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Max 3d
I’m an empath , to not give is sin
So I will stretch myself paper thin
And when I rip, fix me with tape
Sadly for me , there’s no escape
Lowkie 7d
I see ghosts
No, not the ones you see in horror movies
No, not the ones that possess and use people as hosts
These ghosts belongs to the skeletons in your closet
The ones you try to hide while looking for closure
The ones you wish would just disappear.
I hear voices
With your thoughts so loud, it's not like I have much of a choice
Some are crying out for help
Some are telling me how you got hurt by these boys
Some are confused
Some are telling begging me to tell you to stop using these girls as toys
I feel things
From a mere handshake to intense eye contact
I feel those feelings you try to hold back
I feel the anxiety attack
The weight you carry on your back
The depression relapse
As you hide behind that smile
So that no one else sees that
I feel your happy feelings too
Those butterflies you get when you see your boo
That blissful moments when you're with the crew
I feel that too
But while walking around in your shoes
I sometimes forget I still have to wear mine too
Lowkie ®
Skylar Russo Nov 9
Words can heal the mind,
Personal gain, mostly blind

Perfectionists of the modern days,
Reflecting light with praise

Seeking approval and acceptance,
One friend or two, they’re a blessing

Azure skies that never blink,
Sierras and seas that never wink

Sympathy and compassion even for the enemies,
Polished and rare, their jealousy
Apparently, some people don’t know that the INFJ (introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging) personality is genuine. If you’re an advocate/idealist like me, I recommend shutting out all those who think you’re “vampires” and “flirts”. I hope this world understands that we don’t seek personal gain rather the welfare of others. Selfless, may I say? Don’t believe me? Ask your therapist or your local psychologist’s office. Yes, you find us with the “emos” (they’re the best, honestly) and the ones against the “popular crew”.
These are the children
Of the light
The real light workers
Whom done nothing
But good
In the world
And i am also a child
Of the light
Helen Sep 28
Grammy is an Empath, clairsentient old soul
Mommy is an Indigo, not sure if she knows
I was born a Rainbow Bear to make the planet whole
Together we will change the world, at least that is our goal
Grammy plays with honeybees, loves entomology
Mommy is a healer, she gets it naturally
I'm completely fearless, we all are HSP
At least we’re slightly different, on that we can agree
Grammy hears the trees speak, scream when they are down
Mommy sees the unborn babes by using ultrasound
I sensate most creatures before they come around
We hope to stir you deeply so offer this background
I’ll share my involution with you every now and then
Speak with you of changes by taking up a pen
Together we bee wise ones who work for truth again
The world will be lighter, though I can not tell you when...
(Little Bear speaks of Starseed, from "The Book of the Bear")
With such audacity,
she sayeth to the Lord;

"Father, in Thy name all things shalt be done.

With relentless faith, I trust Ye to performeth the impossible.

By all means,

the stage is all Yours to direct."
The Lord shall perform the impossible.
She wails into a deep cry,
feeling the Spirit detach and say it’s goodbyes to the body of earth,
It has always known.
Separation beyond the skies into the unknown, she cries.

Weeping for the collection of souls,
lost for the cause.
Her heart made aware of their dimming flames,
to be preserved within her.
Amy Perry Jun 23
Once you fall in love with
An artist, an empath,
A writer, a musician,
A feeler, a healer,
A giver, a lover,
There is no going back
To an ordinary life.
Phoenix32 May 30
I got so lost in the alluring depths of his soul, i forgot not to fall in love...
Saurya May 5

There was silence

Except the rustle of the dry leaves
And the wind
And the thumping of the heart

Everything was silent

The night was moved, not to move at all,
Least, they would come, and the moments of love
That flowed as blood, would turn in screams!
Love cries would be turned to love screams
Flesh made for freedom, would be freed from the bones

Hush! Said the night to the leaves, and they feared to stir,
Let’s give this boy, some moments of peace, and silence they said,
For the boy was born in silence, moved in silence, lived in silence
And silent was his mind, for knowledge has been stirred in love, God said’

Would you forsake me?
He cried, cause he knew, his faith on love was to be tested tonight!
Slowly wrenching heart out, in front of Ma!

Would you forsake me? Abba!

If this is your wish, so be it!
He said!

And night whimpered in fear, the moon hid her face in pain,
Leaves failed to move

The Legionnaires have arrived
As King is being carried to Kingdom!
So was the King taken away to rule!
All hearts of love! till the world would break apart, or explode of love!

If this is your Wish, Abba! So be it!
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