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MicMag Jan 2021
Only talking in haiku
Life is poetry

First, five syllables
Next we follow with seven
Then finish with five

It's five-seven-five
And five-seven-five again
Then five-seven-five

Start over again
Just repeat ad nauseam
One entire day

Don't let your speech slip
Stay true to rules for reward:
Pure poetic bliss
Seems time to repeat
My Haiku Challenge again
Hope you'll all join me
Breanna evans Jan 2019
wrapped in a blanket
with all that I care about
and nothing to do
My wife, my dog, my bed. What else could a tired man ask for?
Mary Shanti Oct 2018
Layers of life laid out
Words like scratchy stroked paint
Scorched Harsh brush over

Life brushes new thoughts
Stillness can prevail the mind
Where once was cluttered

Splatter moments stay
In the stillness of my heart
Canvas of my life
A haiku I wrote quite some time ago.
Lizzy Love Sep 2015
Sometimes rhyme schemes ****,
Like a Kirby or Bissell.
Rules I do not like!
© Lizzy Collins

— The End —