker Bynum.
I was fine being alone.
Doing everything on my own.
I was slowly picking up my broken pieces.
Wishing that the current of tears in my heart ceases.

Unconsciously yes, I was hoping for someone like you.
And unexpectedly, He gave me you.
You showed me it's okay to have a few missing pieces.
You completed me and let me experience what peace is.

I thought of running away from this feeling of bliss.
But there was something so sincere about your kiss.
The more I get to know you the more I want to stay.
And cherish every sweet and bitter moments we have along the way.

You were that one person I really never intended to look for.
But I'm very grateful I met you.

And I am glad to have fallen for you.
Softly Spoken Dec 2018
There’s always a bustle here
In my ritual place of ribs and beer
The sharp scent of ****** and coriander
The acrid burr in my nose of seared flesh
Fusion food served around me
But I go for Hirata.. again.
Can’t argue with taste, and it tastes
Korean bbq and Buddha beer
A brief nod to the moments of clarity
As said by drunks
The beer bottle cool in my hand as I reflect
Beads of condensation forming on Buddhas belly
And I’m here hoping for Constant
It’s now my third attempt
In as many months to catch a glimpse
And tonight apparently the stars align
Jupiter and Mercury on the rise
As I walk in
There is a way about him
So much bluff and bravado...
reminds me of someone I once loved
There is a mischief in his smile
Something warm in his eyes
Even beyond his jokes of his ego
Too big for the Room, apparently
I don’t discourage..
He’s honest in a way that piques
So here I am
Third time lucky finding Constant
To my delight he recognises me instantly
“Lucky Buddha for the lady?”
His eyes dance..
I interpret, maybe to much
But believe he’s pleased to see me
So we joke..
We laugh
I watch him get an earful
For not concentrating on the flow
The manager in tow..
and he side-eyes me and winks
Inwardly I hi-five myself for
Timing this so perfectly
So here I am
Trying not to watch Constant flow
Trying not to blush as he looks my way
“I’m too old for this ****” I think
Then feel like a kid
When he throws a grin my way
I regular Wagamama in transit.. for the food mainly... ok maybe not all for the food
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