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The Light in me is too bright to fail.

So bright, that its iridescent ray ****** my soul.
Never let anyone dim your light. Whoever they may be.
Robby 7d
I always prefer the broken people of the world
Not because I want to save them
I am no ones white knight

Those people are more real
Their scars tell beautiful stories of triumph and defeat
They make me feel something more than just lost

The embrace you get from someone who is lonely
Will always be the most genuine  
I will never trade that away for cheap affection
Robby 7d
Does loving more than one make me poly?
What if I just need to love the world?
Will she break my heart too?

I can’t help falling in love with people
I care too much sometimes… all the time
It’s my flaw or brain damage maybe

I won’t stop caring because that’s not me
I need to love the world and its broken inhabitants
My heart will forgive me later
Robby Nov 11
All of those cracks and chips
They intrigue me so

Tell me the stories of your scars
What caused those tear stains

Who broke you so beautifully?
I have to know because I care

You are a masterpiece
Don’t listen to anyone else
We’re all damaged but there’s something special about that
Seanathon Nov 4
It's not that I have a right
To avoid it or be scared
Its just that no matter how hard I try
And ignore it
I can feel the emotions in the air
Emilia B Oct 31
It’s a blessing and a curse
Being in crowds makes it worse
It’s draining,
Feeling all at once
You’re sad
I’ll carry it
You’re happy
I’ll cherish it
Tell me you’re in love with me
And you’ll regret it.
Cause I’ll let you down and feel your pain
I’ll stand in the rain get rid of the burden of empathy, which is making me insane.
I easily sense the unfulfilled and suffering desires of silent needs.
Which typically finds my light to nurture, heal and please.  
I hear what most won’t say
I see the missing pieces
I feel their pain
Magically I became the hero known as the Sacrificing Pleaser.
Experiences of an Empath
its always everything all at once
there's no break
no reprieve

so please express youself away from me
by fall out boy*

not actually
Alaina Moore Mar 8
Being empathic is like having a noose around your neck.
Yet never knowing when someone will decide to drop the floor.
Leaving you hanging.
ayame Mar 3
i'd give you the world
and all its happiness
if it means your skies are no longer grey
and there are drizzles instead of the cold, pouring rain
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